A proposal to create a new dining location in front campus
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A Proposal to Create a New Dining Location in Front Campus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Proposal to Create a New Dining Location in Front Campus. Provost’s Leadership Academy Gold Team. Problems with Current Dining Options. Prentice Hall is a far walk for students on the North East part of campus (Rockwell, Kent, Cartwright, Franklin)

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A proposal to create a new dining location in front campus
A Proposal to Create a New DiningLocation in Front Campus

Provost’s Leadership Academy

Gold Team

Problems with current dining options
Problems with Current Dining Options

Prentice Hall is a far walk for students on the North East part of campus (Rockwell, Kent, Cartwright, Franklin)

Prentice inconveniently closes at 2pm on Fridays

Unable to purchase food from the Hub from 11 am-2 pm on weekdays

The snack area in White Hall doesn’t accept your meal plan

Jazzman’s in Oscar Ritchie offers only coffee and pastries

Our proposal
Our Proposal

Utilize the food cart used last Spring to sell Simply To Go products to students in the North East part of campus

Park the cart in Rockwell Hall or move it throughout North East campus

Have the cart open Monday through Friday from mid-morning to late afternoon

Allow students to use their meal plan to buy these products

Data analysis
Data CampusAnalysis

22% of students are on the North East side of campus at least once per day

Halls on the far end of campus like McGilvrey sometimes have over 1,700 students in them within one day

A majority of students in this section of campus stay in these buildings for things other than class

Survey Campus

Created a survey and distribute it both in person and via the internet through SurveyMonkey.com

Worked with Valerie Samuels to increase the validity of both the survey and its results

Used social media websites such as Facebook

The Kent Staterwrote an article about our survey efforts as well as KentWired.com

Surveyed an overall total of 808 people

Survey results
Survey Results Campus

N=754 M=“On Campus”

Survey results1
Survey Results Campus

N=788 M= “Yes”

Survey results2
Survey Results Campus

N=710 M=“Sandwich Shop”

Survey results3
Survey Results Campus

N=695 M= “Undergraduate Student”

Data analysis1
Data Analysis Campus

Majority are undergraduate students

Live on campus and dine on campus every day.

34% are on the North East part of campus every day

91% stated they would utilize the new dining location in that section of campus 1-2 times per week

Having a sandwich shop available during lunchtime hours

Placement and meal options
Placement and Meal Options Campus

  • The cart has its own health code, however, once it’s placed in a certain building it must also abide by that building’s health code

  • We propose two placement options

    • The cart is placed in Rockwell hall year long

    • The cart will travel between buildings in the North Eastern part of campus

Placement and meal options1
Placement and Meal Options Campus

Best meal option- offer items such as Simply To Go sandwiches, wraps, cookies, chips, drinks, and other small snacks that are pre-packaged

Ensures short lines and rapid food distribution

Variety will depend on what is available each semester so specific meal items cannot be decided at this time

Marketing Campus

  • The purpose of marketing the cart will be to inform the student body about the cart, its location, its times of operation, and the products sold

  • The goal of marketing this project is to keep students on campus when purchasing meals to create revenue and also benefit the students

  • The projected revenue for the cart is:

    • $4.25 per day x 100 students=$425 per day

    • $425 per day x 5 days= $2,125 per week

    • $2,125 per week x 15 weeks= $31, 875 per semester

  • Possible Cart names:Food in a Flash, Flash Cart, Kent Cart

  • Marketing strategies
    Marketing Strategies Campus



    Dining Services/Kent Websites


    Kent’s broadcasting opportunities




    The next steps
    The Next Steps Campus

    Make the final decision regarding the cart’s location so health codes could be obtained to ensure we follow all necessary guidelines

    Notify buildings about the project idea and discuss health codes and possible locations within the buildings themselves

    Get the equipment needed to allow the cart to accept the meal plan as a form of payment (portable FlashCardswiper)

    The next steps1
    The Next Steps Campus

    Begin advertising and creating a definite menu based on food items available at the time

    Hire employees to work the cart and train them so the project could begin as soon as possible

    Keep in close contact with Rich Roldan to ensure we adhere to the main goals of Kent State Dining Services and make sure students are satisfied with the end results of the project

    The gold team would like to thank
    The Gold Team would like to thank… Campus

    The Provost, Dr. Robert Frank

    Dr. Timothy Chandler

    Eboni Pringle

    Rich Roldan

    John Goehler

    Valerie Samuels

    Tia Protopapa

    NJ Akbar


    The PLA Mentors