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Radiological Response Matrix

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Radiological Response Matrix - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Radiological Response Matrix. TSA Maritime and Land Response. CURRENT RESPONSE PLAN. Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan (FRERP) (Published Federal Register - May, 1996) Any one of 5 Agencies could be Lead Federal Agency (LFA): Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

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radiological response matrix

Radiological Response Matrix

TSA Maritime and Land Response

current response plan
  • Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan (FRERP)(Published Federal Register - May, 1996)
  • Any one of 5 Agencies could be Lead Federal Agency (LFA):
    • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
    • Department of Energy (DOE)
    • Department of Defense (DoD)
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA)
  • FEMA is Coordinating Agency
lead federal agency lfa
Lead Federal Agency (LFA)
  • NRC is LFA for any emergency at nuclear facility licensed by NRC or an Agreement State or any emergency involving shipment of radioactive materials licensed by the NRC or an Agreement State.
lead federal agency continued
Lead Federal Agency (continued)
  • DOE is LFA for any radiological emergency at one of its facilities or involving transportation of DOE Radiological materials.
lead federal agency continued5
Lead Federal Agency (continued)
  • DoD is the LFA for any radiological emergency at one of its facilities or involving transportation of DoD radiological materials.
  • DoD is LFA for radiological emergencies involving domestic satellites that involve DoD space missions.
lead federal agency continued6
Lead Federal Agency (continued)
  • NASA is LFA for radiological emergencies involving domestic satellites that involve NASA space missions.
lead federal agency continued7
Lead Federal Agency (continued)
  • EPA is LFA for those emergencies at a nuclear facility not licensed, owned or operated by a Federal Agency or an Agreement State or for those emergencies involving radiological materials not licensed by a Federal Agency or an Agreement State.
  • EPA is LFA for radiological emergencies resulting from a foreign or unknown source.
lead federal agency continued8
Lead Federal Agency (continued)
  • For emergencies other than these, Federal Agencies would confer to determine LFA for event.
  • FEMA is Coordinating Agency for all situations.
table identification of lfa for radiological emergencies
Table - Identification of LFA for Radiological Emergencies

Type of EmergencyLFA

Nuclear Facility:

a. Licensed by NRC or an Agreement State NRC

b. Owned or Operated by DoD or DoE DoD or DoE

c. Not Licensed, Owned or Operated by a

Federal Agency or an Agreement State EPA

Transportation of Radioactive Materials:

a. Shipment of Materials licensed by NRC or

an NRC Agreement State NRC

b. Materials shipped by or for DoD or DoE DoD or DoE

c. Shipment of Materials Not Licensed or Owned

by a Federal Agency or an Agreement State EPA

Satellites Containing Radioactive Materials DoD or NASA

Impact from Foreign or Unknown Source EPA

Other Types of Emergencies LFAs confer

fbi role
FBI Role

FBI - Atomic Energy Act (AEA)

  • Directs FBI to investigate all alleged or suspected criminal violations of AEA.
  • FBI responsible for locating any nuclear weapon, device or material.
  • FBI responsible for restoring nuclear facilities to rightful custodian.
  • FBI has agreements with LFAs that provide for interface, coordination, and technical assistance in support of FBI’s mission.
usda role

USDA – Provides Assistance to local and State governments in developing agricultural protective action recommendations and in providing agricultural damage assessments.

  • USDA inspects meat, meat products, poultry, poultry products and egg products during emergency
  • USDA, EPA, and HHS sit on advisory Team for Environment, Food and Health when convened.
  • USDA – emergency food coupon assistance in disaster areas.
  • USDA reallocate USDA-donated food supplies from warehouses, local schools, and other outlets to emergency care centers.
department of commerce doc role
Department of Commerce (DoC) Role
  • NOAA is primary agency within DOC for providing assistance to Federal, State and local organizations responding to radiological emergency.
    • Provides current and forecast meteorological information to guide aerial monitoring and sampling .
    • Routinely forecast atmospheric transport, dispersal and deposition of radioactive materials.
    • Coordinate with other nations’ weather services
department of health and human services hhs role
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Role
  • HHS assists with the assessment, preservation and protection of Human health and helps ensure availability of essential health/medical and human services.
    • Assists State and local government officials in making evacuation and relocation decisions.
    • Ensures medical and health care and other human services available.
    • Provides guidance on use of radioprotective substances (e.g., thyroid blocking agents).
department of housing and urban development hud role
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Role
  • HUD provides information on available housing for disaster victims or displaced persons.
    • Review and report on available housing for disaster victims and displaced persons.
    • Assist in planning for and placing homeless victims in available housing.
    • Provide staff to support emergency housing within available resources.
department of the interior doi role
Department of the Interior (DOI) Role
  • DOI manages emergency response plans for DOI managed refuges, parks, recreation areas, monuments public land and Indian trust lands.
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs assists in consulting with tribes about radiological emergency preparedness and responses to emergencies.
    • DOI provides hydrologic advice and assistance, including monitoring personnel, equipment, and laboratory support.
    • Advice to minimize consequences to natural resources.
department of justice doj role
Department of Justice (DOJ) Role
  • DOJ is lead agency for coordinating the Federal response to acts of terrorism in the United States and U.S. territories (FBI).
department of state dos role
Department of State (DOS) Role
  • DOS is responsible for the conduct of relations between the U.S. Government and other governments and international organizations and for the protection of U.S. interests and citizens abroad.
    • DOS coordinates foreign information gathering activities and conducts all contacts with foreign governments (except where bilateral agreements allow direct agency to agency cooperation.)
department of transportation dot role
Department of Transportation (DOT) Role
  • DOT Radiological Emergency Response Plan for Non-Defense Emergencies provides assistance to State and local governments when radiological emergency adversely affects one or more transportation modes and the States or local jurisdictions requesting assistance have inadequate technical and logistical resources to meet the demands created by a radiological emergency.
    • Can id sources of civil transportation
    • Coordinate Federal civil transportation
    • Control airspace
department of veterans affairs va role
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Role
  • VA can assist other Federal agencies, State and local governments and individuals in an emergency at the request of LFA by
    • Providing immediate and long-term medical care (including radiation trauma)
    • Burial/disposition of deceased.
general services administration gsa role
General Services Administration (GSA) Role
  • GSA responsible to direct, coordinate and provide logistical support of other Federal Agencies. Manages provision and operations of telecommunications and automated data processing services (FECC) and management.
national communications system ncs role
National Communications System (NCS) Role
  • NCS, under National Plan for Telecommunications Support in Non-Wartime Emergencies, is responsible for adequate telecommunications support the the Federal response and recovery operations.
federal emergency management agency fema role
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Role
  • FEMA is responsible for coordinating offsite Federal response activities and Federal assistance to State and local governments for functions other than radiological monitoring and assessment.