Theory of the Sun and Moon
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Theory of the Sun and Moon. By: Ronald Smith. Greek Mythology Theory.

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Theory of the Sun and Moon

By: Ronald Smith

Greek Mythology Theory

  • In Greek mythology, they believed that the sun and moon would rise and fall because of a god and goddess named Helios and Selene (who were brother and sister). It was said that both would drive a chariot across the sky at different times making the sun and moon rise and fall everyday. Helios was the god of the sun, while Selene was the goddess of the moon.

The goddess of Dawn

  • Eos was the goddess of dawn and was the sister of both Helios and Selene. Each morning see would also drive her chariot across the sky to scatter the night away. This would be before Helios would drive his sun chariot across the sky to lighten and warm the Earth.

Current Theory

  • Scientist believe that the sun and moon don’t actually move. It may seem that way because the moon and sun does rise and fall, but it is because Earth’s rotation and its tilt. It is predicted that about half of the time Earth is facing the sun and the other half of the time it isn’t.








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