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The Crucible

The Crucible

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The Crucible

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  1. The Crucible Act IV

  2. Fall time – about 3 months have passed • In the jail, Sarah Good and Tituba appear to be going crazy; they are talking about how the devil is coming to rescue them • Hale has been going around trying to talk the prisoners into to confessing. Hale wants them to confess to save their lives • Abigail and Mercy Lewis have run off and stole 31 pounds of Rev. Parris’ money

  3. Rev. Parris fears for his life • He thinks there might be a rebellion (rumors of rebellion in Andover make him anxious). • The people who are scheduled to hang now are respected people in the colony • He also received a death threat (dagger on his door).

  4. Everyone wants a confession • Hale want to save the prisoner’s life • Rev. Parris is hoping to avoid a rebellion and therefore protect himself • Judge Danforth wants to make the courts and himself look good by getting a respected community member to confess

  5. Danforth won’t back down • Judge Danforth refuses to grant a pardon or postponement because he does not want to admit he may have made a mistake. • He has already killed 12 people and he feels if he lets these seven go, that he has already sentenced to death, it will look like he was wrong in killing the other 12 and will make a mockery of the court

  6. Hale’s last attempt to persuade Proctor • Rev. Hale is surprised there hasn’t already been a rebellion (orphans and cows wander the streets, crops are going to waste and not being harvested, people are fearful of being the next one accused of witchcraft) • Elizabeth is called in to talk to John. They are hoping he will confess after seeing his pregnant wife • Rev. Hale admits the courts are a lie. He tries to persuade Elizabeth that no principle is worth dying for • Elizabeth agrees to talk to John but makes no promises