Week 5 monday
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week 5 monday. THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS… I love the encouragement that both Mrs. Meade and Mrs. Holmer provided me in my practicum.They are wonderful warm teachers. I am truly thankful for their support.  

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Week 5 monday

week 5monday

Week 5 monday


  • I love the encouragement that both Mrs. Meade and Mrs. Holmer provided me in my practicum.Theyare wonderful warm teachers. I am truly thankful for their support.  

  • I love that Charlie takes pride in knowing about history and facts. His love for sharks and the Titanic inspires me to want to learn more!  

  • I love Samantha’s quiet nature. She always raises her hand to answer questions and waits to be called on. She is a great listener!

  • I love Cole’s enthusiasm! Not only does he love sports like me, but he is willing to step up to the plate to help someone in need.

  • I love the way Catey draws paying attention to detail and design! She makes sure that she includes elements that make her drawings stand out.

  • I love that Aiden does not let anything dampen his spirit! Aiden was sick for the 2nd grade play, but when he returned to school, he asked if everyone had a good time.

  • I love Emery’s sense of humor. Her laughter makes me smile and her curiosity about the world around her brings on her own smile!

  • I love Max’s willingness to participate! Max is sensational at performing roles or learning new things.

  • I love when Eric tells stories. It is so good hearing about what Eric does outside of school with his family!

  • I love Liam’s desire to read. I know exactly how hard it is to put a good book down! Liam reminds me how fun it is to learn from books.

  • I love how proud Isabella Gulietta Lucinda BediniJacobini is of her name. Isabella’s eyes light up when her full name is used. She reminds me to be proud of my own name!

Week 5 monday

  • I love how excited Camille is to share stories about her little brother. She is a terrific big sister and she has a great love for her entire family!

  • I love Mary Frances greeting me every morning outside when I arrive to St. Matthew. Mary Frances is very friendly and I love to see her smile! 

  • I love that Claire made me a card the very 1st time I visited the classroom before I even started student teaching. Her warmth and generosity made me feel very welcome!

  •  I love how Kate is interested in knowing about the people of her classroom. She walks into the classroom prepared with questions for me, and we both share a love for ice-skating!

  •  I love how Blake always tries his best! He is a good model of being a hard worker.

  •  Paris reminds me of myself when I was little because we both like to talk! I love how Paris is friendly to those around her.

  •  I love how Aidan is so receptive and kind to new people in the classroom. He welcomed not only me into the classroom when I was new to student teaching, but to a new student as well; playing with him on the playground on his very first day at a new school!

  •  I love that Sebastian loves playing with his friends. He reminds me of how important friendships in life are!

Week 5 monday

  • I love when C.C. smiles, when she smiles it motivates me to smile. She has a great way of helping others see the bright side of things!

  •  I love Elie’s sweet nurturing! She is empathetic when her peers are upset and willing to help out anyone in need.

  •  I love Sydney’s passion for reading. Sydney has a great talent for writing stories as well, that not only entertain, but also inform the reader!

  •  I love Caroline’s excitement when the class uses cursive handwriting! Her determination for learning how to write new letters is contagious and now others are just as excited to learn cursive!

  •  I love Emily’s concern for her peers. When her friends are upset, Emily is there to comfort them!

  •  I love how incredibly polite Tate is! He always asks for permission to do something, and always says please and thank you.

  •  I love Jacob’s curiosity on topics he finds interesting. I think it is great he is willing to ask questions to find the answers!

    Kaili, 13

Week 5 monday

mastering a value, an attitude, a body of knowledge, a skill, takes great amounts of time and effort

  • “there are some things that cannot be learned quickly, and time, which is all we have, must be paid heavily for their acquiring” (Ernest Hemingway)

Week 5 monday

building bridges (instruction) skill, takes great amounts of time and effort

  • all values, attitudes, knowledge, and skills, begin as local—help kids move from where they are to where they should go

  • learning is about making connections—help kids make connections

  • learning is making sense of one’s world—help kids make sense of their worlds

  • learning is social—help kids learn with others (including you)

  • learning is not linear—find different routes