on ptides programming model n.
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On PTIDES Programming Model PowerPoint Presentation
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On PTIDES Programming Model

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On PTIDES Programming Model - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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John Eidson Jeff C. Jensen Edward A. Lee Slobodan Matic Jia Zou. Analysis. Schedulability Analysis. On PTIDES Programming Model. Causality Analysis. Program Analysis. Ptides Model. Code. Code Generator. PtidyOS. HW Platform. Software Component Library.

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Presentation Transcript
on ptides programming model
John Eidson
  • Jeff C. Jensen
  • Edward A. Lee
  • Slobodan Matic
  • JiaZou


Schedulability Analysis

On PTIDES Programming Model

Causality Analysis

Program Analysis

Ptides Model


Code Generator


HW Platform

Software Component Library

  • Distributed Real-Time System Implementation
  • Programming Model
    • Programming Temporally Integrated
    • Distributed Embedded Systems
    • Based on Discrete-Event semantics
    • Event processing in time-stamp order
    • Relates model time to physical time at environment interfaces
    • d0 – sensor latency
    • Leverages time synchronization across distributed platforms
    • (IEEE 1588 protocol over Ethernet)
    • d – comm. latency, ε – sync. error

Mixed Simulator

HW in the Loop Simulator

Plant Model


PTIDES Design Workflow

Network Model

  • Steps away from threading model
  • To ensure event of highest priority is always processed first, interrupts play an important role:
    • Event processing is done within Interrupt service routines
    • Reentrant interrupts
  • No dynamic memory allocation.
  • Is a library linked against application C code.
  • Executes PTIDES semantics
  • Local execution strategy includes a safe to process analysis and resource scheduling layer.
  • Current implementation uses a Single Stack

Event Processing Algorithm Sequence Diagram

Comparison Between Synchronous Reactive and PTIDES Implementations

*The use of a single stack and interrupts for mutual exclusion was done in TinyOS. PtidyOS uses these concepts and introduces time semantics.

Application: The Tunneling Ball Device

  • Cyber-physical system with real-time constraints
  • Event-driven signals (motor encoding, object detection)
  • Parallels an automotive engine control unit (ECU)
  • Balls drop above a rapidly spinning disc
  • Device must adjust disc to allow ball to pass through a small hole, without stopping disc

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