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Working Together for Stigma Reduction

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Working Together for Stigma Reduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working Together for Stigma Reduction. Building Capacity & Sharing Knowledge in Child and Youth Mental Health and Beyond. Research is not enough…Getting the right knowledge to the right users in the right format at the right time to make change happen….

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Working Together for Stigma Reduction

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building capacity sharing knowledge in child and youth mental health and beyond
Building Capacity & Sharing Knowledge in Child and Youth Mental Health and Beyond

Research is not enough…Getting the right knowledge to the right users in the right format at the right time to make change happen….

  • Building the knowledge base through research and synthesis
  • Responding to knowledge gaps with customized and reliable products
  • Funding training, development and knowledge exchange initiatives
  • Bringing people together to exchange knowledge
  • Engaging youth as agents of knowledge exchange
  • Making the most of knowledge through partnerships


“labelling or discriminating against an individual or group of individuals on the basis of observed or presumed mental health difficulties.” The experience of stigma can take many forms and can come from a number of sources such as individuals, groups or institutions.

stigma reduction at the centre of excellence
Systematic Review

Stigma reduction workshop

Grants & Awards


Youth Engagement

Stigma Learning Module

Stigma Reduction at the Centre of Excellence
Effects of school-based interventions on mental health stigmatization

40 international studies reviewed

Many methodological shortcomings

Major recommendations

Develop curriculum

Focus on empathy development for the younger students

Focus on face to face direct contact with older students

Evaluate using methodologically sound approaches

Build in knowledge exchange

Systematic Review


International researchers



Child and youth mental health leaders

Present and build on the stigma review

Don’t re-invent the wheel

Many good initiatives but research needs to catch up

Roots of Empathy shows promise

Stigma reduction workshop (April 2007)

grants and awards
Research Grants

Youth Net Hamiltion

RCT of school-based awareness and stigma reduction program

Community Mobilization Awards

South East community

Stigma and service utilization

Grants and Awards
Mental Health Commission of Canada

National anti-discrimination anti-stigma program

Child and Youth Advisory Committee

National Infant Child and Youth Mental Health Consortium

Developing a common (cross-sectoral) language and common understanding around CYMH

Children’s Mental Health Ontario

Youth Engagement

youth engagement is about
Youth Engagement is About…

Creating meaningful opportunities

Youth making decisions on programs and services that impact them directly

Recognizing that youth engagement is more than just a program; it’s a method of operating

Youth engagement promotes health and reduces risk behaviours

The New Mentality

Consumer & Advocates Network –

Dare to Dream Program

Youth Art Mural Project

Project Postcard

Youth Engagement and Stigma Reduction


The New Mentality

  • In partnership with Children’s Mental Health Ontario and others to develop a network of youth across the province that will….

Give youth the opportunity to play a meaningful, ongoing, and sustainable role in promoting mental health and advocating for a system that best meets their mental health needs.


The New Mentality

  • … is a provincial network of youth who promote public awareness of mental health issues and advocate for a system that best meets their mental health needs


Nancy Pereira

Knowledge Transfer and Evaluation Lead

The New Mentality

centre of excellence youth members of advisory groups
Centre of ExcellenceYouth Members of Advisory Groups

Consumers and Advocates Network

Advisory Council

the provincial centre of excellence dare to dream program
The Provincial Centre of Excellence: Dare to Dream Program

8 awarded in 2005

Next Deadline : March 30, 2007

dare to dream program
Successful Projects

Community Mural

Survey of high school students about knowledge of mental health

Plays focusing on mental health

A relaxing ‘chill’ room at school

Youth talent show

Conflict Resolution Comic Magazine

Self-esteem program for girls

Dare to Dream Program

Youth Coordinators andReview Team

project postcard
Art and mental health awareness initiative for students in grades 6-8. (Denise Lacroix & Julie Fisher)

Community Foundation of Ottawa grant ($8200)


Presentations about Mental Health

Develop and share messages through the creation of postcards

Project Postcard

... A small group of thoughtful people could changetheworld. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ...Margaret Mead