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Australia’s Geography & Culture PowerPoint Presentation
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Australia’s Geography & Culture

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Australia’s Geography & Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Australia’s Geography & Culture. Study Guide. Vocabulary. Outback : dry interior in A ustralia Reef : area underwater built up by coral Bush : remote outback Coral : small sea animal that lives in colonies Monolith : single, large rock Aborigines : indigenous people of Australia

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Australia’s Geography & Culture

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    1. Australia’s Geography & Culture Study Guide

    2. Vocabulary • Outback: dry interior in Australia • Reef: area underwater built up by coral • Bush: remote outback • Coral: small sea animal that lives in colonies • Monolith: single, large rock • Aborigines: indigenous people of Australia • Life expectancy: average number of years a person in a country is expected to live

    3. 8. Which best describes the geography of Australia? Large semi-arid region with temperate climates in the southeastern coastal areas 9. Which statement describes a monolith? Visible tip of a massive underground rock 10. What is the main reason few people live in the Great Victoria Desert? It is too hot and dry

    4. 11. Where is the Great Barrier Reef? Coral Sea 12. What climate conditions are found in central Australia? Hot and dry

    5. 13. Which nation’s citizens visit Australia more than any other? New Zealand 14. Which resource attracted thousands of immigrants to South Australia in the nineteenth century (1800s)? Gold

    6. 15. Which month is best for beachgoers in Sydney, Australia? December 16. Which nearby country is important to Australia for trade? China

    7. 17. What religion did most of Australia’s Irish prisoners practice? Roman Catholic 18. Why did the Australian government restrict immigration after it became independent from Great Britain in 1901? It only wanted immigrants that were of European ancestry. 19. What language did the first European settlers speak in Australia? English

    8. 20. Which is an effect of a low literacy rate? The population has a lower standard of living. 21. Which is TRUE of the literacy rate in Australia? Nearly all adult Australians can read and write. 22. Which is TRUE about Australia’s standard of living? Australia has one of the highest standards of living in the world.