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Best Books for RPF Exam preparation PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Books for RPF Exam preparation

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Best Books for RPF Exam preparation
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Best Books for RPF Exam preparation

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  1. BEST BOOKS FOR RPF EXAM PREPARATION In the previous session, we had discussed some basic aspects of RPF exam. In this session, we will discuss the most recommended books you would require to prepare for RPF exam. First, we will take a look at the RPF exam date. The tentative exam date for RPF is scheduled during the months of September and October. Here is a quick look at the Exam pattern: Now, we will discuss the RPF preparation tips. RPF Preparation Tips: As the exam approaches, you would be busy finding the right books to refer for the RPF Exam. But, before that, it is very important that you are aware of the exam pattern and the syllabus. Set a plan to start preparing. So, let us look at some key preparation tips for RPF exam:

  2. General Tips: Know the exam pattern: Understand the exam pattern thoroughly to • set an effective plan. As you deeply study the exam pattern you will be able to assess the topics which you could study quickly and thus set a perfect timetable. Know the exam syllabus: You may know that the RPF Exam • comprises 2 main sections, with different weightage. Hence, the syllabus is equally important to set the preparation plan. Knowing the syllabus helps you to understand the strong and weak areas in each topic. Section-wise Preparation tips: General Awareness: This is one of the most important sections of • the RPF exam, as it holds 40% of the questions and marks. There will be about 50 questions of General Awareness, out of a total of 120 questions. This section has the following sub-topics: oCurrent Affairs oStatic GK oFinance & Banking Current Affairs would cover the latest developments, both National and International. Regularly read newspapers and magazines and note the important events and news. Static GK would have questions based on the General Knowledge facts. You should be well-versed in this topic to ace the section. Keep reading books on static GK. You can also find online articles on static GK. You need to focus on Finance & Banking as well. This topic involves questions on financial abbreviations. Hence, read the articles and news on Finance.

  3. General Intelligence & Reasoning: This section checks your ability to think logically and quickly interpreting the data. The section has 35 questions carrying a total of 35 marks. The sub- topics included are: • oAnalogy oSeries oCoding| Decoding oPuzzles oDistance & Direction oVerbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning oCalendars & Clocks oVenn Diagrams oBlood Relations The key to the success of the RPF Exam is practice. Take as many tests as possible, and practice the previous years’ question papers. Arithmetic: This section comprises Basic Maths and questions to check one’s skill in the subject.

  4. Following are the sub-topics covered: • oSimplification oGeometry oTrigonometry oData Interpretation oMensuration oProfit & Loss oAverage oNumber System oAlgebra oPercentage oRatio & Proportion oInterest oTime & Work oNumber series This section too is quite hard to score. Hence the only solution is practice. Keep practicing test series, sample question papers of previous years and most importantly the mock tests.

  5. Certain topics such as Mensuration, Trigonometry, Number series and Ration & Proportion hold more weightage and hence need comparatively more practice. Let us get some tips on managing time. Time Management tips: As the days for the RPF exam approaches, your preparation should be on a tight schedule. Make sure you cover all the topics within the scheduled time. Set the time as per the ease of the subject. Take the easier subject first, so you could allow more time for topics that need more workouts. Practice the maximum number of mock tests, and assess the time you would require to solve a particular type of question. We will now discuss the RPF practice set. As for any exam, you have practice sets for RPF exam as well. Make optimum use of RPF practice set and ace the exam with high score. You can get RPF practice set in books as well as online. Practice is the key to success in any exam. BEST BOOKS FOR RPF EXAM PREPARATION – SECTION WISE Booklist Now, let us discuss the most recommended books to prepare for RPF Exam. If you look at the syllabus of RPF Exam, there are mainly 3 sections: • oGeneral Awareness, carrying 50 marks

  6. oArithmetic carrying 35 marks oGeneral Intelligence & Reasoning with 35 marks Here are the top books for RPF exam preparation: 1.General Awareness: Here is the list of best books for RPF exam General awareness section Book Author/Publication Lucent GK Dr. Binay Karna & Mnawendra Mukul Manorama Year Book 2018 Malayala Manorama Pratiyogita Darpan 2018 Upkar Publication NCERT (9-12) National Council of Educational Research and Training General Knowledge 2018 Arihant Publications 2.Arithmetic: Here is the list of best books for RPF exam Arithmetic section Books Author/Publication Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Rajesh Verma/Arihant Publications Quicker Mathematics M Tyra

  7. Quantitative Aptitude R S Agarwal/S.Chand Publisher RPF/RPSF Constables Exam V.V.K. Subburaj/Sura College of Competition 3.Reasoning: Here is the list of best books for RPF exam Reasoning section Books Author/Publication Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Rajesh Verma/Arihant Publications Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S Agarwal Test of Reasoning Edgar Thorpe/Pearson Competitive Reasoning Kiran Publication Analytical Reasoning M K Pandey Review: In this session, we discussed the RPF exam date, RPF preparation tips, and RPF practice set. We also discussed some of the best books to refer for RPF exam preparation. Hope the session was helpful in preparing for the RPF exam. Ace the exam with flying colors. GOOD LUCK!!!!