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Services In The Practice

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Services In The Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Services In The Practice

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  1. Alexandra Health Care Centre A&E Accident & Emergency NHS Direct Why you should contact NHS Direct Anytime day or night for advice on symptoms. Why you should go to A&E All accidents, including cuts, burns, falls, anything that would require x-ray to determine diagnosis following an accident etc. Out of Hours 999 Why you should call the out of hours on call service For genuine emergencies which cannot wait until the surgery is open. Why you should call 999 Unexplained and sudden chest pains, suspected heart attack, unconscious casualty, major accidents where you cannot move or take the patient to A&E THE PATIENT WWW…. Why you should surf the net There is valuable self help health sites Another good source of health care info is the Kingston Communication directory. Pharmacy Why you should visit the pharmacist For advice on minor ailments and self help treatment. We are involved in a pharmacy care programme and you can go to participating pharmacies for Headache,cough, cold,flu, earache,mouth ulcers, athletes foot, itching, diarrhoea, head lice, teething, threadworms, dandruff, sore throat temperature, blocked nose, heartburn etc. You can go to a participating pharmacy and receive treatment free of charge if you do not pay for your prescriptions. If you do pay for your prescriptions you will be charged the prescription rate or over the counter price, which ever is the lowest cost. Support Groups Why you should join a Support Group Support groups can help you to overcome or achieve something e.g stopping smoking, bereavement etc.They can provide you with excellent literature and advice Health care assistant General Practitioner (GP) Why you should visit the H/Care Assistant For the taking of blood for testing, new patient checks, blood pressure checks ECGs, SpirometryContraceptive pill checks (please order your script prior to appointment) Why you should visit the GP For diagnosis of symptoms and advice, ongoing care management, Initiation of medication and medication reviews To perform medicals Homeopathy Clinic Homeopathy clinic, Dr Rusling, following referral from a GP for the treatment of conditions using homeopathic medication, Homeopathy sometimes works were traditional medication has failed Chronic Disease Clinics District Nurse (DN) Why you should visit the service Appointments are with the practice nurses at a time to suit the patient. They monitor your chronic condition and ensure the that all necessary checks are performed, i.e blood pressure, blood tests, in line with your condition. They give lifestyle advice and can check that the medication prescribed still suits the needs of your condition. It is very important to attend annually Alternative Medicine Why you should see the DN A district nurse will visit housebound patients. This strictly means patients who cannot get out and about! They perform duties requested by the GP or hospital i.e.. Dressings, blood tests, injections etc. Care management plans. Why you should visit the service As per Homeopathy clinic,( provided at the practice as part of the NHS), but you can obtain many alternative therapies privately i.e acupuncture. Listings can be found in the yellow pages or ask a doctor foradvice. Midwife Receptionist Minor Surgery Why you should see the Midwife It is important to see the doctor regularly when pregnant but it is advisable to also see a midwife, at your chosen location for regular checks. The midwife can also offer advice on the birth and the choices available to you. When you see the doctor for your first antenatal check they will refer you to the maternity services who will then make contact with you to organise check ups with the midwife and or consultant. Why you should visit the service Following an appointment with a GP they will ascertain if you are suitable. Cryotherapy , removal of moles etc, joint injections. We hold a minor surgery clinic at the surgery. Why you should talk to the Receptionist-first point of contact for the surgery To make appointments, book in for your appointment, collect prescriptions, to check to see if your blood tests are back or a if a hospital letter is back, ask advice on the appropriate person to see, leave messages for doctors and nurses with them. Liaison between doctors, nurses etc and patients. Newland Group Medical Practice PATIENT ACCESS Clinicians Roles and Services Explained OTHER SERVICES SELF HELP This leaflet explains how patients can access different clinical services at the surgery and elsewhere GENERAL PRACTICE Clinical Roles Clinical Roles Services In The Practice Practice Nurse (PN) Why you should visit the PN For cervical screening (smears), child immunisations and holiday vaccinations and travel health advice, injections, ear care, dressings, chronic disease monitoring i.e asthma ,diabetic, IHD checks, advice etc. Spirometry Health Visitor (HV) Why you should see the HV They provide help and advice on child development, vaccinations and general health care of your child and help with any problems. They can help to organise further health care interventions required for the healthy growth of your child. Practice Manager Why you should talk to the Manager When you have a matter of complaint which cannot be dealt with by the senior receptionist/Reception Manager. When you have comments or queries on the services provided by the practice.