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Rockland After School Alliance (and others) PowerPoint Presentation
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Rockland After School Alliance (and others)

Rockland After School Alliance (and others)

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Rockland After School Alliance (and others)

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  1. Rockland After School Alliance(and others)

  2. Question for Springboard Given that the brand around our collaborative services is becoming outdated, how do we approach branding of the next phase of our after-school programming?

  3. Mission • RASA: To raise student academic achievement, provide students with academic enrichment opportunities that complement their regular academic program, and provide a range of high quality services to support student learning and development, including community service opportunities, physical activities, music, art and other cultural activities. • Youthlinks: To empower youth to commit to themselves and their community, broaden their horizons, and acquire healthy life skills through focused enrichment programs and meaningful volunteer opportunities • RSU 13 Adult and Community Education: Education for Life

  4. Timeline 1982: Founded as the Community Service linking at risk youth to elderly through volunteerism 1999: Name changed to Youthlinks 1999: Focus shifts to youth driven community based projects and enrichment opportunities 2002: Middle School After School programs begin under Adult and Community Education 2008: RFP issued for 21stCCLC grant… grant is funded… RASA is formed… programs begin 2009: School Consolidation, SAD 5 become part of RSU 13 Will cover a wider geography than Rockland Our population will be split over a few campuses Age divisions across schools not consistent w/our programming

  5. Finances • RASA is not an independent non-profit; staff is hired through both partners • 21stCCLC grant: $266,400 RSU 13 subcontract: $79,245 • Total Youthlinks budget = $545,202 (approximately $328,000 is RASA) • Youthlinks is lead agent for 21stCCLC –district subcontracts for a portion of funding • The District and Youthlinks both supply RASA funding outside of 21st CCLC grant • The two do not share total budget information so there is no combined RASA budget • RSU 13 has several other grants that help fund RASA programs • RSU 13 also provides use of District space as in-kind support

  6. Programs • Youthlinks • Serves over 200 youth outside of RASA • RSU • Not all RASA programs funded by grant, but branded as RASA • RASA • After-School programs for RDMS and RDHS students that focus on academic enrichment, health and wellness and culture and multicultural enrichment • Serves 272 high school, 202 middle school youth • Serves 312 “low performing” youth

  7. Where We Are • Youthlinks has high recognition factor and reputation for excellence • RASA programs are relatively unknown outside to the schools • Donations/funding needs to go through a parent organization • The District needs to be recognized as a collaborative partner in all RASA programs … the Youthlinks name does not do that • In the midst of District restructuring • At a moment when trends in after-school funding are changing/unstable

  8. Why… RASA in the first place? Not anymore? • RASA was the name chosen for the grant proposal • When funded we had a month to begin programs • The existing Middle School after-school programs and Youthlinks programs had very different missions at the time • 2 Districts merged – Rockland is 1 of 6 towns in new RSU • Schools scheduled to merge in 2011 so Rockland District High School will no longer exist • RASA has been branded around 21stCCLC goals and funding, which is unstable

  9. Challenges • Maintaining YL reputation/profile while promoting a different brand • Strength of YL brand sometimes overshadows RASA’s • Parent agencies have separate cultures, reputations, and public profiles • Both want to continue to collaborate – even w/o 21stCCLC funding which is unstable • RASA created around goals specific to the grant – not the goals of the parent agencies

  10. Success • Youthlinks and RSU 13 run collaborative programming for students throughout the District • Programming branded in such a way that students, community, and funders understand collaborative nature and link parent agencies to programming • Ability to seek additional funding and donations for collaborative programs • Brand identity flexible enough to grow with student needs and different funding sources

  11. Question for Springboard Given that the brand around our collaborative services is becoming outdated, how do we approach branding of the next phase of our after-school programming?