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Joy Harjo

Biography. List of Works. Joy Harjo. By: Melissa Harms. Sample Poems. Inspired Poems. Original Poems. Bibliography. Biography. Biography. List of Works. Joy Harjo’s Legacy Lives On

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Joy Harjo

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  1. Biography List of Works Joy Harjo By: Melissa Harms Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  2. Biography Biography List of Works Joy Harjo’s Legacy Lives On “She energizes her poems with glimpses of Native journey lore, shape shifting, ghost dancers, and the geographic displacement that fractures clans and tribes” (Snodgrass 1). This was said about Joy Harjo’s poetry and how she shows her feelings threw her work. On May 9, 1951, in Tulsa Oklahoma, Joy Foster was born as the daughter of Allen W. and Wyema Baker Foster. She is a decent of the Muscogee Creek Tribe, French, Cherokee, and Irish. On her father’s side, the Muscogee Creek Tribe, her family comes from a long line of tribal leaders (McClinton-Temple and Velie1). Even though Harjo is an enrolled member of the Muscogee Creek Tribe, she was not raised on the Indian reservation (Wilson 1). She had a very modern American life. Lois Harjo, her great aunt, has taught Foster about their Indian heritage. It is because of Lois Harjo why Joy Foster took up her maternal grandmother’s last name, Harjo, in 1970 (McClinton-Temple and Velie1). If she didn’t change her name then she probably wouldn’t have been as famous as she is today. Her Native American ethnicity has been vey influential on all of her works. Harjo’s career begins when she decided to take up a visual arts profession. As soon as she turned sixteen, she traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In Santa Fe she attended the Institute of American Indian Arts, where she studied painting and theatre (Wilson 1). Currently she resides in Hawaii. With her ethnicity and family talent influencing her, Harjo furthers her career with education. Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  3. Biography (Cont) Biography List of Works Joy Harjo’s education was the basis of all of her achievements. Harjo graduates from the Institute of American Indian Arts in 1968. Following her interests, she went to the University of New Mexico. After she earned her bachelors degree in English from the University of New Mexico, she moved to Iowa (McClinton-Temple and Velie1). She went to the University of Iowa, graduating in 1978 with a master in fine arts degree. After receiving her education, she moved back to Santa Fe. In the years 1978-1979, Harjo taught as an instructor at the institute of American Indian Arts. She moved to Arizona and was a lecturer at the Arizona State University from 1980-1981. She taught as an instructor, in Santa Fe, at The Institute of American Indian Arts and Santa Fe Community College from 1983-1984. She started teaching full time in 1985-1988, when Harjo taught at the University of Colorado as an assistant professor. In 1991-1995, Harjo became a creative writing full-time professor at the University of New Mexico (Wilson 1). In the midst of Harjo’s education and teaching she began writing poetry. She started writing when the National Indian Political Climate wanted vocalists and speakers. Harjo was moved with the “intensity and beauty” (Harjo and Strom 1) of poetry. Some famous writers influenced Harjo to become a poet such as Leo Remero, Simon Oritiz, Leslie Silko, and Galway Kinell. Because of these writers, her poetry won numerous awards. Some examples of these awards are the American Indian Distinguished Achievement in the Arts Award, the Josephine Miles Poetry Award, and the American William Carlos Williams Award (Academy of American Poets 1). She also has two National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing fellowships in 1978 and 1992; and an honorary doctorate from Benedictine College in 1992. These awards were given to Harjo mostly because of her style in poetry. Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  4. Biography (Cont) Biography List of Works Harjo uses various literary devices in her poems. In most of her poems she uses tone, symbols, genres, sometimes imagery and metaphors, and themes. Some of her themes are based on to re-connect with the lost. Her Native American heritage is the base of many of her poems. Harjo writes about the sacred land, the southwest landscape, her Muscogee Creek heritage, and ancestors (Poetry Foundation and The National Endowment for the Arts 1). Her work is mostly autobiographical (Poetry Foundation and The National Endowment for the Arts 1). Her personnel connection to her poetry is not only about her heritage but also about her life and what she experienced, such as a teen pregnancy and being divorced. She also involves her feminist and social concerns. Harjo makes a relationship between human and nature (Wilson 1). Joy Harjo once quoted, “I was born with eyes that can never close. . . “ (Harjo 1). Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  5. Collected Works Biography Creation Story My House is the Red Earth A Postcolonial Tale Grace Eagle Poem Had-It-Up-To-Here Round Dance Anchorage Woman Hanging from the Thirteenth Floor Window New Orleans Remember This is My Heart No Huli Equinox Fear She Had Some Horses Deer Dancer Fire Desire Javelina Reconciliation List of Works Santa Fe September Moon Beautiful Valley Mudhills, Beautiful Valley Nazlini Overlook – Summer Nazlini Overlook – Winter Pond below Tuba City Patterns in Mudhills Spider Rock Overlook Burnham Mudhils Floor of Canyon de Chelly - Stories are our wealth. Floor of Canyon de Chelly -If winter describes the frozen angles of this sandy wash Foliage at the Entrance to Canyon de Chelly Foliage on the Floor of Canyon de Chelly Nazlini Mudhills -I can hear the sizzle of newborn stars Nazlini Mudhills -In a misty dawn at the center of the world Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  6. Eagle Poem By Joy Harjo Biography Analysis of Eagle Poem List of Works To pray you open your whole self To sky, to earth, to sun, to moon To one whole voice that is you. And know there is more That you can't see, can't hear Can't know except in moments Steadily growing, and in languages That aren't always sound but other Circles of motion. Like eagle that Sunday morning Over Salt River. Circles in blue sky In wind, swept our hearts clean With sacred wings. We see you, see ourselves and know That we must take the utmost care And kindness in all things. Breathe in, knowing we are made of All this, and breathe, knowing We are truly blessed because we Were born, and die soon, within a True circle of motion, Like eagle rounding out the morning Inside us. We pray that it will be done In beauty. In beauty. Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  7. Analysis of Eagle Poem Biography List of Works Joy Harjo uses the poetic element of metaphor in her poem entitled the “Eagle Poem.” In the first verse it says “To pray you open your whole self”, this verse gives the reader the idea that this poem is formatted similar to a prayer. In this prayer format, Harjo talks about the circle of life. The verses from eighteen and twenty-one are a clear example of how she talks about the circle of life. “Breathe in, knowing we are made of/ All this, and breathe, knowing/ We are truly blessed because we/ Were born, and die soon, within a/ True circle of motion,” The idea of the circle of life is realized when the poem states “Circles of motion.” She incorporates a metaphor into this poem and the theme of the circle of life. In the middle of the poem, Harjo talks about an eagle she saw on a Sunday morning. She talks about how the eagle flies in circles in the sky over Salt River. “In wind, swept our hearts clean/ With sacred wings.” This verse expresses the beauty in the eagle flying which is a metaphor for living and loving life. This poem has a sense of calm, clarity, and magnificence. After reading this poem, a reader has to reflect on life in such a way Harjo has intended. Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  8. Sample Poems Biography This poem stood out to me specifically because it talks about a woman’s independence. In the first stanza Harjo talks about what a woman need to survive. “A woman can’t survive/ by her own breathe alone . . . look at me/ I am not a separate woman.” As seen in the example, Harjo goes from a second point of view to a first person point of view. This is one reason why this poem caught my eye; another reason is how in the second stanza Harjo talks about she has survived. This comes to show how strong she is as a poet and a woman. List of Works Fire By Joy Harjo Sample Poems a woman can’t survive by her own breathe alone she must know the voices of mountains she must recognize the foreverness of blue sky she must flow with the elusive bodies of night wind women who will take her into her own self look at me i am not a separate woman i am a continuance of blue sky i am the throat of the Sandia mountains a night wind woman who burns with every breath she takes Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  9. Sample Poems Biography I like this poem because Harjo uses great description in this poem. She uses a metaphor when telling about the moon. She states that the moon is a woman, “The woman of the moon looking at us. “ She also incorporates the setting into the description too. It makes the reader feel like they are practically in the poem. Joy Harjo has the talent of making people feel a certain way and she shows that in this poem. List of Works September Moon By Joy Harjo Sample Poems Last night she called and told me about the moon over San Francisco Bay. Here in Albuquerque it is mirrored in a cool, dark Sandia sky. The reflection is within all of us. Orange, and almost the harvest moon. Wind and the chill of the colder months coming on. The children and I watched it, crossing San Pedro and Central coming up from the state fair. Wind blowing my hair was caught in my face. I was fearful of traffic, trying to keep my steps and the moon was east, out of any skin that was covering her. Naked. Inspired Poems Original Poems Such beauty. Look. We are alive. The woman of the moon looking at us, and we looking at her, acknowledging each other. Bibliography

  10. Inspired Poems Biography Remember By Joy Harjo List of Works Remember the sky that you were born under, know each of the star's stories. Remember the moon, know who she is. I met her in a bar once in Iowa City. Remember the sun's birth at dawn, that is the strongest point of time. Remember sundown and the giving away to night. Remember your birth, how your mother struggled to give you form and breath. You are evidence of her life, and her mother's, and hers. Remember your father. He is your life also. Remember the earth whose skin you are: red earth, black earth, yellow earth, white earth brown earth, we are earth. Remember the plants, trees, animal life who all have their tribes, their families, their histories, too. Talk to them, listen to them. They are alive poems. Remember the wind. Remember her voice. She knows the origin of this universe. I heard her singing Kiowa war dance songs at the corner of Fourth and Central once. Remember that you are all people and that all people are you. Remember that you are this universe and that this universe is you. Remember that all is in motion, is growing, is you. Remember that language comes from this. Remember the dance that language is, that life is. Remember. Poem Inspired By Remember By Joy Harjo Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  11. Inspired Poems Biography Remember By Melissa Harms List of Works  As you start your new chapter In the book of life You need to remember. . . The value of a dollar For if you don’t The world will make you seem smaller So spend reasonable Sample Poems Be excited. You’re full grown Independent And now on your own Inspired Poems Try new things No matter where life takes you Have your family to remember Original Poems If you’re scared Let out your tears As your sister I’ll take away those fears Bibliography As you drive away you may look back And want to stay But your new life begins today

  12. Inspired Poems Biography Foliage on the Canyon Floor By Joy Harjo List of Works It's true the landscape forms the mind. If stand here long enough I'll learn how to sing. None of that country & western heartbreak stuff, or operatic duels, but something cool as the blues, or close to the sound of a Navajo woman singing early in the morning. Sample Poems Poem Inspired By Foliage on the Canyon Floor Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  13. Inspired Poems Biography Sunrise in Fargo By Melissa Harms List of Works Step outside to a perfect day. The sun is hiding but it’s slowly seeping out from behind the houses as I walk down the street. Now at the corner where two streets meet; a bust of sunshine comes at me, coming out like a child being caught in a game of hiding-go-seek. I turn around for the reason that the sun was in my eyes. On a single tree, there are birds singing early in the morning. Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  14. Original Poems Biography The Secret to Cheerleading By Melissa Harms List of Works Hit Every motion of every stunt Sharp Flawless to the end Trust In yourself and others Give 110 percent or go home Falling It’s not when its if Smile Not only with your mouth but with your eyes Sisters Closer than anyone can imagine Practice For those 2 minutes and 38 seconds of glory Dedication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year We are State Champions We are National Champions We are thee West Fargo High School Cheerleaders Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  15. Original Poems Biography Nature’s Tree By Melissa Harms List of Works Branching out The tree of love Reaching For something she can’t touch. As she goes, As she soars, She spreads her gifts Joy, Peace, Friendship, Laughter and smiles, All fill nature’s beauty. At the bottom of her trunk, The deepest of her roots She spreads her burdens Sorrow, War, Heartbreak, Fights and hatred, All fill nature’s pollution. Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  16. Bibliography Biography List of Works Biography:http://www.poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/60 http://www.hanksville.org/storytellers/joy/ http://www.poetryfoundation.org/bio/joy-harjo http://poetryoutloud.org/poems/poet.html?id=2929 http://digital.library.okstate.edu/encyclopedia/entries/H/HA021.html http://www.fofweb.com/Lit/default.asp?ItemID=WE54 http://www.fofweb.com/Lit/default.asp?ItemID=WE54 Fire (Poem): http://www.gaianvoices.com/members/gaianvoices/blog/VIEW/00000008/00000041/FireJoy-Harjo.html#00000041 September Moon (Poem): http://www.hanksville.org/voyage/places/Albuquerque/Albuquerque4.html Eagle Poem (Poem): http://www.panhala.net/Archive/Eagle_Poem.html Remember (Poem): http://www.vcu.edu/engweb/webtexts/Harjo/ Foliage on the Canyon Floor de Chelly (Poem): http://www.hanksville.org/voyage/secrets/foliage2.html Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

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