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Christian Education

Christian Education

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Christian Education

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  1. Christian Education What is Christian Education? Christian Education Handbook Pgs. 27-32

  2. Christian Education • Mission & Purpose • EDUCATE • Objective • Establish a Christian Education department in each church • Defining educational objectives • Comprehensive educational program for our denomination

  3. THE EXECUTIVE BOARD • The following are the official heads and have a voice in the operation and direction of programs that fall under Christian Education.

  4. General Conference • General Church Officers • Affiliates (Presidents) • Home Mission • Young People • Ushers • Music • Publications/Communications

  5. Annual Conference • Bishops • Vice Bishops • District Elders • Convention Presidents

  6. Christian Education Annual Conference • Annual Conference Directors • Annual Conference Associate Directors • Annual Conference District Directors

  7. Director General Director Associate Director/Secretary Finance Committee Liaison Vice-Presidents Administrative Liaison Assistant Video/Photographer Awards Committee Public Relations Director Youth Activities Co-Chairs Festival of Thanksgiving Co-Chairs Eldress Ministry Chair Deacons Ministry Chair Mothers Ministry Chair Association of Chaplains Chair Golden Age Chair Lay Voices Chair Library Chair Young Adult Chair Reporter Christmas Mass Chair Monthly Focus Chair Evangelism Chair Scholarship Chair Recreation Committee Chair Music Ministry Chair Foundation Fund Committee General Christian Education Staff

  8. Installation Service for the General Dept. of Christian Education • Song • Scripture • Prayer • Bishop’s Statement of Purpose: The Bishop states the purpose of having a Board of C.E. at each level, ask the appointed will they fulfill their duties and the appointed responses. • Candidates Statement • Bishop’s Prayer • Bishop’s Declaration

  9. Successful Christian Education in 13 Easy Steps • Pray for guidance. • Know where you are and where you want to go. • All auxiliary heads and leaders of the church should meet often. • Discuss monthly goals for the church. • Set objectives & goals. • Write down what you will need to carry out your goals. • Write down the process from beginning to end. • Establish something to live by in your plans and spread it into the home and community. • Ensure that your plans improve the “Quality of Life” and “Bring Souls to Christ.” • Conduct frequent evaluations to ensure your work is bearing good fruit. • Keep accurate records. • Make end-of-the-year reports. Include achievements and failures. List reasons for each. • Prepare your material for church records and/or for publishing. Build upon your strengths for next year.

  10. Ministry What is Ministry?

  11. Ministry is………… • Work of religious Ministers • Period of Service (a religious Minister’s career or period of service) • person or thing through which something is accomplished •

  12. Is This Ministry? • Problem: • After I had “Khloe”, I experienced the “Baby Blues.” • Solution: • Support group for new moms • 1x per week meetings • New mom outings/activities w/wo children • Provide daycare for the meeting • Provide community resources for new moms • Female Minister to provide prayer and counseling

  13. Ministry………………………. • should address the needs of the people. • should direct others to Jesus Christ. • should address the whole individual and assist in strengthening their faith.

  14. Areas of Ministry Work in the UAFWBD Inc. Local & Conference Level Programs/Ministries • Sunday School • FWBTH (Free Will Baptist Training Hour) • Training sessions by the Pastor or someone designated by the Pastor about Leadership, Policy, Procedure, and General Church information. • Usually done during the month of April • Vacation Bible School • Recreation

  15. Areas of Ministry Work in the UAFWBD Inc. Local & Conference Level Programs/Ministries • YPCL(Young People Christian League) • Oratorical Series • Bible Quiz Bowl • Bible Spelling Bee • Recreation

  16. Areas of Ministry Work in the UAFWBD Inc. Local & Conference Level Programs/Ministries • Mission • FWB College Day • Foreign Mission Month • Junior Missionary Division • Prison Ministry • Health Ministry

  17. Areas of Ministry Work in the UAFWBD Inc. Local & Conference Level Programs/Ministries • Music • Tabernacle Choirs (Adult & Youth) • Music Discipleship Training • Instrumental Music • Creative Expressions • Drama

  18. Areas of Ministry Work in the UAFWBD Inc. Local & Conference Level Programs/Ministries • Ushers • Youth Ushers Division • Black History

  19. Adults Deacons Fellowship Eldress Fellowship Lay Voices Auxiliary Monthly Focus Christmas mass Mother’s Fellowship Association of Chaplains Golden Age Ministry Evangelism Scholarship Recreation Youth Evangelism Creative Expressions Oratorical Series Drama Quiz Bowl Recreation Music Spelling Bee Bible Study Black History Areas of Ministry Work in the UAFWBD Inc. General Level Programs/Ministries

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