welcome to 4 th grade n.
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Welcome to 4 th Grade

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Welcome to 4 th Grade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to 4 th Grade. 2009-2010. Curriculum Information: Science & Social Studies. Content will be covered in class Demonstrations and experiments Some projects to be done outside of school Study guides given several days in advance

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curriculum information science social studies
Curriculum Information: Science & Social Studies
  • Content will be covered in class
  • Demonstrations and experiments
  • Some projects to be done outside of school
  • Study guides given several days in advance
  • Study nightly—do not wait until the night before the test
  • Studying Tips
  • Review Games
  • Vocabulary and comprehension tests weekly
  • Study vocabulary lists
  • Reread the story at home
  • Practice the skill that is presented on the page before the story.
  • All content EXCEPT full stories is located on the Scott Foresman website
  • www.pearsonsuccessnet.com
  • Your child’s teacher will set up a username and password
language spelling
Language & Spelling
  • Most work is completed in class
  • You can help your child by reviewing work at home and providing opportunities for your child to write
  • Study spelling nightly
  • Spelling tests will be on Thursday or Friday
  • Check math homework daily and/or correct missed problems
  • Initial the score sheet
  • We work extremely hard on math—it is a major curriculum area.
  • Incomplete math homework=No break
  • Homework is always listed on the teacher’s board.
  • Please emphasize the importance of your student being responsible for his/her assignments.
  • Teachers also list homework assignments on individual webpages.
  • Anything not completed in class is homework.
  • Please read the county rules regarding conduct.
  • We give 100 points each week.
  • -5 per conduct mark the first semester
  • -10 per conduct mark the second semester
  • More points and additional consequences for Class II or chronic misbehavior
  • Please read the new county-wide cell phone policy
  • www.ecboe.org Scroll down and look along the left side of the page for a link
tardy 7 46 a m
Tardy-7:46 a.m.
  • Your child’s grades will suffer if he/she is not here.
  • 3 unexcused tardies count as an absence
  • Students will not be allowed to make up work missed due to unexcused tardies or absences
home habits affect school performance
Home Habits Affect School Performance
  • In order to perform well, your child needs:
    • Breakfast
    • Snack—drinks should be water or 100% juice
    • At least 9 hours sleep
    • A special place to do homework
    • To pack “stuff” at night and always place it in a certain spot
    • To have supplies replaced as they run out (check at Christmas)
  • No soda, tea, or sports drinks (new board policy)
  • Outside food must be in brown bags
  • No carbonated drinks or extra fried food will be sold
  • Lunch cost is $1.50
other important information
Other Important Information
  • Please let your child know how he/she is getting home each day, and for emergency closings.
  • All medications must be given with pink medication forms. No cough drops are allowed.
  • Dress code: tennis shoes only (no flip-flops), no “SOFE” shorts or short shorts
  • Please print and read the school handbook for other policy guidelines. www.ecboe.org/sses
parent communication
Parent Communication
  • Papers sent home weekly on Tuesday
  • Progress report sent mid-grading period
  • Report cards sent every 9weeks
  • Check the fourth grade website and your child’s teacher’s website for more information
  • It is the PARENTS’ responsibility to sign papers, report cards, conduct sheets, etc, and return them the very next day! (math initials daily)
  • Parents will receive a conduct mark if paperwork is not returned the next day. 