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Ventura County SELPA Mary Samples, Associate Superintendent PowerPoint Presentation
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Ventura County SELPA Mary Samples, Associate Superintendent

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Ventura County SELPA Mary Samples, Associate Superintendent - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ventura County SELPA Mary Samples, Associate Superintendent IEPs for ELs… What Needs to be Included?. Preparing for the IEP. Check results of most recent language proficiency assessment (CELDT or VCAALPS)- ok to use unofficial scores

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ventura county selpa mary samples associate superintendent www venturacountyselpa com

Ventura County SELPAMary Samples, Associate

IEPs for ELs…

What Needs to be Included?

preparing for the iep
Preparing for the IEP
  • Check results of most recent language proficiency assessment (CELDT or VCAALPS)- ok to use unofficial scores
  • Check to see if student has been reclassified since the last IEP
  • Go to Student Demographics tab of SIRAS- make sure EL status is correct
  • If you check RFEP, you must enter date
  • If Preschool to Kindergarten, indicate level determined in preschool
siras has your back
SIRAS has your back!
  • If student is EL, SIRAS

will automatically:

    • Enter the correct information on the SIS page for EL level and Native language
    • Enter in the statement regarding strategies and supports for ELs on the LRE page
present levels of performance
Present Levels of Performance
  • Address EL performance under “Communication”
  • Under “STAR Program Results” record scores, levels of dates of most recent assessment
  • (If preschooler, EL level is noted on the special Preschool page)
examples of descriptions under communication
Examples of descriptions under “Communication”
  • “Uses both English and Spanish in the classroom and playground”
  • “Struggles with understanding academic English”
  • “Uses Mixtec with peers”
  • “Communicates with parents in Hmong but uses English conversationally”
  • “Uses BICS only”
el preschoolers
EL Preschoolers
  • On the preschool page, there is a section at the bottom:
    • Date student took PELS
    • EL level
    • EL Goal number
    • Assessment to be given in kindergarten
eld page only needed for els not rfeps or ifeps
ELD page- only needed for ELs, not RFEPs or IFEPs
  • EL testing results will already be in (from Present Levels page)
  • Primary language will already be provided (same as Native Language on the SIS page)
  • Fill in all other information at top of the page
  • If student Reclassified before or during the meeting, leave bottom of the form blank
  • Note which test student will take for each domain- CELDT or VCCALPS
  • Indicate adaptations for CELDT if needed- none allowed for VCCALPS
reporting scores to cde
Reporting Scores to CDE

If a student takes the CELDT with Modifications, or takes VCCALPS, the scores are reported to the state as “beginning” in that area.

english learner services
English Learner Services
  • Program Model
  • ELD Instruction: location, duration, frequency
  • ELD Goal(s) number(s)
  • Strategies for

accessing core


you must describe
You must describe:
  • English Language Development Program and Instruction

-as well as-

  • Strategies for Accessing the Core

They are different!!!!

program models
Program Models
  • Structured English Immersion (SEI):
    • Targeted instruction for students who have not yet mastered BICS (students with overall CELDT or VCCALPS levels of beginning or early intermediate)
  • English Language Mainstream (ELM)
    • Instruction with emphasis on CALPS or learning academic language (students with overall CELDT or VCCALPS levels of intermediate or above)
  • Alternative Educational Program
    • Student must be enrolled in alternative ELD program to check this option – indicate type
eld instruction locations
ELD Instruction- Locations
  • Special education class
  • General education class
  • General education English class
  • Special education English class
  • Pull out program with sp/lang pathologist
  • Pull out program with special ed teacher
  • Mainstream English class
  • Sheltered English class
duration and frequency
Duration and Frequency

Should be at least 30 minutes a day- follow your district guidelines-for secondary, must be at least one full period

strategies for accessing core
Strategies for Accessing Core
  • Anticipatory chart or guide
  • Graphic organizers or study guides
  • Use appropriate realia to affirm context
  • Outlines or reading guides
  • Pictorial guide or glossary
  • Teach root words and cognates
  • Compare / contrast meanings
  • Charts, graphs, pictures, diagrams
  • Venn diagrams or story maps

Make sure the CELDT Coordinator receives copies of the ELD page for any students who need adaptations- discuss with your administrator how this is to occur

  • Must be at least one ELD goal
  • Must address ELD standards (located in the ELD section of the Goals Wizard)
  • Should correlate with needs from CELDT/VCCALPS/PELS
  • May also address a need in ELA
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Oral Communication
  • Reading: Comprehension
  • Reading: Fluency & Vocabulary
  • Reading: Literary Response & Analysis
  • Reading: Word Analysis
  • Writing: English Language Conventions
  • Writing: Strategies and Applications
categories for preschool goals
Categories for Preschool Goals
  • English Language Development: Listening
  • English Language Development: Speaking
  • English Language Development: Reading
  • English Language Development: Writing
selecting goals for eld
Selecting Goals for ELD
  • ELD Category
  • Grade range (K-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12)
  • ELD Level
goals page
Goals Page
  • Area of Need- MUST be ELD
  • Can add SECOND area of need if appropriate
  • Responsible discipline- tied to location of service on ELD page
  • Reason for goal- tied to need from CELDT/VCAALPS/PELS scores and present levels
  • Language of instruction
linguistically appropriate ela goals
Linguistically Appropriate ELA Goals
  • ELA goals should be appropriate

for the EL level

  • Can use ELA by ELD goal bank
  • Available for up to grade six
  • Not to be confused with the

ELD goal!

in conclusion

By taking care to include all of the required elements for an EL student in the IEP, you will meet legal compliance as well as develop an appropriate plan for your student to learn and progress in English!