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5S Model of design PowerPoint Presentation
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5S Model of design

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5S Model of design
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5S Model of design

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  1. 5S Model of Design Website : www.dotndot.com

  2. SURFACE Visual Design Visual design is not just about making your application look pretty. Good visual design is about communication. A well -designed application will make it easy for the user to understand the information that is being presented, and show them clearly how they can interact with that information. If you can achieve all that, your application will look good to the user, even if it doesn't have any fancy graphics or spinning logos. • Color • Palette • Hue, Brightness, Contrast • Window Layout • General • Dialogs • Spacing and Alignment • Text Labels • Spacing and Alignment • Capitalization • Fonts Website : www.dotndot.com

  3. SKELETON Information Design – Interface Design and Navigation Design This is nothing but a how the navigation from one to another, it a out lay of design to implement and if skeleton design is good then your design will be more appropriate and accurate. Website : www.dotndot.com

  4. STRUCTURE Based on Interaction Design and Information Architecture The basic requirements for an efficient structural design is that the response of the structure should be acceptable as per various specifications, i.e., it should at least be a feasible design. There can be large number of feasible designs, but it is desirable to choose the best from these several designs. The best design could be in terms of minimum cost, minimum weight or maximum performance or a combination of these. Many of the methods give rise to local minimum / maximum. Most of the methods, in general give rise to local minimum. This, however, depends on the mathematical nature of the objective function and the constraints. Website : www.dotndot.com

  5. SCOPE Functional Specification and Content Requirements Needed research, competitive analysis, UI work, slideshows, logo treatments, branding details. Most important is content for the design, if the content is good then everyone will be interested in seeing the design from outside. Website : www.dotndot.com

  6. STRATEGY Site Objective – User Needs Strategy objective is to develop a professional, contemporary, and sophisticated look & feel that will appeal to both direct consumers and wellness professionals. To accomplish this goal of creating a memorable image for your company, strategy completes to create high quality, visually compelling pieces. Website : www.dotndot.com

  7. 5S Model of Design Website : www.dotndot.com