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Pumpkin Peel, Does It Really Work PowerPoint Presentation
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Pumpkin Peel, Does It Really Work

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Pumpkin Peel, Does It Really Work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pumpkin Peel, Does It Really Work

When you go out in the market of chemical peels, you won’t miss now the name of pumpkin

peel that is being highly talked about by peel lovers. The safer and easier approach of this

peel, while offering you all the benefits of a chemical peel of this caliber, have made this

peel a choice of many. However, you may come across some people who don’t like to

believe on the benefits of a pumpkin peel treatment. Let’s take a closer look on this issue

to find out whether a pumpkin peel treatment has the claimed benefits or it’s just a

commercial gimmick.

First, we start with the negative side. While doing so, we see a report by the FDA that says

that there is no scientific backing to link Vitamin C and better skin. The researches don’t

seem to agree with the effects of pumpkin when used as a peel.

The second negative point was found in an article by CNN featured in 1996, creating doubts

on the effectiveness of antioxidants when taken externally through a peel.

Well, adding to these doubts, are some users’ comments on the failure to get the desired

results after a pumpkin peel treatment.

While keeping in mind all such negative points, we proceed further to find the points that tilt

more in favor of pumpkin peel. One thing should be understood that there are not so many

negative comments or doubts on the usefulness of a pumpkin peel treatment, while we can

find many points that go in full favor of the pumpkin peel’s benefits.

In favor of the pumpkin peel treatment, we can get both some research results and users’

genuine and practical experiences. Duke University researches concluded that vitamin C is

helpful in keeping the skin’s elastic fibers from breaking down. Well, if you happen to take

a look on how pumpkin responds to the countless users, you won’t miss the chance to

appreciate the usefulness and benefits of a pumpkin peel treatment, and the question ‘does

pumpkin peel really work’ will lose all its significance.

There could be some negligence in the research works conducted, perhaps the research was

not done seriously enough to prove the benefits of a pumpkin peel, and there could be any

other reason that was strong enough to bring negative comments against the peel in


At the same time, if you take a closer look on those negative comments of the users, you

can easily find, in many cases, the mistakes done by the users during the treatment that

failed to produce the desired results. It could be the wrong peeling method, unrealistic

expectation, impatient users, or there could be other valid reasons for the failure. This

explanation sounds more practical in terms, since we get many satisfied users of this peel,

and where can we fit their personal experiences that brought them very positive results!

Pumpkin peel is loaded with highly useful and powerful ingredients that are known to work

very well in treating different skin conditions. This peel is gaining popularity fast only due

to its many benefits that even new users can get safely and easily. If you go through the

comments by the satisfied users, you can’t resist yourself from appreciating the good and

effective work of pumpkin peel. It is found a very effective, safe and easy peel that gets

you rid of many skin flaws. However, it works on superficial skin abnormalities only, and

doesn’t suit for deeper skin abnormalities.


Pumpkin peel can be tried at home once you get the required peeling knowledge and know

what has to be done after the peeling treatment. It works, and works very well.