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Market position

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Market position

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  1. The Bulgarian edition of the Italian AMICAwill be launched at the end of September 2007. It will be published by QM Ltd. under the license of RCSPeriodici.

  2. Market position Date of publishing:the October issue will be released between September 20th and 26th 2007. Number of pages: 160-224. Circulation: 20 000. Price: 2.50 EUR. Target group: 25 - 45 years of age Readership: 100 000 (5 readers per copy)

  3. Readership Profile The Bulgarian issue of AMICAwill be directed at the contemporary woman – educated, interested in new trends, sensitive and provocative. AMICA’s readers are socially active (25-45 y.o.), not only regarding their work but their income and quality of living as well. These women have interests, ideas and good taste. A part of the future readers of AMICAdon’t read any Bulgarian women’s magazines at present because they find those magazines boring (they prefer to read books or magazines in English, such as Vanity Fair, How to Spend It, Vogue, etc.). The rest of AMICA’s potential readership now buy EVA or ELLEbecause they want to be in step with the current trends and have reading habits. AMICA will give a new point of view on the topics, problems and trends that interest women (culture, lifestyle, history, finance, personalities, psychology, interesting materials). AMICA’s language will be direct and intelligent; witty but not pretentious. The Bulgarian issue of the Italian AMICA will follow the concept of the originaland will appeal to its readers with a clean and elegant layout.

  4. Readership Interests • News, current events 65% • Lifestyle 80% • Fashion 69% • Trends 65% • Travel 60% • Cinema/music/theatre, concerts, books 65% • Economics, finance 50 % • Family, interpersonal relationships 69%

  5. Circulation and Distribution • Planned circulation: 20 000 –15 000 • Planned sales: 12 000 – 9 000 (60 %) • Distribution: 85% of the distribution is concentrated in the large cities, such as Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Blagoevgrad, Bourgas, Pleven, Stara Zagora, Shoumen, Sliven, Veliko Tarnovo, Rousse.

  6. Price List • Pages in the 2nd half of the magazine: 1/1 right-hand page1900 1/1 left-hand page1300 1/2 right-hand page1500 1/2 left-hand page900 • Pages in the 1st half of the magazine: 1/1 right-hand page2500 1/1 left-hand page1700

  7. Price List • Spreads:Lead spread (2nd cover and 1st page)4000 Second spread 3500 Third spread3300 Inside spread 2900 • Covers:Inside back cover2700 Back cover4300 * Spread on folded front cover 5500 • The prices are in Euro

  8. Price Lists of the Leading Magazines The prices are in Euro

  9. Editor-in-chief, Fashion Editor • Editor-in-chief of AMICA is Bogdana Zlateva • She has very good graphic culture and vision for magazines. A proven professional. • Bogdana has significant experience as a creative director for a weekly printed lifestyle magazine, supplement of the Capital newspaper (she is good at working with advertisers). • She has organisational skills, can set the work pace, can work with writers and has a flair for texts. Bogdana knows how to define and establish a style for the magazine. She is an editor-in-chief who will make the magazine stand out from the others. • Emancipated, informed, modern, well-educated, experienced, a good writer. • Fashion editor ofAMICA is Sandra Klincheva She has a degree in FashionWomen’s wearfrom CentralSaintMartinsCollegeofArt & Designin London. • An authority in fashion circles. • She has been careful picking her work in fashion photo sessions for women’s magazines as a stylist without committing to any magazine. • Her agreement to be AMICA’s fashion editor is considered in the community to be a guarantee for the magazine’s high quality. • Hermedia image is favourable for AMICA. • A contemporary, modern woman, AMICA-style.

  10. Major Clients • Cosmetics, perfumes • Fashion/clothes, accessories • Jewellery/watches • Automobiles • Telecommunications • Others

  11. Marketing Expenses TV 40 % Radio 15% Outdoor advertising 35% Other 10%

  12. Goals: Establishing AMICA as the leading women’s magazine for the higher target group in a short period of time, competing with the magazines EVA (on the market for 10 years, solid position as the leader in the segment) and ELLE (for 2 years), whose positions are based on the familiarity of the brand but has an unstable editorial policy. Prominent journalists and photographers will be working on AMICA’s team. The magazine will have an exceptionally high quality of texts, layout, pre-print and print.