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Effective Board Member Recruitment Techniques PowerPoint Presentation
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Effective Board Member Recruitment Techniques

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Effective Board Member Recruitment Techniques

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  1. Effective Board Member Recruitment Techniques Mike Godwin Director of Membership - VASHRM

  2. Who is this dude? • Years of experience in medical staffing/recruitment industry • Former VP of Membership for TCHRMA (Tri-County Human Resource Management Association in Charleston, SC) • Former President for Hampton Roads SHRM (13% increase in membership in 2012) • Current Director of Membership for the State Council

  3. First, use what SHRM provides! • If you do not have job descriptions, go onto the VLRC and see what job descriptions there are • If you need to, update these job descriptions to match better what your expectations are for certain board members • Align job responsibilities with Strategic Plan (if you don’t have one of these, you should…)

  4. Why Serve as a Volunteer Leader? • You should sit down with your current board and figure this out, as you will use these reasons to promote board membership. • Reasons could include: • Resume Builder. • Deeper Networking (actually working on projects with people instead of just meeting with them once a month) • Gain more experience/understanding of HR • Free/Reduced Leadership Development • Give back

  5. Succession Plan • Identify with your board what skills would be good for the board and brainstorm who may have those skills in the membership • “Volun-told” leaders • It is okay to give a little push sometimes • Utilize Board Committees (especially Membership, Programs and Marketing) • Those who may be interested but don’t want either the commitment or are maybe new to the chapter but have potential

  6. Promote Board Membership • Talk openly about the positive reasons for being a board member • Make announcements well in advance of an election • Post job descriptions online and have them available in print copy for people to review at meetings if they may be interested

  7. Ensure a FAIR and STRUCTURED Election of Board Members • If you promote well, you may have more than one person run for a position. • Stick to election dates, ensure that the election is fair and impartial and provide the same opportunity to all members running for a position.