Tomas Rekem: Starting A-New in Canada
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Tomas rekem starting a new in canada

Tomas Rekem: Starting A-New in Canada

Tomas Rekem was born in BorninIlava, Slovakia and grew up in a city called Dubnica

NadVahom. He is the child to father Ivan and mother name Beata .He has one sibling, a

brother named Matt. In 1999, he moved to Canada, and settled in the city of Mississauga

with his family. He attended Port Credit and graduated in 2004. The same year, he went on

to attend the University of Toronto, where he graduated with Honors with Bachelor of Arts

with a Major in History.

Currently, Tomas Rekem is employed with a company that's involved with property

management. He is both an administrative worker and in charge of accounts receivable. He

has a professional presentation and is a person with integrity. He stays very involved in

athletics, enjoying various sports such as soccer and hockey. An outdoorsy type, he likes to

go camping or cottage, fishing and hiking. Tomas is a very friendly person who is open to

new ideas and things. He tends to be a little adventurous, and likes to travel often and

explore the world. He is a hard worker whether at the office or doing manual labor.

Tomas Rekem is known by many to be a kind person that is approachable and not afraid to

spark up a conversation with others. At work and with friends, he is considered trustworthy,

loyal and to be a reliable person.

He is very active physically and has played soccer all his life. He is interested in the following

sports hockey, NHL (more specifically follow Slovak hockey players) and a fan of the

Toronto Maple Leafs. He spends a lot of time during the winter playing hockey. Tomas

Rekem follows the NBA as well, and is a fan of the Toronto Raptors.

Sports isn’t the only thing that occupies Tomas’s free time, he also really likes to read up on

the news surrounding world issues. He has been a History and Science buff Science he was

a young kid. Presently the problems in both Korea and the Middle East have captured his


Tomas Rekem really loves to travel internationally and explore new cultures and food which

has led him to travel to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali and the Philippines. If he stays

closer to home, he often goes camping or rents or cottage or a boat at one of the local lakes

so he can fish and sit by the campfire.

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