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Pieces Pilot Linköping, Sweden PowerPoint Presentation
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Pieces Pilot Linköping, Sweden

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Pieces Pilot Linköping, Sweden - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fall 2011. Pieces Pilot Linköping, Sweden. The Target group (19-55 years, 3 men 9 women).

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Fall 2011

Pieces Pilot Linköping, Sweden

the target group 19 55 years 3 men 9 women
ÄmneThe Target group (19-55 years, 3 men 9 women)

Situation NeedsExcluded from the society Habits/Roles - affinityand the labour market (12) activities, self-esteemSocialy challeged) (12) coachingFinancial assistance (12) Own economy = a job/studiesDyslexia (2) Assistance

Neuropsychiatric challenges (5) Psychological and occupational inquiry (activities and tests) Find tools/methods

Immigrant background (4) Knowledge about the Swedish society and requirements

existing resources and systems
ÄmneExisting resources and systems
  • Social Servicies (Team Utreda and coaching, economy service, Social care system- a priority group)
  • Nursing college (knowledge and experience of teaching adults, students with dyslexia, immigrants)
  • Employer (In need of a ”new staff”, willing to try and provide with intrerested Work Place Mentors)
  • Unions
the structure
Pieces The Structure

The SwedishrepresentativesPieces

Co -ordinator

Social DeptTeam Utreda

Education DeptBirgittaskolan

EmployerLean Link

EmployerCarema Care

EmployerAttendo Care




DoA PromotorGroupactivities

EducateFollow upMentor

The Union

Work Place WP Mentors

Work PlaceWP Mentors

Work Place

WP Mentors

process oct dec 2011

Process Oct-Dec 2011


RecruitParticip(OT PT Ps LMC)

Educate WP Mentors

Preaparatory Course(OT PT PS LMC)

DoAFollow up/ individualcoachingwhenneeded

Team UtredaSocial Dept

Birgitta schoolEducation Dept


Co – meetings continuously

Excursion at school

Educate Super-visors

Educate WP


Education block Part 1

TutorsFollow up

Recruit WP


WP Mentorsprepaired

Recruit/”Job interviews

Practice Block

Part 1WP Mentors




Team UtredaLabour market administrationEmploymentStudies

dialog om aktivitet arbete doa activities work

Dialog om Aktivitet/Arbete (DoA) Activities/ Work

Participation in

The Model of Human Occupation

34 Claims (Self knowledge, intrerests, values, roles, habits, physical skills, ability to organise and solve problems, interactions and communication skills) skattning

The client´s view DialogueThe supervisors view Development areas

Twice during the pilot (Beginning and end) Team Utreda will continue the same structure after the end of the pilote - in cases where the participant did not get an employment

to make the pilot work
ÄmneTo make the pilot work…….
  • ToolsLog bookPromotionObstructionSupporting - Group membership- Education Material- Education aids- Coaching methodology
  • Key factorsInterplay Social commitment




Participants Work Place Mentors

”This is my chance” ”A challenge beyond every day” ” Is this really an offer to ME?” ”I have to use both my skills ” It´s amazing – to get this chance as a mentor – but most of all whitout several years of studies!” my skills as a human”

workplace mentor

Workplace mentor

Supervisionsupervision of someone checking that the task is made correctly

Tutoring someone leading another “by the hand” of a common journey somewhere

Mentor experienced colleague who will serve as a support and advise difficult situations for the young professional

Promoter a person who push someone forward in the right direction

Pilot a person that you trust and who helps you to pass a particularly difficult situation. Pilot’s responsibility is limited

develop an own way of thinking

Develop an own way of thinking

Trust create a trusting climate

Stimulate creativities stimulate to other ways of thinking based on different levels, have an interest in how the student think

Preserve the curiosity – to lead the process forward

Commitment – time

Awareness of the one’s own personality

work satisfaction

Work satisfaction

”A state of balance between the needs and expectations people have in different situations and the satisfaction he or she achieves”

Individual responsibility and self-control

Experience your work in a meaningful way

The organisation uses a significant part of the employee’s knowledge, skills and dispositions



The tutor is:

Active retelling, encourage, analyses...

Passive student is active and motivates

Supportive in the beginning and in certain situations

phases in the learning process

Phases in the learning process

First phase: Self-centeredness

What can the workplace mentor do?

Give assurance

Discuss schedule, expectations

Plenty of time

Planning work

Shadow supervisor


Second phase: Stand or fall

What can the workplace mentor do?

Dare to let the student try

Appropriate tasks

Give feedback

Process impressions


Third phase: An understanding of the situation without always being able to act on the understanding

What can the workplace mentor do?

Encourage to own initiatives

Step down

Give and take criticism

Relationship, as a possible colleague


Fourth phase An ability to both understand and act according to understanding

Fifth phase Express of your own professionalism


Attendence: Date:___________________



Contact teacher:____________________________

Number of absencehours:__________

Numbers of occassions:__________

Final Assessment


National ID number :________________________________

Trainee job :______________________________________


Training Course Objectivessee attachment

The student has fullfilled his APU according to the goals of the course?

Yes__ No__


The justificationshallincludesuitability for the profession by the courseobjectives, customer and employerperspective. The justificationshallalsoreflect the student’sability to independentlyperformtheirowncaringresponsibilities by planning, implementing, monitoring/documentation.








Appendix 1


Health and social care

Goal for APU

During your education within the workplace you shall:

Get knowledge about basic health care work by:

Plan, conduct, evaluate nursing action based on the individual’s needs and resources.

Work according to ergonomic and hygienic principles.

(from the course of Health and social care)


Education within the workplace

Assessment of the education within the workplace (APU)

Health and Social care, komvux

Student’s name:______________________________________________ 

Personal ID number____________________Class:__________________




Contact teacher:_____________________________________________ 

Period of APU:_________________________________________________

We are grateful that you take care so well care of our students at your workplace.We provide course objectives and a contact teacher will contact you at the beginning of the period. Contact teacher will also visit the student.The student will do approximately 175 hours during 5 weeks and if possible, follow supervisor's / supervisor's schedule, which also involves weekend and evening service.The supervisor / supervisors are responsible for the assessment together with the contact teacher. The assessment should be done continuously, half time and at the end of the work placement.Students are entitled to be kept being assesst of their contributions after completed tasks. During half-time the student shall to a self assessment according to their contributions and the supervisor assesses by making comments to clarify areas of development. The final assessment will be based on training objectives and suitability for the profession from a customer and employer perspective. The final assessment will also evaluate the student's ability to independently perform a caring contribution according to the planning, implementing, monitoring/documentation.

Please contact us at Ph. 013- 263074

Appendix 1 goal of course and appendix 2 bilaga 2 absence report