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TOGOFOGO - Refurbished Phones

So, what should you check before buying second hand mobile phones? Stay away from stolen phones. Buy from the original company. Read the fine prints. Check for a warranty. Watch out for amazing phones & buy them now. You may find the deal for one of the best refurbished phones.

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TOGOFOGO - Refurbished Phones

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  1. You may have seen refurbished phones presented as “pre-owned” or “reconditioned”. You might even see an “unboxed” phone. These are all interchangeable terms describing the same thing.

  2. All of the above terms mean that someone previously purchased the phone, then returned to the company, wireless carrier, or retailer. In most of the cases, there was nothing wrong with refurbished phones even before they were “repaired”; the person may have simply decided that they want to buy a new one.  In a few cases, the refurbished phone did have some kind of small hardware problem, like wifi connectivity issue or a cracked case. In that case, the phone was fixed and sold it again as a “refurbished” item.

  3. REFURBISHED VS NEW PHONE When it comes to new vs. refurbished, there’s no other difference beyond the fact that it was lightly used before coming to you. Refurbished mobileswork just like new.  It’s not technically a “new” phone anymore, so the term “refurbished” shows that distinction.

  4. WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND If you want to save your money by going the refurbished route, you need to keep few things in mind. Also, you have to do some research before buying a new device

  5. CHECK FOR A WARRANTY If the refurbished phone you want to buy truly has no issues, the retailer must include some kind of warranty with the purchase. If it doesn’t come with a warranty, there’s a bigger chance something will be wrong with the second hand phone.

  6. READ THE FINE PRINT Reading fine print is important with a large purchase, but it’s especially important when you’re buying a second hand smartphone. A common red flag is a phone marked “as is”. Reading such fine print might reveal that you can’t return the phone or get a refund if anything isn’t working.

  7. BUY FROM THE ORIGINAL COMPANY Many times, the manufacturer will have some handsets that are perfectly fine. The original owner returned them for some unknown reason. They’ll often try to resell them as refurbished phones on their official website. This is probably the easiest way for you to save some money.

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