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The Career Center 2 nd Floor ERC 315-268-6477 Fall 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Career Center 2 nd Floor ERC 315-268-6477 Fall 2011

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The Career Center 2 nd Floor ERC 315-268-6477 Fall 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Networking Knights: Clarkson University Mentor Program on. Student Guide available at: The Career Center 2 nd Floor ERC 315-268-6477 Fall 2011. Agenda. Program overview Roles defined Discussion topics

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Presentation Transcript

Networking Knights:

Clarkson University Mentor Program


Student Guide available at:

The Career Center

2nd Floor ERC


Fall 2011



  • Program overview
  • Roles defined
  • Discussion topics
  • Using Social Media
  • Registration & outreach
  • Networking notes
  • Follow up

Alumni Mentor Program

“It’s who you meet, not who you know”

  • Connect with alumni to learn about…………..
  • Career functions and/or industries
  • Path of Clarkson University alumni
  • Effective job and internship searches
  • Resume and letter writing advice
  • Interview etiquette and skills
  • Life after Clarkson
  • Work-life balance
  • Graduate school

“70% of jobs are found through networking,” according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Roles and expectations

  • Participant:
  • Identify contact
  • Appropriate questions
  • Professional communication
  • Thank you


  • Advice
  • Feedback
  • Information
  • Guidance
  • New ideas

The mentor process may be similar to “networking” but it (mentoring) usually allows for a greater connection and more open questions


Topics of conversation……..

Career/Industry Information:

Leads & Opportunities:

How did you get hired at _____?

What was your interview process like?

How can I make my application stand out?

Will you review my resume?

  • Not sure what “I” want to pursue…how did you decide?
  • What does a ____ really do?
  • Will you review my resume?
  • What questions get asked during an interview?
  • How did you decide that ____ was for you?

Don’t expect your contact or mentor to hire you


Process =

  • LinkedIn Facts:
  • “LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 100 million members in over 200 countries and territories.”
  • “As of April 2011, LinkedIn counts more than 11 million recent college graduates* around the world as members (*LinkedIn defines recent graduates as members who have graduated within the last five years--between 2005 and 2010).”
  • “Clarkson University” has over 14,000 registered users, July 2011

Creating an account

Begin your account by clicking “Join Today” or begin completing your contact information



  • Menu bar functions:
  • Manage e-mail: send/receive messages and invites
  • Join groups: Clarkson University Mentor Program, other affinity themes, and organizations
  • Advanced search: Search for contacts
  • Build your network: People you may know

Join group

Search “Clarkson University Mentor Program” & then “Join Group”


Search & Post

  • Group discussion, post or comment
  • Feature for broad and general inquires
  • Specific questions – search on members
  • One-on-one contacts

Search & contact

  • General keyword search:
  • Occupation (i.e. law, lawyer, attorney)
  • Title (i.e. developer, analyst, consultant)
  • Geographic area
  • Company or organization name

Search & contact (cont.)

  • Advanced Search in “Group”
    • Company lists
    • Specific locations
    • Industry categories
    • Previous employers
    • Graduate education

Search & contact (cont.)

For one-on-one contacts with someone you are not connected to:

  • After reviewing a profile of someone you are interested in, copy their name, return to the main group member listing, paste name in search field, mouse over the name and click “send message” on right.

Networking notes

  • Identify: Student, area of study, why you selected contact, etc.
  • Nature of contact – advice, questions, feedback, etc.
  • Prepare questions – may wish to limit at first
  • Determine best way to receive information – e-mail or telephone
  • Thank you – further questions

Sample notes are also included in packet


Approval & follow up

  • Next steps…………..
  • Create a LinkedIn profile (if you don’t have one)
  • Request to join the “Clarkson University Mentor Program” group
  • Once approved, access to all alumni mentors
  • Select and contact (repeat as often as you want)
  • Follow up as needed

Complete program survey at the end of semester


Sample Networking Note: Career/Industry

Subject Line: Career Advice – Joseph Bushey, Clarkson University

Dear Mr. Gable:

In order to gain some more information about the business/marketing field, I recently searched the Clarkson University Alumni Mentor Group on LinkedIn for alumni volunteers.  Your profile was among those listed.  I am hoping I might further my knowledge of a profession in which I will seek employment upon graduation with your assistance.

My interest in business and marketing stems from my experience as an intern with Local Public Relations in Bethlehem, PA.  I was able to participate in planning and coordinating Bethlehem’s annual Musikfest.  Through this experience, I developed skills in writing press releases and copy for brochures.  I also had the opportunity to create and maintain positive relationships with clients. 

I would enjoy the opportunity to ask you a few questions about your experience.  By talking with professionals, I hope to verify that my career goals are appropriate and realistic.  I will call you on Tuesday, February 13, in hopes that we can set up a convenient time for us to speak.  I have enclosed my resume so that you may have a broader picture of my experience before we talk. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Joseph Bushey____________

Cell: 555-555-5555Email:


Sample Networking Note: Employment

Subject Line: Introduction – Joseph Bushey, Clarkson University

Dear Ms. Rowe,

I am currently a sophomore at Clarkson University in the Civil Engineering program. While searching through the Clarkson University Alumni Mentor Group on LinkedIn, I came across your profile and your job title. Also, the fact that you live in the Boston area, caught my attention. My goal is to obtain a full-time or internship (depending on the need) in the Boston area for the summer.

I am an active member in the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge SPEED Teams and have done research with Professor Knight for the past two summers. I also work for the Undergraduate Admission office as a tour guide and am involved with many intramural sports. Although my research was very interesting and rewarding, I hope to be able to obtain an internship this summer which will help me to decide on a more concrete career path. I would appreciate any recommendations you can offer regarding this job search and in looking for apartments.

I am hoping that you can provide some insight into a few questions. How did you decide to live in Boston? Based upon my background, are there a few companies that you recommend that I reach out to and/or apply to for a summer internship (or full-time position, depending on your note)? Are there certain regions of the city that you recommend for renting?

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Joseph Bushey____________

Cell: 555-555-5555Email: