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SCAR Scientific Data Management PowerPoint Presentation
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SCAR Scientific Data Management

SCAR Scientific Data Management

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SCAR Scientific Data Management

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  1. SCAR Scientific Data Management Data and Information Strategy Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  2. Background • SCAR Executive direction to JCADM – develop a SCAR Data and Information Strategy. • Begun in 2006 – post Hobart SCAR Conf. • Canvassed SCAR science programs in 2007 for input. • Draft Strategy developed in 2007. • JCADM Workshop in Rome 2007. • Finessed in 2007/2008 and provided as a draft to EXCOM in 2008 prior to St Petersburg Meeting. Circulated to delegates for comment. • EXCOM established Ad-hoc Action Group post St Petes to review and finalise Strategy. Broad circulation and call for comments followed. • Action Group provided final Strategy document to EXCOM in June 2009. • Post EXCOM 2009 development of an implementation plan. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  3. Ad Hoc Committee Members • SCAR V-P for Science (S Marenssi) (Chair) • Representative of SSG-LS (Kathy Conlan) • Representative of SSG-PS (Maurizio Candidi) • Representative of SSG-GS (Terry Wilson) • Representative of SC-ADM (Kim Finney) • Representative of SC-ADM (Helen Campbell) • Representative of SC-AGI (Henk Brolsma) • External Representative (Lesley Rickards, past Chair of IODE, and Chair of the JCADM review group) Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  4. Benefits of a Strategy • ATCM resolutions urging parties to: • Support Antarctic Metadata Directory (AMD) • Establish NADCs • Develop an Antarctic Data Management System (ADMS) • Submit data to all of the above. • ToRs for SCADM (JCADM) include: • Development of the ADMS • Definition of the “ADMS” as some “system” based on AMD and NADCs. • Scientists themselves expressing frustration that its hard to find and get access to data of interest. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  5. Benefits of a Strategy • Problem is: • No guidance on what an NADC “is” or what it should “do”. • No power to “obligate” establishment of NADCs. • No shared view of what an “Antarctic Data Management System” is. • No truly “coordinated” approach to managing SCAR related “data”. • In the absence of the above, people doing their own thing. Exception is use of the AMD. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  6. Benefits of a Strategy • Dictionary Definition of a “system”: • “instrumentality that combines interrelated, interacting artifacts designed to work as a coherent entity” • Systems don’t emerge fortuitously you need to design and build them – requires planning and coordination. • Strategy addresses current shortcomings in our approach to data management, particularly development of our “system”. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  7. Strategy Vision • Vision is to build an Antarctic Data Management System (ADMS), capable of supporting inter-disciplinary Antarctic science and SCAR activities within the Antarctic Treaty System. • Supported by two future testimonials from Antarctic scientists (pge 4-5) Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  8. Strategy Recommendations • Grouped under 5 headings: • Policy, Leadership, Coordination and Governance, • Cultural Change and Incentives, • Leveraging Resources and Systems, • Standards and Interoperability, • Outreach and Guidance • Important to understand that data management within SCAR often occurs outside of influence of SCAR’s peak DM coordinating groups. • therefore need to expand NADC network on which ADMS is to be founded to become interdependent with other successful networks already patronised by SCAR science. Affiliate rather than build from scratch. • Taking the Strategy as “read” – intend to highlight only a few of the more important recommendations. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  9. Strategy Recommendations • Calls for a SCAR Data Policy (and provides a draft for consideration). • Covers norms that SCAR members should adopt with respect to data sharing and access; data management planning; and establishment of National Antarctic Data Centres (NADCs). • Emphasis on the need for this activity to be strongly lead with dedicated resources. • Consider seconding appropriately trained professionals to the SCAR Secretariat to drive Strategy implementation and/or assist with raising external funds to support infrastructure development positions. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  10. Strategy Recommendations • Strengthen existing components of the ADMS, • opportunities for partnering arrangements should be explored between SCAR data management groups and those institutions involved in the reformation of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Data Exchange (IODE) and ICSU World Data Centre Systems (and others WIS, PIC, IPYDIS). • If the ADMS ultimately expands more through partnerships with these types of global systems than through an expansion of the SCAR NADC network, it may then be prudent to review the ongoing role, membership and function of SCADM. • Future: might also consider amalgamating SCADM and SCAGI. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  11. Next Steps • Review and endorse Data Policy, • Second DM professionals to assist with development/execution of an Implementation Plan, • Ensure interconnectedness with ICSU WDS, PIC and other global systems • Use SOOS or ICED as a bounded project to “systemitise” our approach to DM and to unpack the Strategy ? Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  12. General Discussion Topics • Together in plenary • What can SCADM and SCAGI do to meet Strategy goals ? • Where we (SCADM and SCAGI) lack the capability to meet strategy goals how should SCAR achieve its data management objectives ? • What are the pros and cons of combining SCADM and SCAGI ? • In two or three groups • What are the key things that need to be in an implementation plan for the Strategy ? Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research