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Introduction to AzApi

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Introduction to AzApi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to AzApi. July 30, 2009. Motivation. Provide XACML capabilities to the general authorization (az) environment Make it easy to add a XACML PDP Unify the general az environment Separate applications from any technical details of az infrastructure

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Presentation Transcript
  • Provide XACML capabilities to the general authorization (az) environment
    • Make it easy to add a XACML PDP
  • Unify the general az environment
    • Separate applications from any technical details of az infrastructure
    • Capitalize current investment by building around existing az provider infrastructure
  • 2008 RSA Interop showed lack of available solns to address this area –adhoc soln needed to be built
key concepts 1
Key Concepts 1
  • XACML is generally a superset of existing az provider functionality
    • XACML Request/Response API is generally a superset of existing az APIs (checkPermission, isAccessAllowed, others)
    • XACML PDP is superset of policy capabilities of existing az Providers
    • Az providers generally provide an SPI for enhanced/alternative providers
key concepts 2
Key Concepts 2
  • Authorization basically reduces down to evaluating a set of Attributes
    • APIs and SPIs only need to pass Attributes
    • XACML representation of Attributes is general enough to map to and from existing APIs and SPIs
azapi use cases
AzApi use cases
  • PEP: AzApi used to build PEP within container to issue az requests for container or for application
  • PIP: AzApi used to obtain Attributes (tbd)
  • PDP: AzApi used to enhance functionality of existing az providers
azapi architecture

Application Container / Platform

Container Controlled Application Access (PEP)

Container Provided Application Services (Files, Externals, …)


AzApi: XACML Upper Level (PEP)

Platform Az API (checkPermission, isAccessAllowed, …)

Built-in Platform Az Provider

Platform Az SPI (Policy.implies, AccessDec.isAccAllowed, …)

Extended Platform Az Provider

AzApi: XACML Lower Level (PEP)


XACML PDP AzProvider


XACML PDP AzProvider

AzApi Architecture
architecture diagram notes
Architecture Diagram Notes
  • Arrows represent possible call/return paths
  • The “red” XACML AzApi represents the places where modules can be placed.
  • The arrow joining upper and lower AzApi represents a direct path to XACML PDP w no building around existing az provider.
  • Removing the “red C” effectively is where things are today w/o AzApi.
what s in azapi v3 1 8e zip
What’s in AzApi (
  • Prototype Java code and javadoc for AzApi lower lever interface
    • To get javadoc, unzip to <dir>, then open <dir>/AzApi-V3/doc/index.html
    • Should load directly into eclipse
  • Prototype proof-of-concept test code to implement interface
  • Sample program to use test interface
notable design objectives
Notable Design Objectives
  • Generics-based type safety for XACML Attribute DataTypes and Categories.
    • Strict compliance in test impl forced some unnecessary verboseness in interfaces which can be consolidated
  • XACML 2.0 support, 3.0 readiness
  • AzService.query( ), .queryVerbose( ) intended for “what is allowed” type requests
  • Hierarchical factory-created objects
structure of azapi
Structure of AzApi
  • Hi level architecture described in org.example.azapi package description
  • Major classes:
    • AzService (.decide( ), .queryVerbose( ) )
    • AzRequestContext, AzResponseContext
    • AzEntity (AzCategory) (collection of attrs)
    • AzAttribute (AzCategory)
    • AzAttributeValue (AzCategory, AzDataType)
next steps
Next Steps
  • Code is intended to be starting point of open source development of XACML AzApi.
  • Details to be provided