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Non Accidental Deaths ( nad ) causes and statistics 2011-2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Non Accidental Deaths ( nad ) causes and statistics 2011-2014. By Dr. Salim Sawai - MCOH. Non Accidental Deaths Causes. Suicide Prevention. This presentation covers : - The impact of suicide - Why people commit suicide & - How we can work together to prevent it.

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Non Accidental Deaths (nad)

causes and statistics


By Dr. Salim Sawai - MCOH

Suicide prevention
Suicide Prevention

This presentation covers :

- The impact of suicide

- Why people commit suicide &

- How we can work together to prevent it.

Impact of suicide
Impact of suicide

  • On Family

    Loss of a beloved one, bereavement and loss of

    income and support.

  • Impact on Employers

    Reputation issue, financial impact, project delay,

    loss of an experienced staff, recruiting someone

    who is totally new to the job

  • Impact on colleagues

    loss of a team member, low morale, more work

    pressure on them.

Why people commit suicide risk factors
Why People commit suicide - Risk Factors

Family problems

Social problems- Bullying and Harassment at work.

Financial problems

Health problems

Substance abuse

Mental illness and depression


Work problems such as interpersonal problems with peers and boss, long working hours, low wages or no salary payment and uncertain employment career.

Warning signs of suicide
Warning signs of suicide

Depression signs such as isolation, feels unhappy etc

Talking about suicide and death

Bringing suicide tools

Giving away his possessions

Prevention of suicide
Prevention of suicide

What Should employees do?

Work life balance- Manage your time and strike a balance between your work commitments and other activities.

Plan and prioritize your daily work activities- Don’t stress your self.

Relax and enjoy time with your family and friends.

Exercise and make time for leisure.

Manage your finance, get advice and avoid un-necessary overspending

Get advice and talk to some one you trust, share your concerns.

Seek medical advice immediately if you are stressed or having suicidal ideas

Prevention of suicide

Role of Employers & supervisors

Set realistic tasks and targets and deadlines for your staff

Ensure acceptable working hours and schedule and no work overload

Avoid blame culture

Appreciate your staff and create a friendly work environment.

Always encourage and promote team work

Encourage team building activities.

Provide recreational facilities.

Allow your staff to take their leave as per the Omani law.

Improve remuneration and payment packages, and ensure timely monthly payment of salaries without undue delay.

Establish social support group in the work place

Spread health awareness- recognize those who suffer from stress and intervene early.

Establish help line for counseling