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How to Prevent Keloids PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Prevent Keloids

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How to Prevent Keloids
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How to Prevent Keloids

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  1. How to Prevent Keloids When we undergo excessive fibrous tissue growth, keloids form, which definitely affect very negatively our appearance and can become a source of continued embarrassment. This thick, hard and shiny growth isn’t easy to treat. When you receive an injury, keloid can form over it that will be much bigger than the original injury size. It can itch or irritate so much that you don’t feel to live with it and find ways to get rid of this troublesome projection on the skin. The risk of keloid formation is more in dark color skins and in adults of both sexes. Whatever the reasons or causes are for keloids to grow, they aren’t easy things to deal with. You can’t find a surefire and simple treatment to get rid of keloids. Surgery is considered a failure and a highly discouraging way of keloid treatment since you can develop a much larger keloid after surgically removing an existing one. Other non-surgical treatments do exist but they demand a good amount of money or they don’t work so perfectly in every case. In the presence of such an uncertain treating scenario, the best thing will be to know how to prevent keloids. Once you know how to prevent keloids, you can be on the watch and can control the keloid forming triggers. At the same time, you can help a wound to heal normally. If you have family history of keloids, take special care of your skin and avoid any kind of piercing including tattoos. Both of these things are becoming more common in adults of today regardless of the sex. If you don’t want your existing appearance to be destroyed by some ugly and discolored projections, don’t attempt to do some ornamental piercing on the body, be it to wear jewelry or for tattoos. You should have to take more care of any cuts or bruises and don’t let them form scars or stop them from getting worse. If you have a tendency of keloid formation, you should seek medical help in case you have some cuts or bruising. You will be better advised to deal with the injury and may be given cortisone injection to reduce a keloid scar if it has already developed. Take measures to prevent tension around the muscles and skin. The skin should be moist enough to help keep the area relaxed. Those who are the known subjects of keloid formation should stay away from elective or cosmetic surgeries that may cause injury to the body. Taking certain vitamins, such as C, A, and E, can protect the skin and keeps it healthy. A healthy skin is more capable to fight abnormal happenings. In case you have to undergo a surgery due to a medical necessity, do not forget to inform the surgeon about your being a keloid prone individual. The surgery may be planned accordingly if the surgeon knows your conditions. In short, take as many steps as possible to prevent keloids from forming. A little care taken initially can help you avoid many inconveniences later on. References: