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Meeting for Graduate Students

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Meeting for Graduate Students. October 17 th 2011. Bengt Ove Turesson Department of Mathematics. Agenda. News Follow-up action plan NDI Other issues. News. Administration of graduate program Theresia responsible New students Alexandra Cojuhari, Applied Mathematics

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meeting for graduate students

Meeting for Graduate Students

October 17th 2011

Bengt Ove Turesson

Department of Mathematics



Follow-up action plan NDI

Other issues


Administration of graduate program

  • Theresia responsible

New students

  • Alexandra Cojuhari, Applied Mathematics
  • Frida Johansson, Computational Science, Nov. 1
  • Tomas Lundquist, Computational Science
  • Anna Orlof, Applied Mathematics
  • Sonja Radosavljevic, Applied Mathematics
  • Andreas Rejbrand, Applied Mathematics, Jan. 1

Other positions

  • Marco Kupiainen, Postdoc Computational Mathematics
  • Berkant Savas, Postdoc Computational Mathematics

Positions advertised

  • Lectureship, Applied Mathematics


  • Henry Amankwah, October 18th 13.15

Meeting for supervisors

    • October 19th 10.15

Study plans

  • Study plans for all subjects are being revised
    • Head of divisions
    • Template is being used
    • What happens if the subjects change name?
    • Probably not less than 120 hp (credit transfer more common now than before)
    • Up to 60 hp can be transferred today
    • Sammanläggningsavhandling preferred

Research Seminar

  • Will start November
  • Jan-Åke’s lectures after Christmas
  • Research Seminars, advanced course available
    • Elina has information

Scientific Methods and Research Practice, 6 credits

  • Wednesday course: Part 1 of the course starts October 19th, ends December 14th. Part 2 starts in February
  • Thursday course: Part 1 of the course starts October 20th, ends December 15th. Part 2 starts in February

Pedagogical training

  • Auscultation for new students during fall
  • Departmental course spring (practical course) – no credits
  • The CUL course is compulsory – parallell teaching

Höstskola October 20th-21st

  • Lectures both days 9.00-16.30 at Frimurarehotellet
  • October 20th: Mathematical Statistics. Optimization
  • October 21st: Continuum Mechanics, Theory of Elasticity and Contact Problems. Mathematical Modelling in Biology

Riktlinjer för betygsnämndens sammansättning

  • See
    • Betygsnämnd: Conflict of interest – jäv: Related, working group, co-writer, not former supervisor

Master’s courses (recommendations)

  • PhD students should not register for Master’s courses
  • Students should instead agree with course leaders that they can follow courses without being registered
  • Results should be reported directly in Forskar-Ladok

PhD programs will be evaluated by HSV

follow up action plan ndi
Follow-up action plan NDI


  • Introduction process being reviewed at the moment
  • Expectations of students and supervisors still needs to be discussed
    • Mostimportant – expectations – to be formalized


  • The need for planned meeting was discussed with supervisors and at follow-up meetings
  • The fact that some students feel that they get too little supervision was discussed with supervisors
follow up action plan ndi1
Follow-up action plan NDI

Environment and postgraduate studies

  • Workload was discussed with supervisors and at follow-up meetings
  • Students were informed about Feelgood and Studenthälsan
  • Students were informed about the guidance services of the university library
    • Onlyfiveor sixparticipants. Verygood information, everyoneshould go there! Bengt Ove willorganizea new presentation.

Courses and seminars

  • The need of and the possibilities for organizing advanced courses and seminars were discussed with heads of divisions and supervisors
    • Encouragemoreparticipation in summer schools, conferences, selfstudy etc.
follow up action plan ndi2
Follow-up action plan NDI

Scientific conferences and networks

  • The need for a recommendation for participation in a certain number of conferences during the time of study together with the heads of the divisions and the supervisors
  • Participation in conferences was discussed in connection with revision of study plans
  • The recommendation will probably be part of the subjects’ new study plans
follow up action plan ndi3
Follow-up action plan NDI


  • The department’s introductory pedagogical course still needs to be evaluated
  • At least one course meeting for every course, where PhD students are involved, should have been organized
    • Course meetings to be followed up. The director of studies/examinator is responsiblebuttheyneed to know that it is important – to be formalized

Equal opportunities

  • Students have been informed about policies concerning equal opportunities
  • Students have been informed about routines concerning discrimination and sexual harassment
sms autumn meeting
SMS autumnmeeting

SMS autumnmeeting in the end of October - directed to young researchers – talk to Milagros