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a defense of abortion n.
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A Defense of Abortion PowerPoint Presentation
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A Defense of Abortion

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A Defense of Abortion
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A Defense of Abortion

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  1. A Defense of Abortion 11FE031 KASUMI ODASHIMA

  2. Judith Jarvis Thomson • Emerita Professor of Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology • American moral philosopher • Metaphysician http://www.mit.edu/~philos/thomson.html

  3. Even if the human fetus is a person, abortion remains morally permissible in a variety of cases in which the mother’s life is not threatened.

  4. 0. Extreme view Abortion is impermissible even to save the mother’s life. Opponent of abortion

  5. 1. Which is bad? killing an innocent person letting person die

  6. Suppose you find yourself in a tiny house with rapidly growing child. You’re already up against the walls and in a few minutes the child will crush you to death. The children on the other hand won’t be crushed. He’ll simply burst open the house and walk out a free man. Women have a right to do anything whatever to save their lives.

  7. 2. Self- defense • A woman and child both have an equal right to life • But, the mother and child are not tenants of the house • The mother owns the house • Women can defend herself and kill the child

  8. 3. Use other body • The right of life does not give the fetus to continuously make use of other body to save own.

  9. 4. Except for unjust killing • Unborn persons whose existence is due to rape has no right to use of mother’s bodies, and that aborting them is not depriving them of anything they have a right to and hence is not unjust killing.

  10. 5. Right • If B(=fetus)has a ”right” ・・・A(=mother)ought to do a thing for B(=fetus) “A(=mother)”seems not merely unfortunate, but morally unacceptable

  11. 6. State of women • In states where where abortion is illegal, women are not only forced not kill other persons, but they are also forced to let other persons use their bodies in order to save other bodies.

  12. 7,8. Conclusion • Abortions are morally permissible in cases where the fetus threatens the mother’s life • Abortions are morally permissible in cases where the mother’s pregnancy has result from rape. • Abortions are morally permissible in cases where the mother has conscientiously used contraception, but it has failed.