the roaring 20 s n.
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The Great Gatsby

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The Roaring 20’s. The Great Gatsby. World War I. Over There WWI. 20’s References to Men. bimbo. hard boiled. hood. big six. daddy. sheik. fly boy. bell bottom. 18 th Amendment. Bootlegging. Boardwalk Empire . Arnold Rothstein. An extensive gambler and loan shark

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20 s references to men
20’s References to Men


hard boiled


big six



fly boy

bell bottom

  • Boardwalk Empire
arnold rothstein
Arnold Rothstein
  • An extensive gambler and loan shark
  • Known for Fixing 1919 World Series with the White Sox
  • After he left gambling, he moved onto drug-dealing, boot-legging, and labor racketeering.
  • Arnold Rothstein Clip
  • Best of Arnold Rothstein
20 s cars
20’s Cars

These two certainly are not jalopies!!

20 s cars1
20’s Cars

You would really be putting on the Ritz if you drove one of these!!

20 s cars2
20’s Cars

Aren’t these cars the cat’s meow!!

20 s references to women
20’s References to Women






gold digger

dumb dora



f scott fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Born in a middle-class neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • His family was not prosperous
  • Went to Princeton and formed friendships with campus intellectuals
  • Failed to make the football team and felt the disappointment for years
  • Fitzgerald quit college to join the army, but the war ended before he saw active service.
f scott fitzgerald1
F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Stationed in Montgomery, Alabama, he met and courted Zelda Sayre.
  • Zelda rejected him.
  • He went to NYC to make a fortune and win Zelda.
  • After Fitzgerald published his first novel, he and Zelda were married.
  • They had one daughter.
f scott fitzgerald2
F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Fitzgeralds moved to Europe and lived a lavish lifestyle
  • The Fitzgeralds succumbed to enormous debts.
  • Scott became an alcoholic. Zelda had a mental breakdown and spent the remainder of her life in mental institutions.