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Extended School Year Services 2010-2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Extended School Year Services 2010-2011

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Extended School Year Services 2010-2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Extended School Year Services 2010-2011 . What is Extended School Year Service?. Not the same as summer school Ensure the receipt of FAPE Primarily provided during summer break due to efficient use of district resources

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Extended School Year Services 2010-2011

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what is extended school year service
What is Extended School Year Service?
  • Not the same as summer school
  • Ensure the receipt of FAPE
  • Primarily provided during summer break due to efficient use of district resources
  • Is not a continuation of the IEP. Is not due to skills delays or lack of meeting goals and objectives.
why esy
Why ESY?
  • Unable to relearn skills lost over break period
    • Took unreasonable amount of instructional time relearning skills/behaviors previously taught
    • Guideline: Takes substantially longer to regain skills than length of the break
  • Some skills replaced by inappropriate skills or behaviors
  • Lose ground on functional independence (example: just learned to walk)
  • At risk for placement into more restrictive setting
who should be considered
Who should be considered?
  • All students with disabilities must be considered for ESY
    • Districts cannot establish policy to exclude certain groups of students
  • Consideration based on the individual needs of the child
  • Annual IEP team decision
esy is
ESY is:
  • Based on individual student needs and specific critical skills important to overall progress
  • Designed to maintain mastery of skills
  • Designed to maintain reasonable readiness for next school year
  • Considered as a strategy for minimizing regression
  • Delivered in variety of environments and structures such as
    • Home
    • School based
    • Community activities
    • Related services alone or in tandem with above
esy is not
ESY is not:
  • Mandated 12 months service
  • Required for convenience of school or parents
  • Required or intended to maximize educational opportunities
  • Necessary to continue instruction on all previous year’s IEP goals during ESY period
  • To be considered to help advance students in relation to peers
  • For students who exhibit regression due to medical problems causing degeneration or transitional life situations (death or divorce)
  • For students who fail to achieve IEP goals and objectives during school year
  • To provide education beyond what is described in IEP goals and objectives
  • For credit recovery
legal esy standards
Legal ESY Standards
  • (a) there will be significant regression of a skill or acquired knowledge from the pupil’s level of performance on an annual goal that requires more than the length of the break in instruction to recoup unless the IEP team determines a shorter time for recoupment is more appropriate
  • (b) services are necessary for the pupil to attain self-sufficiency because of the critical nature of the skills addressed by an annual goal, the pupil’s age and the level of development, and the timeliness for teaching the skill
  • (c) the IEP team otherwise determines, given the pupil’s unique needs, that ESY services are necessary to ensure the pupil receives a free appropriate public education
case manager responsibilities
Case Manager Responsibilities
  • Ensure data is collected
    • Beginning of school year
    • After breaks
  • Data used at IEP meeting to determine annual need for ESY
  • Ensure IEP team discusses full continuum of services for ESY
    • Parent involvement
    • Hand out parent brochure
    • Remind staff that ESY not an automatic summer service for setting 3 students
how to fill out the iep
How to fill out the IEP
  • From EasyIEP do the following:
    • Under ESY section of IEP Process choose from the drop down box whether student (a) is eligible for ESY services, (b) is not eligible for ESY services, or (c) more data is needed
    • Check the appropriate statement that the student qualifies for ESY
    • Write a rationale statement as to how student qualifies for ESY
    • Select eligible ESY services/related services
    • Select no more than 2 ESY goals to address. Choose ESY goals by accessing ‘goals and objectives’ section of IEP process
how to fill out iep cont
How to fill out IEP (cont)
  • Adaptations
    • Transportation – Does the student need curb-to-curb for ESY? Could he/she ride a regular ed bus?
    • Does the student need para support during ESY?
    • Also important for students not receiving ESY – do they need curb-to-curb transportation?
service guidelines
Service Guidelines
  • Suggested choices
    • ALC - 60 minutes of special ed services 2 – 3X week
    • ECSE
      • Center based 2, 3, or 5 times a week 240 minutes
      • Inclusion in regular preschool – 30 min 1X week
      • Home based – 30 min 1X week
      • Parent drive in to center for related service – 30 min 1X week
k 8 center based services
K – 8 Center Based Services
    • K-6 Learning Center/ASD K-8:
      • 240 minutes a day
      • Location: Rondo Learning Center
    • 7th and 8th grade EBD II/III, RiverEast Upper:
      • 240 minutes day
      • Location: Homecroft Building
  • K-8 LD, DCD, DHH, PI, OHD
    • Location- Capitol Hill
    • 240 minutes per day per session
  • Grades 9-12: Autism, DHH, DCD, PI- Arlington Building
  • All High School EBD Fed II/III, PAS/PSD- West 7th
  • Transition to Independence- Bridgeview
  • Transition Plus- TBD
center based services
Center Based Services
  • ECSE
    • Location: Rondo ECSE
    • Center based 2, 3, or 5 times a week 240 minutes
    • Inclusion in regular preschool – 30 min 1X week
    • Home based – 30 min 1X week
    • Parent drive in to center for related service – 30 min 1X week
  • Be sure to indicate 1:1 on student application if in IEP
    • Not all Federal Setting 2 and 3 EBD, Autism, DCD, DHH, and ECSE students “are entitled” to ESY. Can’t be because we are “worried about them” or “they have a bad home life” or “they won’t have anything else to do”
alc only no esy
ALC Only – no ESY
  • Case managers need to connect with ALC Summer Team Leader in building to make sure our students get signed up
  • 6th grade students go to 7th grade ALC
  • 8th grade students go to 9th grade ALC
  • If student going to ALC needs special transportation or a para, need to put on student application AND contact Mary Garrison
  • ALCs are often combined if building is under construction. Need to tell parents
  • If students attend programs outside their attendance areas that are not magnets ( Como El, Phalen, St. Anthony Park), they must attend the ALC program in the school closest to their homes.
  • Throughout school year
    • Have discussions with parents
    • Hand out brochures
    • Write IEPs
    • Collect ideas about alternatives in the community
    • Watch for updates in the Special Education Newsletter
timelines cont
Timelines (cont)
  • January 30, 2011 – new online student application will be live on the Custom Websites portion of www.connect.spps.org
  • January 30, 2011– staff applications will be available. Will close end of March.
  • April 15, 2011. Student applications due.
  • May 2011: connect with parents to confirm ESY locations, timelines for transportation information.
    • Mary Kelly, Interim Executive Director of Special Education
  • Supervisors
    • Mary Garrison, Elementary
    • Abel Riodique, Elementary
    • Larry Wren, Middle/High School
    • Dan Wolff, Transition
    • Laura Shae, ECSE