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The Selling Process

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The Selling Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Selling Process. Introduction to Business & Marketing February 7, 2011. Objectives. Describe the steps of the selling process. Practice the selling process by preparing a role-play sales situation. Definition of Selling. Definition of Selling. Selling is…. Personal selling is….

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The Selling Process

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    1. The Selling Process Introduction to Business & Marketing February 7, 2011

    2. Objectives • Describe the steps of the selling process. • Practice the selling process by preparing a role-play sales situation.

    3. Definition of Selling

    4. Definition of Selling Selling is… Personal selling is… the process of matching customer needs and wants to the features and benefits of a product or service. any form of direct contact between a salesperson and a customer.

    5. Personal Selling • Key Characteristic: two-way communication • Where does it take place? • Retail settings • Business-to-business (B2B) • Telemarketing

    6. Steps of theSelling Process

    7. Steps of the Sale • There are seven steps in the selling process. • For B2B sales, there is an additional step to start off the selling process called the pre-approach.

    8. Steps of the Sale • Approach • Determine needs • Present product • Overcome objections • Close the sale • Suggestion selling • Relationship building

    9. Step 1: Approach What do you do? Why? Greet the customer face-to-face • To begin conversation • To establish a relationship with the customer • To set the mood for the other steps of the sale

    10. Step 2: Determine Needs What do you do? How? Learn what the customer is looking for • Observe – nonverbal communication • Listen – make eye contact, don’t interrupt • Question – general questions (5 W’s) and open-ended questions

    11. Step 3: Present Product What do you do? How? • Educate the customer about the product’s features and benefits • Based on the customer’s needs, select as many as 3 products to share. • Display / Handle the Product • Demonstrate it or use sales aids • Involve the customer

    12. Step 4: Overcome Objections What? How? • Learn why the customer is reluctant to buy • Provide information to remove uncertainty • Help the customer make a satisfying buying decision • Listen carefully • Acknowledge Objections • Restate Objections • Answer the Objection Specific Methods • Substitution • Demonstration • Third-Party

    13. Step 5: Close the Sale What do you do? How? Get the customer’s positive agreement to buy • Look for buying signals, things customers do/say to indicate a readiness to buy • Buying signals include facial expressions, body language, and comments. Tips for Closing the Sale • Narrow down choices • Use ownership words like “you” and “your” • Don’t talk too much or rush

    14. Step 6: Suggestion Selling What do you do? How? Suggest additional merchandise or services that will save your customer money or help your customer enjoy the original purchase • Up-Selling • Cross-Selling • Special Sales Opportunities

    15. Step 7: Relationship Building What do you do? How? Create a means of maintaining contact with the customer after the sale • Efficient order processing • Thank the customer and reassure them of their purchase • Follow-Up (when needed) • Keep a Client File

    16. The Selling ProcessRole-Play Assignment We will go over the assignment sheet together. You may pick your partner for this assignment – make good decisions & do the assignment well! You will have the rest of class to prepare today. We will present at the beginning of next class!