Economically and environmentally sustainable lake peipsi area
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Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Lake Peipsi Area - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Lake Peipsi Area. Helena Musthallik Project manager Estonian Ministry of the Interior. Facts about Lake Peipsi. Biggest transboundary lake in Europe F ourth largest lake in Europe

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Economically and environmentally sustainable lake peipsi area

Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Lake Peipsi Area

Helena Musthallik

Project manager

Estonian Ministry of the Interior

Facts about lake peipsi
Facts about Lake Peipsi

  • Biggest transboundary lake in Europe

  • Fourth largest lake in Europe

  • The total population of the Lake Peipsi basin approximately 1 million

  • Surface area 3,555 km2

  • Consists of 3 lakes : Lake Peipsi (Chudskoe), Lake Pihkva (Pskovskoe) and Lake Lammijarv (Teploe)

Author Arne Ader, Source

Author Arne Ader, Source


AuthorGeonarva, Source


  • Lack of wastewater treatment plants in


  • Lack of harbours with contemporary

    infrastructure in Estonia

Overall objective
Overall objective

  • To promote sustainable socio-economic and environmental development of Lake Peipsi area.

Specific objective
Specific objective

  • Contribute to the improvement of

    environmental situation of Lake Peipsi by

    establishing and renovating wastewater treatment

    plants in Pskov city, Gdovsky, Pskovsky,

    Pechorsky and Palkinsky areas and by

    establishing contemporary infrastructure in small

    harbours on the Estonian side in Tartu, Rapina,

    Mustvee and Kallaste.

Specific objective1

  • Contribute to the socio-economic

    development of the area around Lake

    Peipsi by supporting the development of

    water traffic and by improving the

    conditions for the development of water

    related tourism.

Partners from estonia
Partners from Estonia

  • Lead partner –Estonian Ministry of the Interior

  • Tartu City Government

  • Mustvee City Government

  • Kallaste City Government

  • Räpina Rural Municipality Government

Partners from russia

  • State Committee on nature management and protection of the environment of Pskov region

  • Administration of Gdovsky area

  • Administration of Pskovsky area

  • Administration of Pechorsky area

  • State Institution of Social Service „PervomayskyPsychoneurologic Dispensary”

  • Municipal enterprise of the Pskov city “Gorvodokanal”

Associated partners

From Estonia

  • Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and


  • Estonian Ministry of the Environment

  • Ltd. Polva Water


  • State Committee for Economic Development,

    Industry and Trade of the Pskov region

Activities in russia
Activities in Russia

  • Reconstruction of 2 wastewater

    treatment plants in Pskov City and

    Pskovsky area

  • Construction of 3 wastewater

    treatment plants in Gdovsky, Pechorsky

    and Palkinsky areas

Activities in russia1
Activities in Russia


  • Inspection of the technical condition of the

    main settlements of the territory of Pskov region

    targeted on the improvement of the condition of

    the environment of the Pskov region

  • Elaboration of the new special regional

    ecological programme for the improvement of

    the wastewater treatment system of the region in

    the Peipsi basin

Activities in estonia
Activities in Estonia

  • Contemporary infrastructure will be

    established in 4 small harbours(Tartu,

    Mustvee, Kallaste and Rapina).

  • Ramp for ship maintenance will be built

    in Kallaste .


  • Total budget 8,36 M EUR, grant 7,53 M EUR, co-financing 0,83 M EUR

  • The contribution from the Estonian State budget is 2,32 M EUR

  • Grant for activities in Estonia 3,38 M EUR

  • Grant for activities in Russia 4,15 M EUR

Target groups

  • Local people, who livearound Lake


  • Summer residents, wholive there


  • Tourists, who visitLake Peipsi

  • Water craft userswho sail across

    Lake Peipsi (including commercial fisherman,

    recreational fisherman and water tourists)

Planning documents
Planning documents

  • The project is line with all national, regional and local plannings and development plans.

    In Estonia

    Estonian Regional Development Strategy

  • General objective - to support the sustainable development of all regions in order to ensure that all Estonian regions are attractive places to live and work.

  • Estonian National Planning 2010

    The objective - to maintain and improve

    the condition of the natural environment

    and to maintain the population in the

    periphery by improving the connections to

    the main centers, diversifying local

    economic base and development of small


Planning documents in estonia
Planning documents in Estonia

  • The project is also in line with the

    Development Strategies of Tartu, Polva and

    Jogeva counties and Development Strategies

    of Tartu, Kallaste, Rapinaand Mustvee


Planning documents in russia
Planning documents in Russia

The project is line with the

  • Concept of the Strategical

    Development of the Pskov region till


  • Concrete mid-term plans of socio-

    economic development of all participating


Planning documents in russia1
Planning documents in Russia

  • All activities were included in the list of the

    regional input to the Russian national plan for

    HELCOM elaborated in 2009.

  • All activities were submitted to the Federal

    targeted programme “Improvement of

    Ecological Conditions in the Baltic Sea Basin

    till 2020”.

Thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention!


Helena Musthallik

Estonian Ministry of the Interior

[email protected]

Phone +372 612 5123