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Successful implementation of Internet Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Successful implementation of Internet Marketing

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Successful implementation of Internet Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Successful Implementation

of Internet Marketing

successful implementation of internet marketing
Successful implementation of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a strategy and techniques applied on the Internet to reach an overall online marketing success of a company.

Internet Marketing is also called as online marketing, Internet advertising, web marketing, eMarketing.

Internet Marketing can do…

  • To generate worldwide internet presence of a company or an organization.
  • It can give exposure to the outside corporate world.
  • It can generate sales leads
  • It can give fast response and information request to the potential buyers.
  • To build a confidence to the customer

top phases in internet marketing
Top phases in Internet Marketing :

First know who your customer is and what is your offer?

Phase 1 : Research your Market

Phase 2 : Prepare an Analysis

Phase 3 : Prepare a Strategy

Phase 4 : Monitor your performance

Importance of Internet Marketing :

  • Home potential buyers will always use internet to buys product.
  • Buyer can have a clear visual pictures and description about your product or service
  • Instant purchase transaction is easy.
  • Reference to your website is easy.
  • It will impact productivity of your company
  • It can increase your Brand Identity

key steps in internet marketing
Key steps in Internet Marketing :
  • Web Application Related :
    • Website with easy navigation systems
    • Good Quality Content
    • Clear User Interface
    • Content management System
    • Web based customer support
    • Live chat application
    • Secure transaction support
    • Affiliate and reseller marketing system
    • Landing Page
    • Forum / Message board next page conti …

key steps in internet marketing5
Key steps in Internet Marketing :
  • Multimedia Online marketing collaterals
    • Video & Audio explanation of your product or service
    • Banners and skyscraper advertising
    • Pop up ads
    • Pay Per Click Advertising
    • Opt-in newsletter service
    • Link exchange program

factors for internet marketing success
Factors for Internet Marketing Success :
  • Density
  • Proximity
  • Saturation
  • Depth

Spending Money Vs Internet Marketing :

  • Best key players are
  • Google Adwords , Google Adsense , Google base , Google Catalogs
  • Yahoo Search Marketing , Yahoo Stores,
  • MSN Search beta
  • Next-Tag
  • LookSmart

tips for your internet marketing campaign
Tips for your Internet Marketing Campaign:

Consider Google Adwords

  • Target right Audiences
  • Research your keywords
  • Test multiple ads one by one
  • Include targeted keywords in your ads
  • Drive traffic to relevant Landing Page


Successful Implementation

of Internet Marketing