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Autism Strategy Action plan

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Autism Strategy Action plan. A B&NES plan for 2013/14 what we are doing to implement the Autism strategy . next. We have been asked to let people know what are the 5 most important things we will do this year to improve services for adults with autism.

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autism strategy action plan

Autism Strategy Action plan

A B&NES plan for 2013/14

what we are doing to implement the Autism strategy



We have been asked to let people know what are the 5 most important things we will do this year to improve services for adults with autism.

This plan also tells you about the other things the Autism Partnership group will be doing in 2013/14, based around the 5 themes of the Bath and North East Somerset Autism strategy


top priorities for this year we will

Top priorities for this year.We will…

Set up a local assessment and diagnostic service and make it easier for people living in B&NES to access this

Provide a range of local training to help develop local awareness, knowledge and skills to support people with autism

Set up an Information and Advice service for adults with autism and those who support them

Increase the amount of social work time available to support adults with autism

Reduce isolation for adults with autism


We need to be sure that we know who has autism in B&NES, and make sure that this information is accurately recorded

We will continue to do this using

Council records



We need to identify children with autism who have complex needs (including behaviour that may challenge services) and are likely to need support from social services (adult care) in the future

We will record via Statement of Need and complete annual audit in Sept 2013 with representatives of children’s and adult care



We need to ensure that young people moving into adulthood have person-centred transition plans

We are implementing a B&NES transition pathway including use of one page profiles and My Future My Choice – we will check this is being used for young people with Autism



We need to develop training for professionals that will be appropriate and proportionate dependent on their level of responsibility

We will commission specialist training and supervision from the Bristol Autism Spectrum Service (BASS) and check who attends



We need to provide a full diagnostic and assessment service that people can access locally and quickly

We will commission a local service for residents of Bath and North East Somerset from BASS - to commence in September 2013- and make sure this is well publicised



We need to ensure that all adults with a diagnosis of autism have prompt access to a community care assessment

We will set up protocols for joint working between BASS and Sirona Autism social workers by October 2013



We need to develop and/or adopt a model referral and care pathway for local commissioners /providers

A Sirona specification for provision of an Autism Social Work service is in place



We need to improve how we provide information to adults with autism and their family or carers at the point of diagnosis and after

We will commission B&NES Autism Information and Advice service from BASS and make sure this is well publicised



4 Improving access for adults with autism to the services and support they need to live independently within the community



We need to ensure that everyone who has the potential to live more independently is given the chance to do so

This is ongoing through existing model of assessment. We will identify those young people moving into adulthood who require residential support in the future



We need to continue to review people’s care (often for complex needs and/or requiring a secure facility) in out of county residential placements with a view to understanding whether more local services can be (jointly) commissioned to meet their needs

We will do this via the annual review process



We need to work with local and national providers, and with families and people with autism, to develop a range of housing options

We will meet regularly with providers and the Council Housing team to ensure access to housing; and we will support people with autism to use the Council Homesearch register



We need to support people to use personal budgets, and to have the right information about how to get the services they want and need

Any adult who is receiving social services and not living in registered care will receive a personal budget. Adults with autism are supported by Sirona Autism Service social workers who will provide information and advice about using a personal budget



We need to make sure that people understand and use the Mental Capacity Act properly for people who may lack capacity to make a decision, considering best interests decision making and appointment of an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA)

We check this during annual reviews and provide training to all staff



We need to collect local information that shows how many people with autism are, or would like to be, in paid or voluntary work

We will collect via Council review processes and work on a local employment plan to be ready by April 2014



Enabling local partners to plan and develop appropriate services for adults with autism to meet identified needs and priorities



We need to ensure that the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) includes information on the needs of people with autism

The current JSNA includes information about the needs of people with Autism, and we will review and update the JSNA before end 2013/14



We need to better understand how people with autism can access advocacy services

We will map demand for advocacy service amongst people with autism during 2013/14



We need to ensure adults with autism have access to an ‘appropriate adult’ to facilitate communication and understanding between the person with autism and police. This will protect the rights, welfare and safeguarding of the person with autism who may be vulnerable

We will review local application of appropriate adult procedures with representatives of the criminal justice system



We need to invite representation from the criminal justice system on to the Autism Partnership group

We will do this by the autumn of 2013



We need to find ways to collect information about the number and needs of people with autism in contact with the criminal justice system

We will build on existing similar system for adults with LD - establish protocol with forensic locality team, Court Assessment and Referral service and others



We need to operate within the regional framework of the Specialised Services Commissioning group for people who need specialised (Tier 40 services)

This is ongoing



We need to ensure health professionals have a better awareness of people with autism

We will promote access to training commissioned from BASS



We need to ensure reasonable adjustments are made to improve patient experience in primary and secondary care settings

We will review current practices within the RUH and a sample of primary care services. We will find ways of collecting feedback from patients with autism who are admitted to hospital



We need to develop and expand the capacity of local services to understand and respond to the needs of people with challenging behaviour

We have service agreements in place with the Sirona complex health needs team and with AWP



We need to ensure that any restrictions or restraints are compliant with the Mental Capacity Act and if these amount to a Deprivation of a person’s liberty, then consideration of DOLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards) authorisation needs to be evidenced

We have ongoing application of local protocols for MCA, DOLS and Best Interest Decisions and we check how these are used



Personalisation and

self-directed support



We need to ensure person-centred planning is at the heart of all services, when individual strengths, hopes and dreams are recognised to participate successfully in meaningful activities and relationships

We will make sure that every person with autism has person-centred plans, prioritising young people in transition and people with complex needs, and people living at home with elderly carers. This intention includes the need to develop ‘emergency and contingency plans’ when appropriate.



We need to continue to work with children’s services so that person-centred planning starts when the person is a child and is built upon through transition and into adulthood. This intention includes the need to continue to develop protocols, systems or better joined up working between children and adult services to ensure that workers in adults’ teams can access appropriate records from previous assessments

We will ensure implementation of the BANES 'Transition Pathway' applies to young people with Autism. We will develop local strategy for implementing SEN reforms that promote person centred approaches



We need to raise awareness of physical and sensory issues for people with autism through the training highlighted above

We will promote access to training commissioned from BASS



We need to work with people with autism and carers to explore ideas to overcome barriers and address ways to promote and support relationships. Discussions could be focused on support to build social skills; develop practical strategies and understanding; or tools to enable and give people the opportunity to meet and form relationships with others

The B&NES Autism Partnership Group will consult with people with autism during 2013/14 to hear people’s thoughts and ideas about how to reduce social isolation.



We need to ensure carers are aware of their entitlement to have a carer’s assessment of their needs

This is ongoing through Council's assessment and review processes. We will collect information before the end of the year so that we know how many carers who support someone with autism have had a carer’s assessment



We need to ensure carers have easy access to information and advice

We will commission Autism Information and Advice service from BASS. We will establish information and advice resource on Council webpage



We need to develop ways of seeking feedback from carers, including information collected from the Social Care Survey

We will review and discuss this within the BANES Autism Partnership Group



We need to map all young people with SEN and autism and identify those at risk of not meeting eligibility criteria within adult social care

We will record via SEN statement of need



We need to develop protocols to ensure that young people with autism can be appropriately signposted to other sources of support as an adult, if they will not be eligible for social services

We will be developing local protocols for all young people who will not be eligible for social services as an adult during 2013/14



We need to ensure people with any autism spectrum condition are included in the multi-agency protocol that supports the transition process for young people.. This will ensure better person-centred support planning for young people with autism and their families, while enabling the council to develop a commissioning and financial impact plan

This is ongoing - Bath and North East Somerset is implementing a revised Transitions Pathway for young people, emphasising person centred approaches



We need to actively encourage and promote young people with autism in mainstream schools to create person-centred plans, identifying future needs in all areas including employment, education, social care, health and housing

This is ongoing - Bath and North East Somerset is implementing a revised Transitions Pathway for young people, emphasising person centred approaches