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Access Reports

Access Reports

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Access Reports

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  1. Overview: A brief synopsis of the changes on the upgraded report interface in ProviderConnect. Presenter: Michael Berry IMHC Log-on ProviderConnect via the Illinois Mental Health Collaborative Website Access Reports


  3. HOME PAGE – Click “Document List” for your reports.


  5. Expand the Public Folders by click the + button next to Public Folders. Or, Just click Public Folders


  7. To Run or View a Report: Double Click the Report Name To Alter the way a report is run, Right Click any Report in the List and choose “Schedule”


  9. Scheduling a report involves filling out new Parameters, as well as other Options. Click the Parameter Link on the left. Click the EDIT button to fill in a parameter.

  10. OLD VIEW

  11. Filling in Parameter Values usually involve simple data entry. Sometimes Parameters have certain formats…especially dates. If you do not fill out the parameter with the correct will get an error, or a blank report.

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  13. Other Parameters, especially parameters with a lot of choices, like regions, or Provider Numbers, will have asterisk. An asterisk tells the report to grab ALL values possible for that field. Otherwise, you can ‘Enter your own specific value’ in the “Enter a Value” box. Close does not count. Make sure you spell values precisely. For example, “USA” is not the same as “U.S.A.”

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  15. Click OK to finish your parameter. Try to answer all parameters that are offered. Click the schedule button to run the report. This button is in the lower right of the screen.

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  17. Click the Recurrence link to allow you to set a new time schedule, if necessary.

  18. The Destination link will let you send this report to email. You will have to type in email addresses manually.

  19. Some reports will allow you to change the format of the report For can change the format to PDF for easy viewing, then change the destination of the report to your co-workers email

  20. Another changed feature is “History”. Right click a report name and Choose “History” You will see a list of times different people have run the report, Click a Date link (left side) to view that instance of the report. This is like a snapshot In time.

  21. You can click Document List at any time to return to the list of reports

  22. Thank you for your attention. For General software usage Questions, Call Michael Berry 217-801-9174, or email For Report or technical related questions, call EDI Help Desk 888- 247 9311 8am-6pm EST