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RealSubliminal Affiliate Program

RealSubliminal Affiliate Program. James D. Nardell RealSubliminal.com Affiliate Management Team Email: james.nardell@realsubliminal.com Phone: (805) 624-5669 IM – JamesNardell@hotmail.com [MSN Messenger] IM – JamesNardell@gmail.com [Google Talk]. About RealSubliminal.

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RealSubliminal Affiliate Program

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  1. RealSubliminal Affiliate Program James D. Nardell RealSubliminal.com Affiliate Management Team Email: james.nardell@realsubliminal.com Phone: (805) 624-5669 IM – JamesNardell@hotmail.com [MSN Messenger] IM – JamesNardell@gmail.com [Google Talk]

  2. About RealSubliminal • RealSubliminal is the largest supplier of subliminal MP3s and CDs on the web, which means that your customers can trust that our unrivalled expertise goes into each of our albums to bring them a powerful, and life changing experience. We have something for everybody; no matter what their goals are, or what issues they want to overcome, we have an album that will help. Each of our albums is available either on either CD, or as an instant MP3 download. • Our CDs come in a professional hard jewel CD case of retail quality standards. They are dispatched next day, and we offer free shipping to the USA. • If your customers prefer to begin listening and making changes to your life instantly, then they can be listening to one of our MP3 albums within 2 minutes. [They will be directed to their download after payment]. Please note that approximately 85% of customers choose to download our programs in MP3 format. • All of our albums come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if your customers are dissatisfied [for any reason] they can get their money back. • Top 10 Programs • Affiliate Program Highlights • Network: Shareasale • Return Days: 120 days • Commission Rate : CD Sales – 30% / MP3 Sales – 35% • Second Tier: Yes • Coupons : Multiple coupons available • Exclusive Coupons : Available upon request • Individual Product Linking (IPL) : Yes • PPC / SEO Keyword List : Contact the affiliate manager • HTML Emails For Email Marketers : Contact the affiliate manager • Video For Affiliate Marketing : Contact the affiliate manager • Attract Money In Abundance [MP3 Album] • Lose Weight Permanently [MP3 Album] • Law Of Attraction [MP3 Album] • Become The Alpha Male [MP3 Album] • Photographic Memory Development [MP3 Album] • Motivation to Exercise [MP3 Album] • Boost Self Esteem [MP3 Album] • Extreme Self Motivation [MP3 Album] • Millionaire Mindset [MP3 Album] • Sex Drive Libido Enhancer [MP3 Album] RealSubliminal and Our Affiliate Program

  3. How Subliminal Messages Work • Your regular conscious way of learning is through repeated experience and practice; through this process the new information will be stored deep within your mind on an unconscious level. This is how we learn to ride a bicycle, learn math, or even develop our confidence and establish self beliefs for example. • Subliminal learning bypasses this conscious experience and practice stage and sends information directly to your unconscious mind. If the same subliminal messages are sent frequently enough this will lead to the same outcome, i.e. a shift in your self beliefs. The only difference is that the shift comes naturally, from within! • We are all exposed to subliminal messages every day due to the massive amounts of information we are exposed to, and our limited capacity to consciously register it. As a result this may lead to small changes in our minds, or over time if you are exposed to the same subliminal information over and over then there will be lasting changes. • Listening to a subliminal messaging album is simply a way to counteract this and take control. By targeting subliminal messages consistently at your mind, in larger and focused quantities you can make positive changes in areas of your choice. • Subliminal audio can be used for many different purposes; ranging from deep internal changes to physical improvements. For example you can increase your motivation, self esteem and confidence, or treat illnesses and phobias, help yourself to learn a musical instrument, achieve success in sports, or even learn a new language! In fact you can use subliminal messages to improve in any area of your life! • Based On NLP Principles • NLP was created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the 1970s. Bandler used to sit in a lobby of a hotel and cure people of their fear of elevators for free with NLP. He did this in just 30-45 minutes; shocking the world of psychology and therapy who took months to cure someone of a phobia. NLP has been proven time and time again to make changes in people when other methods have failed, and to create big changes in small periods of time. • At the most basic level subliminal messaging is based on the principles of NLP. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, and basically looks at the type of language we use to speak to ourselves on a specific subject, recognizes the patterns, and then aims to change this language to match that used by someone who is successful in the area you wish to improve. How Subliminal Messages Work

  4. How Subliminal Messages Work • For example if you want to become more confident but your inner voice is saying things like "I can't do this" or "this will be hard" then NLP would aim to replace these beliefs with the core beliefs of someone who has abundant confidence - someone with an inner voice that says "I can do anything I put my mind to". • Based on these principles of NLP, subliminal messaging and sends suggestions to your mind which overwrite your negative beliefs with positive ones. Subliminal messaging isn't just pseudo-science, it is based on one of the most effective forms of therapy and personal development of modern times. • NLP has several ways of changing your beliefs and patterns of thinking, but one of the main and most effective ways, and certainly the simplest, is through the use of positive affirmations, and this is exactly how subliminal messaging works. • Positive Affirmations • A positive affirmation is simply a statement which affirms something is true. With repetition the statement becomes stored in your mind, and starts to change your beliefs, influence your personality and even alter your behavior. For example, if you say the phrase "I can do anything I put my mind to" over and over, you will start to really believe it, and it will influence your personality; you will become more confident. • The general guideline is to repeat the affirmations first thing on a morning, and then last thing at night. This is so your goal is fresh in your mind at the start of the day, and so you go to bed with it on your mind too. This is a very simple and effective method which will make dramatic and lasting changes in your mind. • Our subliminal suggestions are basically just positive affirmations, but instead of your customers having to repeat them we have done the work, and instead of hearing them aloud they enter their mind subliminally - without distracting them, and without them being aware. • The main benefit of using a subliminal audio album is that your customers can save time - they don't have to stand at the mirror every morning and evening and say the affirmations themselves; it is a more effortless method - they can even play the album while they do other things; work, study, exercise, drive etc. How Subliminal Messages Work

  5. Skeptical About Subliminal Messages? • We often get asked for further evidence of subliminal messaging, and a lot of skeptical questions from people who have yet to experience subliminal messaging for themselves, so below are a number of studies which have been conducted on subliminal messaging using audio based messages: • Helps to Quit Smoking • Palmatier, J.R., and Bornstein, P.H. "Effects of Subliminal Stimulation of Symbiotic Merging Fantasies on Behavioral Treatment of Smokers." The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (1980): • Thirty-four people underwent a 3-week, group-oriented smoking cessation therapy package. Results showed that the subliminal messages affected post-treatment smoking behavior of the group. i.e. the people who received subliminal messages after their regular therapy had a lower rate of relapse into smoking again. A follow up study by Palmatier and Bornstein found that "subliminal messaging noticeably improved the progress of subjects attempting to quit smoking", when compared to the group not exposed to subliminal messages. • Losing Weight & Healthy Eating • Silverman, L.H., Martin, A., Ungaro, R., and Mendelsohn, E. "Effect of Subliminal Stimulation of Symbiotic Fantasies on Behavior Modification Treatment of Obesity." Clinical Psychology (1978): • Silverman et al conducted two experiments on subliminal perception with groups of 26 and 30 women. The women were at least 15% overweight. There were 2 groups, a 'subliminal group' and a 'control group'. Both groups were given some education on weight loss and healthy eating i.e. how to record calories accurately, eating at regular meal times, and how to reward themselves for eating healthily. • At the start and end of all the sessions, everyone was asked to image a situation in which they would be tempted to over eat. At this point they were exposed to a subliminal message for 4 milliseconds. Either a weight loss based subliminal message for the subliminal group or a neutral subliminal message for the control group. In both cases the 'subliminal group' lost more weight than the control group, with the subliminal group losing significantly more by the end of the follow up period. It was concluded that the use of subliminal messaging was able to help people reduce their over eating habits. • Another study conducted by Dr. Becker et al showed that the use of subliminal messages can have astounding results: • In Metairie, Louisiana, at Dr. Becker's weight loss clinic his patients heard both cassette tape subliminal messages and videotapes containing subliminals. One woman lost 100 pounds within one year. In a follow up Dr. Becker found 50% of the patients maintained over half their weight loss for up to two years following the subliminal program. Even more impressive, 23% maintained between 75% and 100% of their total weight loss. These figures were significantly better than diet programs in which he did not use subliminal messaging. Skeptical About Subliminal Messages?

  6. Skeptical About Subliminal Messages? • Cure Agoraphobia • Lee, I., Tyrer, P. and Horn, S., "A comparison of Subliminal, Supraliminal and Faded Phobic Cine-Films in the Treatment of Agoraphobia. " British Journal of Psychiatry (1983): • 32 patients were treated by being exposed to videos twice per week for a period of three weeks. Three of the groups saw the same movie - a selection of agoraphobic scenes, while the control group saw a potter working on his wheel. The three test groups included one group who viewed it at a level below the visual threshold [the subliminal group], one seeing it under normal conditions [the regular group], and the third was exposed to both subliminal and regular viewing as the study progressed (the faded group). The faded group showed the greatest improvement out of all of the groups. The improvement was maintained over a twelve week review period. These findings indicate that both subliminal and regular presentation of messages can be effective in reducing agoraphobic behavior, but when combining subliminal messaging with regular viewing there is an even greater effect. • Improve Study Skills • Parker, K.A. "Effects of Subliminal Symbiotic Stimulation on Academic Performance: Further Evidence on the Adaptation-Enhancing Effects of Oneness Fantasies." Journal of Counseling Psychology (1982): • 60 college students on a summer law course for 6 weeks received subliminal messages before 3 of their 5 lectures per week, as well as before and after a brief minute counseling session. The subjects exposed to subliminal messaging achieved significantly higher grades than those that didn’t, which were consistent with other earlier studies. • Subliminal Enhancements Boost Learning Capacity • Cook, H., Ph.D. "Effects of Subliminal Symbiotic Gratification and the Magic of Believing on Achievement." Psychoanalytic Psychology (1985): • University students were split into groups and exposed to either to a subliminal message, or a control message immediately after class over a period of 12 sessions of 4 millisecond duration messages. Students who had received the subliminal messages ended up performing better in their end of year exams than students who received the control message. The researchers concluded that subliminally stimulating students to feel better about themselves enabled them to learn more efficiently. Skeptical About Subliminal Messages?

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