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Avaya Communication Manager Branch Gateways

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Avaya Communication Manager Branch Gateways. Speaker Name. Avaya, the Leader in Business Communications. We enable businesses, large to small, to communicate, compete, conquer Century of experience and innovation in our DNA

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avaya the leader in business communications
Avaya, the Leader in Business Communications
  • We enable businesses, large to small,to communicate, compete, conquer
    • Century of experience and innovation in our DNA
    • Today: #1 positions in IP telephony, contact centers, mobility solutions, and services
  • Avaya Labs, leader in communications software sciences: 1,800+ patents
    • Pioneered voice mail, IVR, skills-based call routing, unified communication, CTI, audio conferencing,virtual LAN
  • 1 million customers -- 90% of FORTUNE 500®rely on Avaya
  • 20,000 people in 50 countries
  • 2,500 Business Partners


  • Avaya Communication Manager Branch Solutions
    • Extending Intelligent Communication Applications throughout the Enterprise
  • Communication Manager Branch Gateways
    • Overview
    • G450 Gateway
    • G700 Gateway
    • G350 Gateway
    • G250 Gateway
    • IG550 Integrated Gateway
  • Survivability
    • Enterprise Survivable Servers
    • Local Survivable Processor (LSP)
    • Local Branch Survivability (SLS)
    • Backup for WAN Failures
  • Manageability
    • Managing the Branch Network

New in CM5.0

Extend Intelligent Communications Throughout the Enterprise with Communication Avaya Manager Branch Solutions
  • Intelligent Communications
    • Make people more productive, processes more intelligent, and customers more satisfied by extending intelligent communications applications to your branch offices
    • Reduce infrastructure and management costs by collapsing multiple branch systems into a single set of centralized applications
    • Enable desktop mobility where any employee can work from any location
  • High Availability and Security
    • Proactively ensure business communication applications meet mission-critical voice expectations
    • Deliver greater levels of survivability with a highly reliable architecture, automatic failover, alternative routing, and local branch survivability
  • Open Interoperability
    • Implement an open, standards based solution that enables interoperability to support a multi-vendor environment
avaya communication manager branch solutions enable the branch employee
Avaya Communication Manager Branch Solutions Enable the Branch Employee
  • Access to the enterprise-wide business communications applications such as messaging, audio conferencing, and more provide a more collaborative environment for branch employees.
  • Branch employees can have their number follow them when they need to work in HQ or other branch locations.
  • Allow customers who call local branches reach the right resource no matter where in the enterprise that resource is located.

Branch office employees can operate more effectively by leveraging the enterprise communications applications

avaya communication manager branch solutions help lower costs
Avaya Communication Manager Branch Solutions Help Lower Costs
  • Moves, adds and changes become almost automatic for employees who move from a headquarters location to a branch or between branches.
  • Network/system management is simplified with centralized management tools and applications.
  • Network costs can be reduced significantly by using both WAN and telephony services more effectively.
  • Reduce training and support costs with consistent capabilities across the entire enterprise.

Branch office solutions provide a lower Total Cost of Ownership with a single set of centralized communications applications to manage and maintain

Charter Steel Gains Value with AvayaIntelligent Communications Provides Customer Service Excellence


Improve employee communications and customer service


Avaya Communication Manager Branch solution with Avaya MultiVantageTM communications applications used for better information sharing and faster decision making between multiple sales offices and field deployed technicians

  • Presence, extension to cellular, integrated messaging, video and audio conferencing, and Communication Manager capabilities
  • Network Readiness Assessment ensured a smooth migration, and improved continuity & efficiency

Value Created:

Centralized systems, applications improved collaboration between sites and customers

  • 95% Just In Time delivery rate, 20% better than industry
  • $1M+ productivity and cost saving
  • 10% Year-on-year reduction in network costs

Competitive Advantage

“ Our customers care about on-time delivery, zero defects and zero downtime. These expectations depend on our ability to flawlessly execute our customer services processes, and that’s really our competitive advantage."

Tony Bares, IT Manager, Charter Steel Auto Gallery

  • Branch Solutions
  • Communication Manager Branch Gateways
  • Survivability
  • Manageability
the avaya communication manager branch gateways
The Avaya Communication Manager Branch Gateways

A flexible solution that extends business communications applications to branch locations, or a powerful stand-alone system to serve a single location

  • Communication ManagerBranch Gateways provide an all-in-one, centrally managed solution for branch offices that are part of a large enterprise.
  • Up to 250 gateways can be supported by the Avaya S8500 or S87XX Media Server.
  • Part of the Avaya mid-market solutions
    • Up to 5 gateways can be supported by the Avaya S8400.
    • Up to 10 gateways can be supported by the Avaya Multi-vantage Express
  • Digital and analog trunking provides local access.
  • An Ethernet WAN port (on the G450/G350/G250) or pluggable WAN modules provide flexibility for network designs and deployments.
  • Multiple survivability options provide greater availability without excessive redundancies or bandwidth requirements.
call control



Call Control







Consolidated, Converged

Voice & Data (LAN/WAN)

Centralized Architecture


G350 w/ LSPs

G450 w/LSP

avaya communication manager branch gateways11
Avaya Communication Manager Branch Gateways


GA January 08

Communication ManagerBranch Gateways provide an all-in-one, centrally managed solution for branch offices that are part of a large enterprise.

g450 media gateway
G450 Media Gateway
  • Next Generation Media Gateway for
    • Branch offices of mid- and large enterprises (w/S8XXX Servers)
    • Mid-market standalone (w/S8300 or S8500 Server [PE])
    • Small campuses (w/S8500 Server [PE])
    • Small-Mid Call Centers
  • Part of the Avaya H.248 Gateway portfolio (G250/G350/G700/IG550)
  • Scalable, modular platform
key points
Key Points
  • G450 capacity is determined by the server and by the traffic pattern
  • The G450 is not stackable, but multiple gateways can be deployed in a single location and controlled by single LSP
  • Two base offers:
    • G450-MP20 for the small to mid-size branch
    • G450-MP80 for the mid- to large size branch
  • Feature set of the G350/G250
  • Supported by CM 5.0 and above

G450 Modular Design

3U chassis, 19” rack, desktop or wall-mount

Field removable main board

FAN Tray

Eight Media Module Slots

G700 compatible

Support one S8300

Support up to 8 Voice and up to 3 WAN modules

g450 frus
G450 FRUs

DSP Resources

Field-removable Main Board

  • Main Board interfaces
  • 2 Triple Speed Ethernet LAN interface
  • 2 Fast Ethernet WAN interface
  • Contact closure Adjunct
  • ETR port
  • Console and Services ports
  • 2 USB ports (for modem and Flash Drive)
  • Compact Flash slot*(future use)
  • DSP Resources
  • modular (plug in to the G450 Main Board)
  • Up to 4 board on one main board
  • 2 flavors: 20 channels and 80 channels
  • supported Codecs : G711, G729,G726
  • Support SRTP and AES encryption
  • No performance hit due to Compression or encryption

G450 Power Supply

G450 Fan Tray

Power: 400 Watt

Up to two PSUs in one G450

Dual, redundant, modular power supply.

One Power supply support fully loaded G450

the avaya g700 media gateway
The Avaya G700 Media Gateway

Optional: Media Server for Stand Alone operationor Local Survivable Processor (S8300)

One slot for LAN/WAN connectivity

Two Fast EthernetPorts

Console Port

Four (4) Media Module slots for telephone and digital trunks

  • The G700 gateway can function either as a stand alone system or as a gateway extending a centralized system out to a remote location
  • Supports 450 stations/450 trunks (w/S8300)
  • Up to 10 G700 can be stacked to support higher number of ports
the avaya g350 media gateway
The Avaya G350 Media Gateway

Optional: Media Server for Stand Alone operationor Local Survivable Processor (S8300)

One slot for high density (24 port) digital telephone or PoE LAN module

Four (4) Media Module slots for telephone, digital trunk or WAN interfaces

Analog Station & Trunk ports

One LAN and one WAN Ethernet Ports

Console Port, USB & Contact closure

  • The G350 gateway can function either as a stand alone system or as a gateway extending a centralized system out to a remote location
  • capacities:
    • Standard supports up to 40 telephones and 40 trunks
    • Enhanced supports up to 72 telephones and 60 trunks (CM3.1.2); More than G350 can be installed at one location.
  • The G350 has module slots to allow support for multiple configurations
  • WAN connections are supported through a WAN Ethernet port or through a media module, both supported by robust WAN routing capability
the avaya g250 media gateway

Optional: Local Survivable Processor (S8300)

Optional: WAN Media Module (MM340/342)



Console Port, USB & Contact closure

PoE switch

For IP Phones


CO or

BRI Trunks

The Avaya G250 Media Gateway
  • The G250 gateway can function either as a stand alone system or as a gateway extending a centralized system out to a remote location
  • The G250 gateway is very similar to the G350, but with fixed interfaces
  • WAN connections are supported through a WAN Ethernet port or through an optional media module (T1/E1 or USP), both supported by WAN routing capability
the ig550 integrated branch networking



The IG550 - Integrated Branch Networking
  • Avaya IG550 gateway software & hardware embedded in new Juniper J-Series services routers
    • Ideal for branches up to 100 users
    • Delivers converged voice, video and data
  • One-box telephony/routing/security branch office solution
    • Easy to deploy & manage, competitive TCO
    • High sustained network performance and security (Juniper)
    • Survivable access to feature rich, centralized communications applications, including survivability (Avaya)
  • Expanded customer deployment choices
    • Complements other Avaya Gateways and Juniper products
    • New J-Series products already “Avaya Voice Ready”
avaya ig550 integrated media gateway
Telephony Gateway Module (TGM)

Targets 2 to 100 users

Local survivability, PSTN connectivity

Rich feature set

Access to central Communication Manager and other communications applications

Complementary with other Avaya gateways

Security: full media encryption

Call Center agents supported

6-party meet-me conferencing

Local music-on-hold & voice announcements

Telephony Interface Modules (TIM)

Analog, T1/E1, PRI and BRI options

Simplified Management

Joint Installation Tool, HP OpenView support

Centralized Avaya Integrated Management

Any slot







H.248 Telephony Gateway Module

2 analog trunks and 2 analog stations

Modular DSP, memory expansion



Analog: 4 trunks, 4 stations

T1/E1 or PRI trunks

4 BRI trunks

Avaya IG550 Integrated Media Gateway

Choice of Telephony Interface Modules

multiple wan and pstn options provide flexibility and enable survivability



IP-VPNby a Service Provider

VPN over Public IP







  • T1/ E1
  • Universal serial (X21 / V35)

Secure VPN tunnel

Multiple WAN and PSTN Options Provide Flexibility and Enable Survivability


IP-VPN* based

*VPN is not supported in the G700

designed for business continuity

2) Protect against Disasters

ESS – Enterprise Survivable Servers


3) Local SurvivabilityStandard or LSP- includes peripherals

Designed for Business Continuity



Room #1

Room #2

Primary hot-standby servers

ESS / LSP server



1)Preserve control from Primary Server

  • Hot-standby servers
  • Multiple IP interfaces with hot-standby redundancy
  • Link Bounce Recovery
  • Gateway WAN backup, PSTN overflow, modem dial backup

Up to 99.999% availability - less tan 5mn down time per year

High Availability without Complexity

  • Branch Solutions
  • Communication Manager Branch Gateways
  • Survivability
  • Manageability
local survivable processor lsp provides 100 of the avaya communication manager features
Local Survivable Processor (LSP) Provides 100% of the Avaya Communication Manager Features
  • For critical branch operations, an S8300 Media Server can be optionally installed in the local branch gateway to provide 100% of the Avaya Communication Manager feature set
  • System translations are regularly downloaded to all branch local processors so telephone, trunking, and system programming is up to date if the local processor needs to take over

Slot for an optional Local Survivable Processor

transitioning to from back up modes
Transitioning to/from Back-up Modes
  • Connection Preserving Failover/Fall back
    • Existing stable calls where the talk path exists between two or more parties are not dropped when the media gateway fails over to another server or falls back to the primary server
    • Connection cannot be preserved for:
      • calls that are not in stable state (on-hold, ringing, etc.)
      • calls using IP or ISDN-BRI trunks, or ISDN stations
  • Auto Fall-back to Primary Connection
    • The Media Gateway will automatically reconnect to the primary server when available after having failed over to the Local Survivable Processor (LSP)
    • Automatic reconnect can be administered to allow for orderly return to service without manual intervention
standard local survivability
Standard Local Survivability
  • Available only at the G250 ,G350,G450 and IG550
  • Basic telephony is provided at the branch if connection to a server running the Avaya Communication Manager cannot be achieved
  • Cost effective survivability for price sensitive customers:
    • No need in S8300
  • The gateway continuously attempts to reconnect and when possible will automatically reconnect to a server
  • The Provisioning and Installation Manager (PIM) is recommended for
    • configuration
    • configuration sync between CM and SLS


sls feature summary trunk interfaces
SLS Feature Summary- Trunk Interfaces-
  • Supports PSTN trunks (inbound/outbound)
    • Analog loop-start
    • Analog ground-start
    • Analog DID
    • ISDN BRI (all 25 country codes)
    • ISDN PRI (all 25 country codes
    • T1 Robbed-bit trunks (co and tie)
    • E1 CAS trunks
  • Trunk protocol state machines are based in SLS code in the gateway
    • Ported ISDN protocol stack from CM
  • Contact closure supported for G250, G350,G450
sls feature summary station types
SLS Feature Summary- Station Types -
  • Supports calls between local stations and to/from local PSTN trunks
  • Local station support includes:
    • Analog
    • DCP
    • IP phones
    • IP Softphone (Road Warrior app)
  • H.323 Gatekeeper for local (co-located IP phones to register with
    • G250 supports max of 12 IP stations
    • G350 supports max of 72 IP stations
    • G450 supports max of 240 IP stations
    • IG550 supports max of 100 IP stations
sls feature summary station call capability
SLS Feature Summary- Station Call Capability-
  • Upon failure to connect to the IP routed WAN, the gateway becomes a local branch “island” under the control of the SLS call engine and SLS routing tables.
  • Supports local station to local station calls.
  • Supports local station to local trunk calls.
  • All calls covered by a simple call detail recording in Syslog format
    • 72 hours of call records
  • Stations have Class-of-Restriction (COR)
  • Emergency, Internal, Local, Toll, Unrestricted
  • Same extension number plan as CM (max of 13 digits)
  • Same password
modem dial backup
Modem Dial Backup
  • Modem dial backup feature provides an alternative backup path to the central location to maintain call control at the branch in the event of WAN Link or Router failure
    • Supports dialup backup to the enterprise-owned routers
    • Supports dial-up to an ISP using IPSec-VPN tunnel
  • Supports routing protocols
  • The same modem can be used for dial-in by Services when not in use for backup
  • Not available in the G700
modem dial up backup branch office survivability for wan or router failures
Modem Dial-up Backup - Branch Office Survivability for WAN or Router Failures







Primary Link








IP Phones






Voice Bearer








H248 Control








Central Location

Branch Location

  • Branch Solutions
  • Communication Manager Branch Gateways
  • Survivability
  • Manageability
branch provisioning administration tool
Branch Provisioning & Administration Tool
  • Provisioning & Installation Manager (PIM)
  • Centrally manage 100s of locations with ease
    • Template driven tool
    • Configure access router, VPN, IPT gateway, DHCP server
    • Configure fail-over operation modes
  • New addition to the AvayaIntegrated Management suite
firmware management for distributed systems
Firmware Management for Distributed Systems

Remote Location




Software Update Manager


  • Software Update Manager (SUM) displays inventory and provides analysis
  • SUM checks Avaya’s Web site for new firmware versions and highlight outdated devices
  • SUM downloads new firmware versions into “library”
  • Administrator schedules downloads to gateways
  • IP Phones in branch pick up new releases from local gateway (scheduled by SUM administrator) and not over the WAN
branch network management
Branch Network Management
  • Multi-site and Secure Access Administration
    • Centralized user authentication/authorization
    • Multiple levels of custom access privileges
    • SSH key management
    • Logging of administrator transactions
  • Managing VoIP quality in a distributed branch architecture
    • VoIP Monitoring Manager allows real-time monitoring of calls over the IP WAN
    • Avaya CNA and ANS technology proactively enables IP telephony over the WAN
      • Responds to “black-out”, “brown-out” conditions
      • 20%-50% bandwidth cost savings vs. private WANs
      • Reduce bad minutes by up to 99%
      • Increase performance from 2x to 10x
      • Enables VoIP over VPNs without network upgrades
converged network analyzer





Private WAN


Converged Network Analyzer





Regional Offices



Branch Offices

  • Monitors edge to edge path performance through the IP WAN and reports any impact on IP telephony and other business-critical applications
  • Quickly identifies and helps troubleshoot WAN performance problems between sites
  • Reports whether your WAN service provider is meeting the terms of your SLA
adaptive path controller





Adaptive Path Controller

Regional Contact Center





  • Leverages redundant WAN connections to avoid problems that impact IP telephony and other applications
    • Better voice quality, increased overall application availability
    • Reduced help desk calls, fewer unnecessary ESS or IGAR failovers
  • Integrates directly with the IP network infrastructure
    • Traffic can be shifted away from outages and “brownouts” (latency, loss, jitter) in as little as one second for call preservation
    • Optimization for just IP telephony or all types of application traffic




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