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Benefits of Professional Car Scratch Repair PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Professional Car Scratch Repair

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Benefits of Professional Car Scratch Repair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fixing car scratches requires a certain level of expertise. And so while there are plenty of DIY repair kits out there, it\'s always best to seek professional repair. Read through these slides to learn about the benefits of professional car scratch repair.

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so what s the difference between getting

So what's the difference between getting a professional to repair the scratch on your car

as opposed to doing it yourself? Well, using the generic brush that is found in the lid of a

touch-up bottle provides a one-size-fits-all approach and produces a thick stroke from a

coarse bristle, whereas an accredited repairer will use a fine professional soft bristle

brush designed for scratch repair. So along with years of experience, the right tools will

achieve a much better result.

Colour-matching is critical. With generic touch-up paint being matched only to the brand

new colour and does not allow for the age of the vehicle, any previous repair colour

blending and any colour variation.

Scratch repair is part science, part art and part passion. These are the keys to a

professional touch up. Depending on the size, the location and the level of personal

comfort, it may be time to call the professionals. With a reputation built over 25 years

and over two million repairs who would you trust with your pride and joy?

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CEO Glen Hawken discusses the importance of

getting your car paint scratches professionally fixed.

get those marks professionally fixed to avoid

Get those marks professionally

fixed to avoid more car paint

issues. Give us a call today to

chat with one of our car scratch

repair technicians.