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TOPIC MORALE. How employees feel about coming to work, being at work, & working . Positive morale: hard to get; easy to lose Fairness Humanity Mutual sacrifice between org & its members Flexibility in the formal (official, controlling) org. 21 st CENTURY MORALE HOT SPOTS

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Topic morale



How employees feel about coming to work being at work working

How employees feel about coming to work, being at work, & working

Topic morale

Positive morale:

hard to get; easy to lose

  • Fairness

  • Humanity

  • Mutual sacrifice between org & its members

  • Flexibility in the formal (official, controlling) org

Topic morale


  • More work for same pay (systemic under-staffing)

  • Landslide of inexperienced, incompetent employees & managers

  • Uncontrollable employee turnover & instability

  • Loss of the American work ethic

Topic morale

  • Flood of abusive, unethical customers

  • Part-time work

  • Low pay, no benefits jobs

  • “Us vs. Them” cavern between “rank & file” & white collar/executives

  • Explosion of ethics/exploitation executive scandals

Topic morale


  • Goofing-off, lackadaisical attitude

  • Gossip epidemics

  • Reactive > proactive work ethic

  • Cynicism & pessimism

  • Bending rules, especially work hours

  • Horseplay & sabotage

  • Turnover

Topic morale


  • Valuing people > profit

  • Org elites treat rank & file fairly

  • Org elites have personal character

  • Authentic top-down communication

  • Loyalty to employees

  • Non-exploitive competitive practices

  • Delivery of the 4 I AMs at the grass level

3 o r g d r a m a s


Od 1 morale damage f ast a ssistance s ervice t eam wheels

OD #1.MORALE DAMAGEFastAssistanceServiceTeamWheels

Topic morale

A long-time Wheels customer, Jana Peterson, called Marty Evans on Tuesday to complain about Gloria Leigh’s poor service. According to Mrs. Peterson, Gloria over-charged her $34 on a 2-day rental & complained that Mrs. Peterson left the car looking “crummy” both inside and out. What should Marty do?

Topic morale

  • Get Gloria’s story

  • Be transparent with Gloria

  • Avoid implying that Gloria mishandled this situation

  • Let Jana Peterson know the gist of his conversation with Gloria ASAP

  • Tell other TMs right away so they won’t gossip, etc.

Topic morale

Gloria should tell Marty that she will express her regrets to Mr. Peterson that the service was unsatisfactory, but not apologize for something she didn’t actually do.

Topic morale

Gloria called Mrs. Peterson on Wednesday afternoon and apologized to her. Two hours later, Mrs. Peterson’s husband, Carl, dropped by Wheels to tell Marty that his wife was mistaken about her complaints against Gloria, confusing her with an employee in another car agency in Corpus Christi.What should Marty do now?

Od 2 f a s t wheels morale busters or boosters

OD behavior to the team#2.F.A.S.T. Wheels Morale Busters or Boosters?

Topic morale

Unintended Impacts & Consequences behavior to the team

Penny is sent for managerial training

Armando gets an award from Wheels HQ

Ryan is asked to take charge of FW’s car exchanges with the Victoria & Galveston agencies (to achieve greater logistical efficiency)

Topic morale

  • PENNY behavior to the team: Marty must make sure other team members has also gone on training trips in the past.

  • Let P know that she will be representing the whole team & should pass on the info she found valuable.

  • Make sure P understands that she is being sent b/c of the mgt. talent she has already displayed, not b/c Marty has doubts about her competence.

Topic morale

If this is the first time Marty has sent an employee for behavior to the teamProDev training, he should consider whether Lauren, Gloria, Armando, & Ryan will also have the opportunity to do that in the future. Marty should also explain that Penney was chosen this time because she was less busy in the summers than the other team members.

Topic morale

ARMANDO behavior to the team: Make sure other team members know the specifics of Armando’s contributions (bi-lingual customer service), so they won’t wonder if he really deserved the award.

Topic morale

RYAN behavior to the team: Big potential 4 I AMs for Ryan b/c he’s not a regular member of the regular customer service team. The 4 I AMs will also flow from the other car agencies, since Ryan’s work will make life easier for them.

Topic morale

OD behavior to the team#3.


Topic morale

At the end of the year, employees meet for org-financed auction for “special” gifts for specific “special” people in community.

Topic morale

Org pays for gifts & employees pool keys as auction “money” to bid for purchase & the “special person” gifts.

Topic morale

Winning employee groups personally deliver their “money” to bid for purchase & the “special person” to the special person & take pictures to put on the corporate website or intranet.

Topic morale

M “money” to bid for purchase & the “special person” gifts.eeting with the special people

Ownership by employees

Reward for pro performance

AMs delivered

Looking for & at success

Everyone is involved & wins