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Chiropractor in Tucson - What we can Learn from Meningitis PowerPoint Presentation
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Chiropractor in Tucson - What we can Learn from Meningitis

Chiropractor in Tucson - What we can Learn from Meningitis

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Chiropractor in Tucson - What we can Learn from Meningitis

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  1. Chiropractor in Tucson - What we can Learn from Meningitis | Tompkins Family Chiropractic

  2. By Dr. Emil Tompkins:  A Chiropractor in Tucson with a passion for health and wellness.

  3. If you watch the news, browse the internet, or have any friends,then you’ve probably heard about the meningitis outbreak in America.  People are being rushed to the hospital and at least 9 people as of the writing of this message have died.

  4. What we know now is that people were receiving steroid injections into their spine, however the steroids were contaminated with a fungus.  This creates a fungal infection inside the spinal canal and can then travel to the brain.  Fungal infections are very difficult to cure, leaving these people in a dire situation to say the least.

  5. Unfortunately medical intervention is one of the leading causes of death in America today(170,000 deaths reported), behind only heart disease(750,000 deaths)  and cancer(500,000deaths).

  6. This is a staggering statistic and it should be made clear.   These numbers are a combination of malpractice, contaminated substances (as in the meningitis cases) and normal correctly prescribed procedures that have caused problems in the patient.  The numbers are astronomical. 

  7. The people died receiving a common treatment for severe lower back pain.  And when you think about that you might wonder, why wouldn’t they choose another option?  Well, thee are a lot of possible reasons.

  8. Because, there pain is so severe after letting their problems go for years without reliefBecause their doctor didn’t offer other alternatives.

  9. The patient didn’t know about other natural alternatives to relieving their discomfort.If there is any solution to this problem, it takes multiple steps.

  10. Don’t delay in understanding the reasons for your pain.  See your Family  Doctor or Chiropractor as soon as a problem arises.  That way you can get some help before it becomes unbearable.The meningitis vaccine will not prevent this type of meningitis.  The vaccine specifically may work for viral meningitis, not the fungal form as we are seeing in the current cases.

  11. Know that you have options:  Sometimes we believe medications are our only options for a healthy and pain free life and that’s simply not true.  Our body was built to be healthy and if we do things that continue to build our health, we’ll have less problems to try to cure later in life.

  12. See your Chiropractor: with a natural approach to health and wellness, you can achieve your health goals without drugs and surgery.  The dangerous side effects just aren’t an issue in chiropractic.If you are desiring to be healthier but want a solution to the traditional medical model, visit your family chiropractor.  Your body will thank you for it.

  13. Dr. Emil TompkinsTompkins Family Chiropractic Marana and Northwest Tucson, Call 520.572.2596 From back pain to sciatica, neck pain to headaches, ADHD to Autism, Dr. Tompkins creates an individualized health program to suit your specific needs.

  14. Come see why we were voted Best in the Northwest 3 years in a row. Whether you have pain with pregnancy, headaches, sports injuries or ADHD, migraines, or just want to be healthier, Dr. Tompkins has a program that will work for you and your family.  Call us at 520.572.2596 and we’ll be happy to help your family grow healthier.