most excellent handyman services throughout ottawa n.
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Most excellent handyman services throughout Ottawa PowerPoint Presentation
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Most excellent handyman services throughout Ottawa

Most excellent handyman services throughout Ottawa

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Most excellent handyman services throughout Ottawa

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  1. Most excellent handyman services throughout Ottawa. Submitted By :

  2. A former associate director at Health Canada named Tonya Bruin has recently discovered a new definition of the term "service". From being a public servant, the 42 years old mother took the initiative to establish an Ottawa handyman business based in Ottawa, Canada. She called it the To do - Done Handyman Services. Bruin, a homeowner, knew for herself the difficulty of finding reliable handymen in Ottawa. Working in a bureaucratic position, she was always preoccupied and busy. She found it hard to spend a time to fix things in their house. There also came a time that she realised how tired she was working in a place where there is lesser room for independent action and creativity. This motivated her to find a way to solve this problem and to help other people as well. That is why, in April 2015, she set up the company.

  3. As a starting company, Bruin just employed one worker. But because their clients were more than satisfied with their 100% guaranteed Ottawa handyman services, affordable service fee and fast turnaround time, they get to grow their business. They now have one office manager and more than seven highly professional and reliable handymen who are working for their company on a full-time basis. The To do - Done Handyman Services exists to empower its clients so they can find quality time to do the things they love while the professional handyman Ottawa takes care of their to-do list.

  4. The company offers different kinds of around the home handyman services Ottawa including home maintenance and home repair works like fixing a fence, repairing ceilings, pruning shrubs, fixing tiles, removing e-waste, reframing and installing doors, making custom cabinets and closets, plastering exterior, installation of drywall, improving insulation and weather stripping, refurbishing walkways entrances and stairs, cleaning windows, cleaning gutters, building a doghouse, electrical and plumbing, installing light fixtures, and a lot more. The company aims to provide the most excellent handyman services throughout Ottawa. All their handymen have gone through an extensive hiring process, reference checks and criminal record checks. Their professional handymen are vetted, validated by experience, insured and reliable. They have liability insurance, license, workplace safety insurance board coverage, photo ID and guaranteed workmanship.

  5. They make it sure that their handymen always follow the standards and protocols in doing their works. They offer a broad range of property maintenance services, renovation projects and general handyman tasks at a very affordable price.