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  1. WELCOME! DORA All Employee Meeting Make-up Session January 15, 2008 Rico Munn, Executive Director

  2. Senior Staff • EDO Administration • Mariam Habtemariam, Accounting & Purchasing • Karen Gerwitz, Communications • Greg Ferland, Deputy Director • Michelle Pedersen, Human Resources • Mike Whatley, Information Technology • Chris Lines, Legislative & PIO • Cheri Callaghan, Operations • Justin Lippard, Planning & Budgeting • Bruce Harrelson, Policy, Research & Regulatory Reform Agencies Richard Fulkerson, Banking Steven Chavez, Civil Rights Chris Myklebust, Financial Services Marcy Morrison, Insurance Jim Greenwood, Office of Consumer Counsel Doug Dean, Public Utilities Commission Erin Toll, Real Estate Rose McCool, Registrations Fred Joseph, Securities

  3. Communications Council Carlotta Knox, Real Estate Kathleen Langer, Securities Cameron Lewis, Insurance Chris Lines, EDO DeDe Middents, ITS Eileen Nenoff, OPRRR Cory Skluzak, OCC Cindy Suiter, Registrations Mary Vigil, Registrations Janet Anderson, EDO Terry Bote, PUC Cheri Callaghan, EDO Greg Doane, Financial Services Erica Gagne, Civil Rights Diana Gutierrez, Banking Julie Hoerner, Insurance Wendy Hudson, Registrations

  4. DORA’s Green Team • EDO - Eileen Nenoff • EDO – Brian Tobias • ITS - Travis Lawrence • Registrations - Susan Carroll and Jessica Lehew • Insurance - Craig Chupp • Real Estate - Yvette Gabardi • Civil Rights - Erica Gagne • Banking - Kara Hunter • Securities - Sheryl Lemon • PUC - Chris Lowe • Financial Services - Chris Myklebust • OCC - Tim Villarosa

  5. St. Mark’s Cathedral, Venice

  6. St. Peter’s Cathedral, Rome

  7. Notre Dame, Paris

  8. “Something that counts – it holds the promise of both higher purpose and lasting result.” The Cathedral Within, by Bill Shore

  9. MUNN TO HEAD REGULATORY AGENCIES ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2007 “Chief protector of the public interest.” Governor Bill Ritter, Jr.

  10. DORA Mission Consumer protection is our mission. DORA will achieve its mission through: • Communication of consumer rights, and professional and business responsibilities • Consistent application of professional standards and enforcement of regulation • Connection of regulatory activities and economic development

  11. DORA Vision Colorado’s economy will thrive through a regulatory framework that protects Colorado’s consumers, while fostering fair and rigorous standards for professionals and businesses

  12. DORA Regulatory Philosophy Consumer protection is good for business.   “Consumer” includes all people who interact with DORA as complainants or clientele of the regulated entities.  Consistent, flexible, and fair regulatory oversight assures consumers, professionals and businesses an equitable playing field.  All Coloradans share a long-term, common interest in a fair marketplace where consumers are protected. 

  13. DORA Results DORA is a results-driven agency, seeking the following outcomes: • Consumers are educated about their rights and understand how the violation of those rights can be addressed and resolved. • Businesses and professionals are educated about consumer rights and the standards and regulations that apply. • Consumer complaints are resolved in a timely and efficient manner. • Businesses and professionals can access the regulatory process in a timely and efficient manner. • DORA’s expertise and processes support rigorous standards and fair practices in regulated professions and businesses. • DORA plays an active part in improving Colorado’s economic environment.

  14. “What is the nature of your emergency?”

  15. DORA Visual Identity Summer 2007

  16. Brand Positioning Platform Consumer Protection Platform DORA is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the marketplace and is committed to promoting a fair and competitive business environment in Colorado. Consumer protection is our mission. Promise Collective Resource Fair Standards Qualified Professionals Reasons to Believe Accessible Government Examples at the department, division and individual levels Proof Points

  17. “Do something that counts – something that not only makes a difference, but has a lasting impact.” The Cathedral Within, by Bill Shore