by marshall jackson and rob beverly n.
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By Marshall Jackson and Rob Beverly

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By Marshall Jackson and Rob Beverly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Marshall Jackson and Rob Beverly. Jazz: Music From The Soul. Intro.

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by marshall jackson and rob beverly

Marshall Jackson and Rob Beverly

Jazz: Music From The Soul


Jazz is a difficult topic to define. Formed in the early 1800s by black slaves in America, the genre has evolved immensely over time. What started as “low-class” entertainment has expanded into all territories of society, with different varieties for different people. Although jazz has evolved, the instrumentation has roughly remained the same. In the rhythm section, the bass keeps time and provides chord changes, the piano contributes to the chord changes while keeping its own element of tonality, and the drums set the style for the entire piece while keeping time. In the winds section, there are three main instruments: trumpets, trombones, and saxophones. The trombones provide the bass voice of the tune, the lead trumpet is the “leader” of the band with trumpets providing melody, and saxophones share melody with trumpets while providing the metaphorical “icing” to the cake that is jazz.

jazz styles
Jazz Styles






Swing is a style of jazz where the eighth notes are “uneven”. In other words, the first eighth note is essentially longer than the first.

Swing Jazz is the original form of jazz created.

Swing has many sub-genres including Bebop, Blues and more.


Latin jazz is unlike swing because the eighth notes are even.

Latin jazz music makes use of triplets and usually is at a faster tempo (on average) than other forms of jazz.

Latin music also has sub-genres. Ex. Bossa.


Ballads are usually very slow jazz songs that can have swung eighth notes or can have straight eighth notes.

Ballads are popular songs for dancing. For example there many waltzes are considered Ballads.

Ballads make extensive use of harmonies and ear pleasing chords.

rock funk

Rock and Funk are similar styles that are both straight eighth note styles.

These styles are more modern styles of jazz.

Rock and Funk have heavier bass sound than other forms of jazz.

jazz theory
Jazz Theory

Swing eighth notes- long-short, long-short.

^ = marcatto accent aka the Daht accent in jazz. Accented and short.

·= staccato accent aka the Dit marking in jazz. Short and separated

Melody = main line in a song

Harmonies = Chords and stuff

how to go about composing
How To Go About Composing

Come up with some riffs

Decide on the style

Get an idea of a rhythmic figure to base the song on.

Write it down! Also write some markings to indicate how you want the music to be played.

Play the song and admire your masterpiece!

our song
Our Song

Not finished right now!

musicians include the zeph jay arra jackson and rob willy willy beverly
Musicians include

The Zeph “Jay aRra” Jackson


ROB “willy-willy” Beverly

The End