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Armageddon Summer. Andres Morales Jane Yolen & Bruce Coville July 26, 1999. Introduction to the story .

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Armageddon summer

Armageddon Summer

Andres Morales

Jane Yolen & Bruce Coville

July 26, 1999

Introduction to the story
Introduction to the story

  • The story starts off with 2 main characters, Jed and Marina. Marina and Jed are both in different places but have one major similarity. Both have a parent that is part of Reverend Raymond Beelson’s Church of the Believers. One day at the Church Reverend Beelson told his church that Armageddon was approaching. Everyone in the church must leave to Mount Weeuptcut to survive God’s firey wrath and enter the New World..

Mount weeuptcut
Mount Weeuptcut

  • Mount Weeuptcut is the mountain where Reverend Beelson tells his followers they must go to in order to survive Armageddon

  • They must arrive 2 weeks prior to the date of Armageddon in order to prepare for the New World (world after Armageddon)

  • Reverend says that God says he only want 144 Belivers atop the mountain.

  • Once the population atop the mountain reaches 144 they must keep out anyone else no matter the cost.

Armageddon summer

  • Jed is the boy protagonist. The reader sees the story through his point of view and experiences his feelings and thoughts. He sees some things differently from Marina and has a different back story. His father became a drunkard after Jed's mom left him. His father then joined the church and once he found out that Armageddon was upon them he decided he needed to go to mount Weeputcut. Jed being his son decided that his father had lost his mind and decided to go with him to the top of the mountain. How bad could it be to go camping with his father? Well it wasn't only his father that Jed saw as wacko, it was also everyone else on the mountain. He had to get through 2 weeks with living with the Believers. Was he alone on the mountain? The only doubter on the mountain was him. He is also described as having a rattailed hair style.


  • The reader soon finds out that Marina is stuck between whether she believes or not.

  • Marina has both of her parents unlike Jed only her mother is a Believer, her father is an Unbeliever.

  • Her father decides to not go with his family to the mountain. He is also found with a red headed woman the last time Marina sees him

  • She has 4 brothers 2 twins one a nerdy brother and a little brother.

  • She is also described by Jed as to having pretty chestnut colored hair.

  • Oh did I mention her birthday is the day of Armageddon?

Belief and doubt in a religion
Belief And Doubt In A Religion

  • The belief in a religion is the reason why there is a Problem in the first place.

  • The belief in the religion drives these people up hill.

  • it also causes problems for Marina and Jed. It affects Jed in that he does not truly believe in the religion however he sometimes doubts his doubt through out the story. He asks himself what if what Reverend Beelson tells him is true. It causes him insecurity.

  • The same happens with Marina only she goes into the story as a Believer and when she meets Jed she begins to doubt.

  • The doubt of the religion causes many people that are not on the mountain do doubt their doubt and drives them up the mountain the day before Armageddon. This causes a physical problem due to the fact these late comers try to break through the fences set up by Believers to keep Unbelievers out.

The central conflict
The Central Conflict

  • Man versus Man- The characters fight against doubt to maintain belief.

  • Others fight to keep doubting and not believe.

  • The protagonists anticipate the day of Armageddon and that is when things heat up.

Armageddon summer

  • Leo- he is Marina’s little brother. While he is atop the mountain he gets very dehydrated and becomes ill.

  • Although there were a couple of nurses on the mountain they were not equipped with IV’s for dehydration.

  • This meant the Believers had to let a doctor in the camp to look at leo

  • The doctor said he needed to go to the hospital but Marina’s mom would not let her son go down mountain because she did not want him to burn.

  • This shows how much she believed in Armageddon

  • In the end the doctor had to go down mountain to get IV’s

  • A man named Charlie helped Leo get better

Charlie or l a
Charlie or L.A

  • Charlie is Reverend Beelson’s son

  • He is the 144th Believer to arrive to the camp

  • His nick name is L.A. because he walked all the way from Los Angeles to Mount Weeuptcut

  • He was studying to be a nurse in Los Angeles

  • He came in looking like a stereotypical hobo but after he arrived he trimmed his beard and washed up

  • He helped nurse Leo back to health after he became ill.


  • She is very awkward at times

  • Does not speak in full sentences uses small phrases

  • She was not the smartest and extremely quiet

  • She asks Marina a couple times throughout the book if she truly does believe in Armageddon

  • She plays a big role at the end of the story and saves someone’s life…. You’ll have to read the book to find out who!!

  • She is described to have Big beautiful eyes that are trapped by glasses

What the critics said
What The Critics Said

  • “The authors pull off the remarkable feat of making the sacred tangible, of delineating what it means to believe.” – Kirkus Reviews


  • “Providing action, romance and a provocative message, this novel could well get teens talking.”


My opinion
My Opinion

  • In my opinion this was a great book. I was very skeptical at the beginning as to whether or not I would enjoy the book but as the story progressed I got very hooked. If I was to rate the book on a scale from 1 to 10 I would give it a 10. This book is for anyone who is looking for a good story about to young people trying to decide what they believe. Some parts are even some what romantic between Jed and Marina. In the end my overall review on this book is that it is one of the best books I’ve ever read