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My Parachute

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My Parachute. By Makayla Lewis. Summary Paragraph.

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my parachute

My Parachute

By Makayla Lewis

summary paragraph
Summary Paragraph
  • I learned that I work better in different environments more than others. I learned that I like to work with certain types of people who are more like me and share the same interests that I do. I learned what communities I work best in and what I like to have in my surroundings. I have learned what my special skills and interests are. I have learned what I want to be when I grow up and what I have to do in order to get there.
holland code
Holland Code
  • I think I got this code because it represents who I am and it describes what I want to be in life when I am old enough to pursue a career. My code is ASI(ECR). This code means that I like to be creative and make new things. I like to use my hands and design projects and graphics. This code means that I am a very social person, like to work with people, and help them. It also shows that I like to investigate things and get to the bottom of a situation or problem.
dream jobs
Dream Jobs
  • Photographer
  • Neonatal Nurse
  • Drama
job description of neonatal nurse
Job Description of Neonatal Nurse
  • A neonatal nurse may perform a variety of job functions. Many of the infants in the neonatal intensive care unit are extremely vulnerable and need a tremendous amount of care and attention. It will be the neonatal nurse's responsibility to monitor the infant for any sign of complication that may arise.
  • A career in neonatal nursing starts with becoming a registered nurse by attending a 2 or 4 year nursing program to earn an associate's degree in nursing or baccalaureate in nursing respectively. You must then pass your state's or the state's that you would like to practice in, NCLEX exam to become a registered nurse.
  • UMKC
  • KU
  • Chamberlin College of Nursing
  • USA College of Nursing (South Alabama)
what classes you should take
What classes you should take
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy & Physiology
skills interests
Skills & Interests
  • I learned that I work better in different environments more than others. I like using my hands and helping people heal. I like to read and learn new things. I like helping people feel relaxed and listen to music. I also like to work in a team of multiple people in a big city.
something interesting hmmm
Something Interesting…hmmm..
  • You get to work with babies and newborns.
  • You can choose which unit to work in. (intensive care or healthy)
  • You can save a babies life
  • To raise my grades and get started on community service.
  • To plan for college and get a head start on my dream job
  • To work as an intern or shadow the area of work I want to work in
extra credit
Extra Credit
  • Q.1 What is the most interesting thing bout your job?
  • Q.2 What types of things do you do?
  • Q.3 If you enjoy your job so much, would you go to school all over again?
  • Q.4 Any advice?