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Printing checks in 2009 Dynamic AX PowerPoint Presentation
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Printing checks in 2009 Dynamic AX

Printing checks in 2009 Dynamic AX

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Printing checks in 2009 Dynamic AX

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  1. Printing checks in 2009Dynamic AX Yossi Paz June 2010

  2. Agenda • Methods of printing checks • Customizing a checks layout • Paying by checks process

  3. Methods for printing checks Blank (self generated) Pre printed • Pros: • Easier for use- generates check numbers, easy voiding • Flexible for multi bank accounts (no need to change paper) • Check doesn’t exist until printing • Cheaper for maintenance (?) • Pros: • Special graphics • Security measures: watermarks, UV, graphics, etc. • No need for additional H/W or S/W • No need for design efforts • Cons: • Hard to maintain multi check accounts • Requires special care of check numbers • Offsetting text for every check layout • Costs / efforts working with check issuer (bank or printing house • Cons: • Graphics less sophisticated • Less “hard” securities against frauds • Special printer/ink cartridge

  4. Printing self generated checks Blank (self generated) AX only 3rd party • Requires layout design • Using build-in features (logo, MICR line) • Special H/W is required • No design, only output file • 3rd party Vendor responsible for both H/W and S/W

  5. Checks feature in a nut shell

  6. Setup check layout • Bank > Common Forms > Bank Accounts Details > Setup > Check layout • Use this form to set up the layout of checks for the bank account that you selected in the Bank accounts form.

  7. Check number method Select the method to use for generating check numbers: • Fixed – Use this method when you have pre-printed checks. Before you can use checks for payment, it is necessary to create them by clicking Functions > Create checks in the Bank accounts form. • Free – Use this method when you do not have pre-printed checks. Microsoft Dynamics AX automatically proposes check numbers when you use checks for payment.

  8. Managing checks Select bank account Go to checks Create checks

  9. Pay using check • In payment line: • Functions > Generate payments. • Select the correct method of payment for checks. • Select the correct bank account in the Bank account field. Click Dialog. the first check number are automatically filled in.

  10. Customizing checks to Israeli layouts

  11. Customize check: Fundamentals

  12. Fundamentals: Check form drop down Goal: add the check form to the list: How: Add the form name to ChequeFormType Base Enum for each bank

  13. Fundamentals: additional data fields Goal: add further information (such as describing the goods or WHT info): How: Add additional data fields to the Check data source Temp Table TmpChequePrintout

  14. Fundamentals: number to Hebrew words Goal: Print check amount in words in Hebrew. How: Add a method numeralsToTxt_IL() to class Global This is optional. Suggested method’s code (open source) can be found in mAXimum ERP site at: • Note: • The code is published as-is without any tests. • You are invite to improve and contribute to the AX community in Israel • You are encouraged to discuss and share ideas in our discussions forum at Linkedin

  15. Customize check: per layout elements

  16. Customize check: per layout elements Custom Position/Size of text Fill in additional data elements Print amount in Hebrew • \CustVendCheque\Output • Case <my layout> tmpChequePrintout.Numerals2letter:=numeralsToTxt_IL(amount) • \CustVendCheque\slipTxtLines: • Case <my layout> • \CustVendCheque\FillSlipTxt: • Case <my layout>

  17. Customize check: per layout elements Call the layout corresponding report Print a testing output • Class BankPrintTestCheque • \BankChequePrint\PrintDocument • Case <my layout> And, additionally- how to visually test your design

  18. Thank you