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  1. CoinChimp Bitcoin Exchange (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  2. CoinChimp (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  3. CoinChimp • CoinChimp delivers your Bitcoins FAST, never asks for documents or verification, has no volume limits, provides a Bitcoin ATM card, enables you to Accept Bitcoin payments and allows you to sell Bitcoin easily for CASH! (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  4. CoinChimp • Download our CoinChimp Mobile App to buy and sell Bitcoins quickly and easily using your smartphone or tablet! • Powered by Conduit Mobile • Bitcoin Trading and Investing (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  5. CoinChimp • Get a Bitcoin ATM card to withdraw cash from ATM machines worldwide from your CoinChimp balance. • Works in any country. • No documents required and no verification. • Sign up now to receive your Bitcoin Visa debit card. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  6. CoinChimp • Sell Bitcoin to receive cash in your local currency by wire transfer, SEPA transfer, Western Union, cash by mail, money order, Paypal, or cash out to your Bitcoin ATM card. • You can also exchange Bitcoin for Litecoin, Namecoin or Quarkcoin. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  7. CoinChimp • Buy Bitcoins with cash faster and easier than any other Bitcoin exchange. • No documents or verification required! • We accept cash by mail, wire transfer and Western Union. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  8. CoinChimp Accept Bitcoin payments on your website or direct from your customers. CoinChimp even supports instant mobile phone payments. Email invoicing, product management, recurring billing, and much more. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  9. CoinChimp • CoinChimp is a secure online Bitcoin wallet. • Send and receive Bitcoin payments quickly and easily without worrying about the safety of your coins. • Your coins are stored offline in cold storage until you are ready to spend them. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  10. CoinChimp • Cash out your Bitcoin to cold hard cash in your local currency at ATM machines worldwide. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  11. CoinChimp • Accept Bitcoin payments on your website, direct from your customers, or by mobile phone. • Got something to sell or a service to perform? • Why not accept Bitcoin? (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  12. CoinChimp • Convert Bitcoin to cash quickly and easily. Sell Bitcoin to receive wire/sepa transfer, Western Union, cash by mail, money order, gold bullion, or Paypal. • You can even cash out Bitcoin to your debit card and withdraw local currency cash. • Check out our full-featured Bitcoin Exchange (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  13. CoinChimp • Exchange Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin and more. • Get in on the cryptocurrency craze! (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  14. CoinChimp • CoinChimp makes buying Bitcoin fast, easy and fun. • Unlike other exchanges, we don't make you go through any verification process, and we make it easy for you to buy Bitcoin with cash. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  15. CoinChimp • Websites get hacked all the time. • We store your Bitcoins offline in cold storage, so even if the site is attacked, your funds remain safe. • When you want to spend your coins, they are immediately uploaded to your online wallet and available for use. • This all occurs silently and instantly behind-the-scenes. • CoinChimp is much more secure than other online wallets. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  16. CoinChimp • Unlike other exchanges like CaVirtex, MtGox and BitStamp, we never request documentation or ID verification from our customers. • You can use our service with total financial privacy. • MOST MAJOR CRYPTOCURRENCIES ACCEPTED (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  17. CoinChimp • The Chimp accepts most major cryptocurrencies as deposit methods, not just Bitcoin. • Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin, Quarkcoin, ProtoShares are all welcome. • We are adding new cryptocurrencies as demand increases. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  18. CoinChimp • Your privacy is our top concern. • We never store more information than we need to administer your account, and we do not store IP logs or personally identifying information. • Providing your name (or alias) is strictly optional! (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  19. Bitcoin Warning ... keep your Bitcoins and personal information safe online ... • Large Bitcoin exchanges such as BitStamp, CaVirtex, CoinBase and others collect personal information about you. • They will report your Bitcoin holdings and earnings to the IRS, FinCEN and most likely the NSA. • If you are a US citizen and fail to report your Bitcoin holdings on your tax returns, you will be audited by the IRS - or worse. • If your government bans Bitcoin (as the US government has banned gold in the past and as Russia has currently banned Bitcoin) then your government will know that you own Bitcoin and attempt to confiscate it from you. • This is why it is always recommended to use an anonymous exchange like (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  20. Bitcoin Warning • Websites like CoinBase, CaVirtex, BitStamp and BTC-E which collect your private information are often hacked. • This means that your private information is vulnerable to hackers, who may use it to commit crime under your identity, obtain credit cards under your name, and commit various forms of identity theft using your documents. • You should never upload your ID or bank statement or even proof-of-address to ANY company online. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  21. Bitcoin Warning • How can you trust any Bitcoin exchange? • You can't. Even the biggest (MtGox) turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. • We recommend you withdraw your Bitcoins to an external wallet like Electrum so you never need to trust us to hold large amounts of your coins. • Nevertheless, we have no incentive to steal your Bitcoin, as we run 50+ other Bitcoin sites such as,,,, and more. • We earn more on fees than we would from theft. • That's just basic classical economics. • Scammers don't last long in the Bitcoin ecosystem. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  22. CoinChimp Withdraw Cash From ATM Machines Worldwide • How Does It Work? • We send you a Bitcoin ATM card that you can use to withdraw your CoinChimp Bitcoin balance in your local currency at ATM machines worldwide. • Does The Debit Card Work Everywhere? • Everywhere on this planet, yes. • How Long Does It Take to Fund The Card? • Up to 24hrs - usually faster. • Except on weekends! (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  23. CoinChimp • What's the Cost of the Card? • It's free, sort of. • The issuance fee is 0.25 btc but this is refunded if you withdraw $3500 through the card. • What About Fees? • Transaction fees are $1.50 when you withdraw cash at the ATM. The conversion fee from BTC to USD varies from 7% to 8%. • What Docs Are Required to Get the Card? • The cards are anonymous. • No documents are required, no ID verification. • No bullshit! (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  24. CoinChimp • What's the limit? • The limit is roughly $160 USD per day (120 euros), or the equivalent in your local currency. • That's not a high enough limit for me. What can I do to raise it up? • You can order multiple cards - as many as you want! • 10 cards = $1600 USD daily limit! • Does It Work at POS (Point of Sale)? • Yes. • The limit is $1000 USD for POS transactions. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  25. CoinChimp • Does It Work Online? • Probably not. • Most websites use AVS/name verification, and the card has no name or address associated with it. • It is meant to be used at ATM machines and points of sale. • We do offer virtual Visas for online use. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  26. Buy Bitcoins ... buy Bitcoins quickly and easily with Western Union and wire transfer ... • What makes you better than Mt Gox, BTC-E, CaVirtex or CoinBase? • Google any one of these exchanges and read the horror stories. • 'Nuff said. • How long does it take to get my BTC? • For Western Union, you'll receive your coins in under 24hrs. • For wire transfer, we send your coins when the wire hits our account. • Usually 3-4 days. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  27. Buy Bitcoins • How do I buy Bitcoins? • Log in to CoinChimp, add funds to your account by wire, cash by mail or Western Union, then transfer USD e-cash to your Bitcoin wallet, and it will be converted instantly to Bitcoin. • You can then withdraw your Bitcoin to any other wallet. • Are you planning on accepting any other payment or deposit options in the future? • Yes, we plan on accepting GreenDot/MoneyPak and Interac. • Can I buy Bitcoins with credit card or paypal? • The Chimp says 'no way'. Fuhggeddaboutit. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  28. Bitcoin Exchange exchange Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin and more • Exchange Bitcoin for other e-currencies, sell Bitcoin or buy Bitcoin. • Receive cash in your local currency for Bitcoin by bank wire/SEPA transfer or Bitcoin debit card. • Need to buy some Bitcoin fast? The Chimp can help. • Need to sell some Bitcoin fast? The Chimp can help. • How do I buy Bitcoin? • Buy Bitcoin using bank wire/SEPA transfer or Western Union. You can safely buy and sell Bitcoin through our exchange. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  29. Bitcoin Exchange • How long does it take? • We deliver your Bitcoin much, much faster than competing exchanges like Mt Gox, CoinBase or BTC-E. • If you pay by Western Union, you'll receive your Bitcoin within 24hrs. • If you pay by wire, we send your Bitcoin when the wire hits our bank, usually 3 or 4 days later. • How do I sell Bitcoin? • Log into your account, transfer Bitcoin from your BTC wallet to USD e-cash wallet, then click on Withdrawals and choose to receive a wire transfer, Paypal or Western Union. • Or, use those USD funds to buy Litecoin, NameCoin, gold, oil, stocks, Euros, etc. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  30. Bitcoin Exchange • How do I exchange Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies? • Exchanging Bitcoin is easy. • First you need to add some Bitcoin to your account. • Then simply transfer funds from your BTC wallet to another CryptoCurrency wallet on CoinChimp, such as Litecoin or Namecoin. • The conversion happens instantaneously. • How can I receive a wire transfer or Western Union for my Bitcoin? • Log into CoinChimp, sell some Bitcoin, and the Chimp will send you a wire or SEPA transfer to your bank account in any country. (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises

  31. CoinChimp Click the link in the description to sign up for your CoinChimp anonymous wallet today! (C)2014 ORTMAN Enterprises