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Dharma Drum Mountain 法鼓山 English Dharma Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Dharma Drum Mountain 法鼓山 English Dharma Class

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Dharma Drum Mountain 法鼓山 English Dharma Class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chan, Buddhism, and us. Dharma Drum Mountain 法鼓山 English Dharma Class. Thursday October 27 th , 2011. Four Noble Truths 四諦. Truth of Suffering 苦諦 Cause of Suffering 集諦 Cessation of Suffering 滅諦 The Path to the Cessation of Suffering 道諦. Second Truth - The basic cause.

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four noble truths
Four Noble Truths 四諦
  • Truth of Suffering 苦諦
  • Cause of Suffering 集諦
  • Cessation of Suffering 滅諦
  • The Path to the Cessation of Suffering 道諦
second truth the basic cause
Second Truth - The basic cause
  • Attaching to vexations
    • greed, hatred, delusion
    • believing in them
  • Vexations “color” our minds
    • Clothes are dyed with color
    • Or take on the smells around them
  • Therefore, transforming our vexations eliminates suffering
five causes of mental disturbance
Five Causes of Mental Disturbance
  • Greed
  • Anger
  • Arrogance
  • Despair
  • Doubt

The Great Bodhisattvas are free of these Five Causes.

Their statues show us what this looks like.

Prajnaparamita Bodhisattva

two methods of healing the mind
Two Methods of Healing the Mind
  • Recitation of the Buddha’s Name
  • Meditation
truth of cessation
Truth of Cessation – 滅諦
  • It is possible to be free from suffering.
  • Nirvana (Nibbana) 涅槃
    • 滅 – Cessation
      • 煩惱
    • 解脫 – Liberation
      • 無為 – the Unconditioned, Unborn, Unformed, Unmade
    • Like a flame going out
      • Released – where does the flame go?
truth of the way
Truth of the Way – 道諦
  • Noble Eightfold Path - 八正道
    • Right View/Understanding – 正見
    • Right Intention/Thoughts – 正思惟
    • Right Speech – 正語
    • Right Action – 正業
    • Right Livelihood – 正命
    • Right Effort – 正精進
    • Right Mindfulness – 正念
    • Right Concentration – 正定

Paying attention to what we are doing, saying, and thinking

Reduce our vexations, increase our goodness

  • “Right” means:
  • Correct
  • Skillful
  • In accordance with the Dharma.

Truth, kindness, consideration for others

Living an ethical life

Meditating to realize the Truth

Not earning a living through harming others


the Law of Karma

Thoughts of Kindness, generosity,

Letting go.

the three refuges
The Three Refuges 三歸依
  • The importance of refuge
  • Three Treasures 三寶

People seek refuge


Seeking refuge in all the ten


Finally realize that the

ultimate place of refuge

Is to be found in the most

auspicious Three Treasures.





the refuge of the buddha
The Refuge of the Buddha
  • Refuge in his Awakening
  • Refuge in his Teaching
  • Refuge in his Action
  • Faith in the Buddha
    • confidence
the refuge of the dharma
The Refuge of the Dharma
  • Hearing, studying, and contemplating
  • Four Noble Truths
  • Refraining from creating suffering
  • Training our minds
  • There is always something we can do
the refuge of the sangha
The Refuge of the Sangha
  • “Good spiritual friends”
  • Teachers
  • Fellow practitioners
  • All beings
the two vehicles
The Two Vehicles
  • Theravada
    • the “Way of the Elders”
    • the “small” vehicle 小乘
    • self-cultivation, self-liberation
    • South-east Asia
  • Mahayana
    • the “Great Vehicle” 大乘
    • Bodhisattva Practice
    • Universal liberation
    • East Asia, Tibet

Master Ren-jun(仁俊法師) and Bhikkhu Bodhi

mahayana the way of the bodhisattva
Mahayana: the Way of the Bodhisattva
  • Breaking through the self-delusion
  • Two pillars:
    • Compassion
    • Wisdom

One who cannot let go of himself lacks wisdom.

One who cannot let go of others lacks compassion.

Emptiness 空
  • Without the understanding of Emptiness, a bodhisattva is not a Bodhisattva
  • 無我,無常,中道
    • Non-self, impermanence, and the Middle Way (無有及無無有)
  • Inter-dependence
    • Dependent Co-arising 緣起
    • Cause and effect
      • nothing is without a cause
  • Non-substantiality
    • Nothing is more one thing than another
  • Freedom
    • Liberation from limitations
buddha nature
Buddha Nature 佛性
  • What is Buddha Nature?
  • Something? Nothing?
    • is it caused or uncaused?
  • Ability to awaken from the dream of ignorance and suffering
  • Faith and cultivation
    • Nourish our Buddha Nature
paramitas the perfections
Paramitas – the Perfections
  • 波羅密
  • Six Paramitas
    • Giving 佈施
    • Morality 持戒
    • Patience 忍辱
    • Effort 精進
    • Meditation 禪定
    • Wisdom 智慧


four essentials for practice
Four Essentials for Practice
  • Faith
    • Trust and confidence
  • Understanding
    • Study and Right View
  • Practice
    • Action in accord with the Dharma
  • Realization
    • Awakening
    • Confirmation