the importance of copyright registration n.
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The Importance of Copyright Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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The Importance of Copyright Registration

The Importance of Copyright Registration

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The Importance of Copyright Registration

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  1. The Importance of Copyright Registration

  2. Undoubtedly, at present the subject of copyright has been the subject of many controversies. Some seek their legitimate protection and others are in favor of sharing the contents with no penalties for doing so. It is therefore important to understand first before anything else what are the Copyright and where it holds the copyright registration. Undoubtedly, these are fundamental to all authors of works. The works are the subject of protection of copyright.

  3. Similarly, it is important to know that copyright is recognized as one of the fundamental human rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and as we understand that "all the legal rules and principles governing the moral and economic rights that law grants authors, simply because of the creation of an original work. "

  4. Here are the types of works that protect copyright: literary, musical, dramatic, dance, painting, sculpture, Caricaturística, Architecture, Film, Radio and Television, software, photographic works and works of graphic design and textiles.

  5. But if you wonder where they register copyrights should know that the process takes before the INDAUTOR, which depends on the Ministry of Education, and is the government agency in Toronto is responsible for safeguarding and Copyright Protection works, not only nationally but also through coordination with other international organizations towards protecting them. Definitely, a person able to create works worthy of recognition by the state to enjoy certain privileges. So whatever type of work to protect the Law Copyright protection will give the creator lifetime and after his death, a hundred more years.

  6. For example, if a work of several authors, such as an anthology, registration of copyrights apply as follows: count one hundred years after the death of the last of the authors. Remember also that copyright can only offer protection to individuals, so it is understood that the Act does not enable the entities are perpetrators of works. This is because only humans are capable of intellectual and creative activities. Think, write, create music, books, plays only exclusive activities of individuals.

  7. The procedure for registration or copyrighted works is not a simple procedure, it must meet very specific requirements. If you require service copyrighted City or somewhere in Toronto or just you have questions or need more information about how to run the process, you should see attorneys Copyright and Intellectual Property. Today, there are specialized firms that offer high quality and professionalism in this matter.

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